Sunday, July 3, 2011

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Supreme Authority

          In Romans 13, we are instructed to submit to that which is in authority over us.  You would naturally infer from this that it means those people in positions of authority such as government officials, law enforcement and judges; however, it is plain to see, for anyone who bothers to study the foundations of our nation, that the Constitution is the supreme authority of the land.  It is also common knowledge that the Judeo/Christian principals, espoused by our founding fathers, are the basis of the Constitution.  That is why our rights are guaranteed by God and not man.  It is obvious then, that anything in conflict with those Judeo/Christian principals and the Constitution is in rebellion to the supreme authority of the nation.  It is my opinion, that all those, who in taking their oath of office, swear to uphold and defend the Constitution, but fail to do so, should be removed from office. This should be done by voting them out, or if the breach is severe enough by impeachment.  Malfeasance in office, which is what failure to uphold and defend the Constitution is, is a severe offence and should be on the same level as treason.  When we render unto Cesar, the Cesar in the United States of America is the Constitution.  America has a wonderful spiritual and constitutional legacy. It is no surprise that Secularists, Atheists, Leftists, and Liberals have relentlessly attacked every aspect of that heritage. They must sever citizens from a knowledge of their true history if they are to succeed in moving the country in a new direction.  Such attacks are to be expected, but what is surprising that some who would be described as conservative Christians have now joined with them and become leaders in the attack on America’s rich Christian heritage. They are trying to convince Christians not only that America does not have a Biblical foundation but specifically that the Founding Fathers were largely pagans who represented the spirit of the Anti-Christ. They further assert that Christians should not be involved in the political arena or similar areas of culture. It is time for God-fearing Americans to become better informed about America’s remarkable moral, religious, and constitutional foundations and to reject and aggressively rebut efforts of those who would attempt to undermine the positive aspects of America’s extraordinary heritage – a heritage that has provided unprecedented blessings, and a heritage for which we should be humbly grateful to Almighty God.  [1]

          If there is a question of interpretation about any part of the Constitution (including the Bill of Rights), the original intentions can be found in the writings of the founding fathers. There is even a modern language version of the Federalist Papers available today by the title “The Original Argument: The Federalists' Case for the Constitution, Adapted for the 21st Century “. These documents are the only true basis for court decisions, and any deviation from this, such as case law, Sharia Law and international law, as the basis for decisions by the courts has no place in our courtrooms.  Any deviation such as stated is unconstitutional and therefore illegal.  Shouldn’t this also be on the same level as treason? 

          When I moved to Morgan County, Ohio, back in the eighties, I was told our county judge often found in favor of “justice” rather than adhering to the strict letter of the law.  We often see this kind of thinking in the court decisions of today.  I should point out that the Sheriff and the county judge were escorted, by federal officials, from the courthouse, in handcuffs, because of their alleged involvement in the local drug trade.  I don’t know the outcome of the trials.  Protecting us from all enemies, both foreign and domestic, is the duty of all officials, from the meter maid to the president.  There are a lot of officials who should be in great fear of retribution.  It is obvious that pride, greed and power are more important to some of them than serving the people based on the oaths they took.  A responsible citizen will labor to remove those who act in this manner.  We are at all times instructed to pray for those in authority over us.  We must also remember that faith without works is dead. 

[1] WallBuilders


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