Thursday, September 10, 2020

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                      At this point, we have horrendous fires, massive storms, Ethnos against Ethnos (active racism, systemic and imagined), insurrection in our streets, famine, wide spread flooding, global warming, sun spots changing our weather and a chance of Electromagnetic Pulse caused by the sun, earthquakes in diverse places, increased seismic activity in the Yellowstone Supervolcano, The New Madrid fault, The Cascadia fault, economic instability, volcanic eruptions, sinking of the land into the ocean along the eastern Florida coast, falling away from the biblical church, burning of Bibles and churches, undermining of the traditional family structure, feminizing of our men and masculinization of our women, counting evil as good and good as evil, blurring of the sexes and or genders, wars and rumors of wars, pestilences and worldwide disease; just to mention a few of our problems.

          Jesus said: “All these are the beginning of sorrows”. “Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name's sake. And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another. And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many. And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.”[1]


          Keeping in mind that: IGNORANCE is the lack of knowledge, while STUPIDITY is the inability to use knowledge.

For further information, the following links will help, with knowledge, not stupidity –


[1] Matthew 24:8-13

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Monday, July 20, 2020

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          I don’t get it! We go to church on Sunday morning. We learn that God created the human race, not the white race, not the black race, not the brown race, not the yellow race. He created the human race with a variety of skin colorings and combinations of that coloring. He created men and He created women. He made the internal organs, the functioning of those organs and the blood, with the life in it. 
          Why is it that after learning how God set things up, we leave church, go our separate ways and fight among ourselves about what God did. How did we all get to thinking we know better than God? He loves each and every one of us, for His sameness in us. He loves us all the same. Why can’t we all do the same, among ourselves? If we Love Him, why can’t we act like we appreciate what He created?

          I have never been a follower of conspiracy theorists. Today, however, I have come to recognize a real conspiracy. There is a group of international billionaires that, under the direction of the Antichrist are disrupting the last few nations who have not given into the New World Order movement. These Satanists really do believe that The One True and Living God can be defeated. They are counting on you to be unbelieving and apathetic.
          26 million Christians have been martyred for their faith, in the 20th century. That’s more than the previous 1,900 years combined.  One Christian is murdered every 3 minutes, 265,000 every year. 6,000 to 10,000 churches are closing each year, in the US. 100 go under this week. An atheist lawsuit could force churches to ask the IRS for permission to exist. 
Religious freedom is on the line. Quoting the Bible is considered blasphemy by some and hate speech by others. This is going on in our Christian country.
          Yes, there is prejudice in the United States; among all skin colors and life styles. Not as bad as 10 years ago, or 25 years ago, or 50 years ago, but it is still there. 
It is my opinion that Christianity has been the biggest factor in bringing the colors (notice I didn’t say races, because the human race is the only race there is) together. Notice the anti Christian stance, of the race baiters.
          Truthfully, the forces behind the “racism” farce are Satanic and part of the plan to set up the New World Order. Please remember though, that God is still in control. He gave us the Bible, to prepare us for these days and the days to come. Our job, all along, has been to guide people, of all colors, to salvation through Christ. The fact that we have failed so miserably is a testament to our power of “free will” and Satan’s influences in the world. This battle will not last much longer, because plans are already in place to end it. Read the Book of Revelation, to get a better insight into what has happened and what will happen and what the solution will be.

          Black Lives Matter is the most racist and destructive force in our country. They have displaced the KKK as being the worst hate group. Black supremacists are every bit as bad as white supremacists. Am I right or wrong? 
            BLM protesters/rioters ignited a building on fire that had a 1 year old child inside. When the fire department responded, the protesters refused to allow them to pass. The fireman finally got access and saved the little girl and her family.[1]

          “I banked with Bank of America for many years.  After hearing about their $1 billion donation to BLM, they no longer align with my values. Most of my purchases were with Amazon. As of this week, I will also limit the amount of purchasing I'm doing with them, and I will be looking for another online store, that ships quickly. I need suggestions. Do any of you know a dependable all around store on the internet that has a bit of everything, caters to conservatives not terrorists, and will ship anywhere?
The following is a list of corporations that have donated billions to BLM.”[2]

          Black Lives Matter is the most racist and destructive force in our country. They have displaced the KKK as being the worst hate group. Black supremists are every bit as bad as white supremists. Am I right or wrong? 
If black lives really mattered, you would be better off posting your demonstrations at a Planned Parenthood location. PPH kills over a thousand black children each week; why don’t those lives matter? Their founder (Margaret Sanger) was a real white supremists. Planned Parenthood calls pro lifers White supremists, while they kill 247 black children every day.[3]
          “Those of you, growing up in my generation, know what it’s like to have a culture that respected your faith, being Christian, even if they didn’t agree with it. There was just a respect, for the Christian faith of Jesus Christ. 
The children that are growing up today, are growing up in an environment, where there is not only a rejection but a hatred, not for the name God, because that could be very vague, but for what Jesus calls “my name“, because at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow.“[4]
          It always amazes me that people, who don’t do the research for themselves, spout the pabulum they have been fed about the Bible and the foundations of our nation. The truth is readily available, by locating the actual words of our ancestors. 
The writings of our countries founders and the Bible actually being a history book seem to elude them. This information is readily available, even on Amazon books. 
The other amazing thing is that those who are spouting falsehood are so vehemently obsessed about our belief of the truth.  
“I used to think I was pretty much just a regular person, but I was born white into a two-parent household which now labels me as "Privileged", racist and responsible for slavery.
I am a fiscal and moral conservative, which by today's standards, makes me a fascist because I plan & budget.
But I now find out that I am not here because I earned it, but because I was "advantaged”.
I am heterosexual, which according to some folks, now makes me a homophobe.
I am not a Muslim, which now labels me as an infidel.
I believe in the 2nd Amendment, which makes me a threat to the liberals and I get labeled as being part of a militia. 
I think and I reason, and I doubt much of what the "main stream" media tells me, which makes me a "Right-wing conspiracy nut”.
I am proud of my heritage and our inclusive American culture, making me a xenophobe.
I believe in hard work, fair play, and fair compensation according to each individual's merits, which today makes me a target of socialist and Antifa.
I believe our system guarantees freedom of effort - not freedom of outcome or subsidies which must make me a borderline sociopath.
I believe in a strong defense and protection of America for and by all citizens, now making me a militant.
I am proud of our flag, what it stands for and the many who died to let it fly, so I stand and salute during our National Anthem - so I must be a racist. I kneel only for The Cross, which makes me racist.
I think the Confederate monuments around our country symbolizes history, so I'm labeled as having hate in my heart when some suddenly are offended by their presence.
I'm labeled racist when thinking the erasing of history will potentially cause us to repeat the problems. I think that all lives matters, which labels me as a racist.
I support Trump, which labels me as a racist. I think the riots and destruction of property around our country is wrong and is just an excuse to push a political agenda, so I'm labeled a racist.
I support our cops, which labels me as a racist. I vote for the Republican party because it best represents my conservative views, which labels me as a racist.
I question how fear is being used to control us during the COVID-19 pandemic and think the crisis is being used for political gain, so I'm labeled careless and non-sympathetic.
Liberals (leftists)have tried to make me feel bad about who I am! Based on everything above, some want me to believe I am a bad person, I'm not, I'm a good person who loves my country, and our POTUS.
1) I am not naive and see through the attack, and 2), I will be voting for Trump in November!”[5]
          And this is THE reason America is not "American" anymore. Moronic-marxist decisions made by those with no roots in the country's founding, history or past, elected by others with no roots in the country's founding, history or past.  One whose family passed through Ellis Island at some point in the 1900s...ignorant newcomers, and outsiders bringing ignorance, breeding ignorance, and purveying ignorance while demolishing the country and wiping true Americans away. Stupid fools.
Fools and blind, leading other fools and blind heading over the cliff. And thus our point is proven.
Teddy Roosevelt had both Federal and Confederate ancestors. Teddy Roosevelt hung out with Black Confederate 9th TX Sharpshooter and MS bad__s Holt Collier.
What y'all are seeing is the death of the country because of ignorant newcomers, and those who hate her.
You will deserve what's coming to you.”[6]
          There is correct and there is incorrect. If you add the word politically to correct, you have removed its credibility, thereby making it incorrect. That is what is referred to, in the Bible as calling good evil and evil good. Fewer than half of New York City’s high school students are proficient in English and math. Not even one student in 13 of Baltimore’s high schools is proficient in math. What does the teachers union have to say about this?
We are living in the greatest country in the history if the world. If you are a citizen of the United States, you are better off than any place in the world. Why all the kafuffle against our freedoms and history?[7]
          “You've been on vacation for two weeks, you come home, and your basement is infested with raccoons.. Hundreds of rabid, messy, mean raccoons have overtaken your basement.. You want them gone immediately!.. You call the city and 4 different exterminators, but nobody can handle the job.. But there is this one guy, and he guarantees to get rid of them, so you hire him.. You don't care if the guy swears, you don't care how many times he's been married, you don't care if he has a plumber's crack, you simply want those raccoons gone!.. 

You want your problem fixed!.. He's the guy.. He's the best!
Here's why we want Trump: Yes, he's a bit of a jerk; Yes, he's an egomaniac; but we don't care!.. 

The country is a mess because politicians suck, the Republicans and Democrats can be two-faced and gutless, and illegals are everywhere.. We want it all fixed!.. We don't care that Trump is crude, we don't care that he insults people, we don't care that he's been married 3 times, we don't care that he fights with Megyn Kelly and Rosie O'Donnell, we don't care that he doesn't know the name of some Muslim terrorist.. This country became weak and bankrupt, our enemies were making fun of us, we are being invaded by illegals, we are becoming a nation of victims where every Tom, Ricardo, and Hasid is a special group with special rights to a point where we don't even recognize the country we were born and raised in; "AND WE JUST WANT IT FIXED”.. And Trump is the only guy who seems to understand what the people want..
We're sick of politicians, sick of the Democratic Party, sick of the Republican Party, and sick of illegals!.. We just want this thing fixed.. Trump may not be a Saint, but we didn’t vote for a Pope.. We voted for a man who doesn't have lobbyist money holding him back, a man who doesn't have political correctness restraining him.. We all know that he has been very successful, he’s a good negotiator, he has built a lot of things, and he's also NOT a politician, NOT a cowardly politician.!.. 

And he says he'll fix it.. And we believe him because he is too much of an egotist to be proven wrong, or looked at and called a liar.. Also, we don't care if the guy has bad hair.. We just want those raccoons gone, out of our house, NOW!!! Thousands of people who haven't voted in 25 years seem to be getting involved.. And the more people get this message, the more that will understand why Trump was elected. The raccoons have got to go!!!”[8]
          I have worked around, with and for black people, including my time in the military, since I was a child. I can’t imagine that any of the black people I have known, would be involved in the current rioting. When do the American black people, who love our country, get honored? 
The BLM movement has hurt black people more than anything else or anybody else could have done. They have done their absolute best, thru threats, intimidation, rioting, bodily harm, destruction of property and violence to alienate the black race from the American public. The reason they operate in the US is that there is no where else on earth that black people are better off than here. If there were, they would have left a long time ago. Like my family did, from England in 1620.  Could race relations be better; of course they could. Being ungrateful, and showing it, for what you have, is the best way to loose what you have. 
Anybody with a brain can see that paid rioters have their source of income. Several rioters have admitted to being paid by internationalists, at the rate of $25 to $27 per hour. There are also groups set up to pay bail and other legal charges. 
It is a real shame that BLM, Antifa and like organizations, have hurt the relationships between blacks and other Americans.  The recent CNN show, United States of America, about white supremacy is a perfect example of twisting of truth, blatant lies, coupled with innuendo about the “systemic racism” that supposedly exists in America.
God bless you all and “come quickly Lord Jesus”.

Rick Rahn
Lakeland, FL
20th. Day of July, in the year of our Lord Christ,