Friday, December 23, 2011

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The Bible Under Attack

It is amazing to me that so many people who endeavor to teach us about the Bible, don’t believe in it. You see professors of theology on television shows like The History Channel and others, offering alternative versions of events written in the Bible that don’t correspond with what the Bible says. There are even pastors who attended seminaries and still don’t accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. I guess they thought they were getting into an occupation that was easy and secure, with some amount of prestige attached. Easy, secure and prestigious; wow, what a miscalculation!

The rise of the Christophobic movement is indicative of our times and even talked about in the Bible. I came up with the word Christophobic because I needed a word to describe those persons who are afraid of Christ, due to their hardened hearts against the message of the Bible, or their desire to live their lifestyle anyway and ignore the eventual consequences. It is truly sad to see this emanating even from supposedly Christian associations. If you are going to make a living by teaching against the truths of the Bible, at least have the decency to admit it instead of hiding under the cloak of the church.

The war on Christmas, apostate teachings in our churches, and the blasphemous teaching about Jesus from the Moslem religion are just a few examples of Christophobism. Atheists could very well be the most intolerant people in the world. Because they don’t choose to believe in anything, they want to restrict our right (provided by God and Our Bill of Rights) to do so.

From the 1600’s on, the focus of the settlers of this land and the founders of our nation was from a Judeo/Christian perspective. Anyone who says that this is not true is lying and they know they are trying to deceive you. Our history is replete with the celebration of the God of the Bible as the inspiration for our country.

Archeology is bringing to light, on a regular basis, proofs of the factuality of the Bible. The Bible has never been proven to be wrong, although many have tried. Many who have tried to disprove the Bible have come to the realization that God is the inspiration for it, and that the Bible is truly the word of the One True and Living God.

The Moslems teach that Jesus was a prophet of Allah and that He will return some day, admit He lied and demand that everyone convert to Islam or be killed. They claim that their writings are the correction and completion of the Bible. I remember a passage in the Bible that says anyone adding to the Bible was headed straight to hell.

The “War on Christmas”, although many nonbelievers insist there is no such thing, is in reality an affront to Christians, our nation, and most of all to God. Because of their warped theology, or lack thereof, there are those who would restrict our rights, given to us by God and our Constitution. Christmas was not only celebrated by the founding fathers, but the principals of Christianity were encouraged as a positive part of our national fabric. That of course was before the lie of separation of church and state was invented.

Rick Rahn