Wednesday, August 31, 2016

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Our Declining Christian Nation

          The number one threat, to the United States of America, is the Secular Humanist Progressive movement[1]. This movement has been observable in both major political parties, but is most prevalent in the Democrat party. Readily observable behavior. since the 1920's, has been undermining the foundations of our Christian nation. They won't even admit that we were founded as a Christian nation. This is in spite of the 1892 Supreme Court decision that we are. After ten years of research, the court issued a unanimous decision that included the recognition that the United States of America is not only historically and culturally religious, but that the very system of government and our laws are based on a Christian worldview.[2]

          This demonic movement got it's foothold during the Wilson administration.  "In 1940s, progressive educational philosophy, influenced by John Dewey, and New Deal liberalism predominant among educators, but new emphasis on science and technology emerges after 1957. Life Adjustment Movement, embraced by U.S. Office of Education. Calls for curriculum to educate all students to meet the problems of living, rather than separate curricula for college, vocations, general skills. This surge of progressivism fades by end of 1950s, opposed by academically oriented educators and policy makers."[3]

          The NEW WORLD ORDER republicans are coming out of the woodwork. We have known for some time that the demoncrats were working to usher in the NEW WORLD ORDER, however, starting with president Bush senior, it has become clear that the republicans had been infiltrated as well. How can you tell who the evil republicans are? They won't support Trump for president. They would rather the country would be injured even farther, by Hillary.

          Obama said that Trump in unfit to be president. He ought to know. He has spent seven and a half years proving that he himself wasn't.

          Anybody, with more than half a brain, knows that 'man made' global climate change does not exist. Global climate change is God's plan and has been going on since He created the world. There has been so much proof that it is a fallacy that no respectable scientist stands behind it. Only those scientists, whose incomes depend on this false science, are touting it. Punitive price increases in fossil fuels is the campaign being presented by the greenies who use this false science. The Bible describes this kind of unrealistic thinking, and other attempts to control the population.[4]

          Hey, Black Lives Matter, are you also going after reparations from Planned Parenthood for killing half of your babies? How about the 70 percent of fathers who abandon the babies that make it past the abortion clinic? How about reparations for the 3,500 black people killed in Chicago, since Obama has been in office? Now let's talk about reparations for the families of the soldiers who died in the Civil War to free the slaves? By the way, not all slaves were black, and not all Slave owners were white.

          M69 incendiary bombs are what made the German people want to stop the war. Why isn't Obama using them on ISIS? The modern name is NAPALM. We used it on the Germans and we won. We used the atomic bomb on the Japanese and we won. Since we started to run the wars like lilly livered liberals we have been loosing.

          I, Frederick Mac Rahn, Jr. do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the Officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God!
I took this oath in January 1966 when I first entered the United States Army. This oath does NOT have an expiration date.
Just a side note - if there is no God, this oath means nothing. Something the progressives need to think about 

          Are you under the impression that Hillary Clinton cares about you? She does not. The only reason she wants to be president is to keep on selling influence. Go to the following link for proof.
          President Obumbum is still calling ISIS ISIL, in order to show the world that he is still an anti Semite. He says that DASH is now less powerful and apparently doesn't realize they have widened their area of attacks and the attack frequency. What he continues to fail to realize (or admit) is that ISIS doesn't depend on it's size. ISIS is the Islamic fundamentalist movement, operating exactly as Mohammed said it should. If ISIS only had one person left, it would still try to kill you and me. We trusted the Nazi's before WWII. We trusted Japan up till the day they bombed Pearl Harbor. Why the Hell are we hesitating with as vicious an enemy as this?

          Rome renamed Jerusalem Palestine, over a thousand years ago. For 1,800 years Israel stood desolate. It was under a curse from the Lord God Jehovah. Nobody wanted the land of Israel. It was so desolate that when Mark Twain visited it, he said no one would ever live there again. HOWEVER, when the Jews came back, the Lord made it prosper again. Now everybody wants to steal the land from Israel. Go figure!

          DOCTOR BEN CARSON said that the 50 republicans who signed a letter saying they won't vote for trump, need to start thinking about their children and grandchildren. I say they are so self centered and egotistical that they don't care about their children and grandchildren.

          I am absolutely amazed how many really stupid people there are in our country. All along I thought that there were Americans and there were liberals. Now I realize that there is a third category; simpletons for Hillary. They are not good Americans, and they are not even liberals- they are simply to stupid to realize that by not voting, they are voting for Hillary by proxy. Obviously, the antichrist doesn't want trump to win.

          How Absolutely Ridiculous! Some republicans are saying that they can not vote for Trump on the grounds that he doesn't represent republican values. By inference then , are they saying that Hillary does? I never heard that republican values had been changed to the following: lying, corruption, pay for play with foreign entities, placing the security and safety of America at risk, asserting that people of faith must necessarily let go of their outdated religious values, greater expansion of abortion rights, and even more intensive restrictions on second amendments rights, etc. Where does it say any of those things in the Republican platform? Have these so called republicans simply been liberals in disguise all along, and are just now coming out of the closet and exposing themselves and the liberal values they have held all along? I wonder, how many of them have received some kind of favor from the Clinton Foundation itself. "Trump may "say" some careless statements, but she has been "proven" to be involved in putting the security of our nation at great risk at the very least!"[5]

          Never Trump Libertarians may be the dumbest people in history. Progressives (like Hillary) are the exact opposite of a libertarian. Progressives want to control everything in your life while the libertarian wants to be left alone. A vote for the dope smoking libertarian is an anti trump vote. All this will accomplish is to give Hillary (the one candidate libertarians should hate) a better chance to control your life.

          Just watched an account of Bob Ford (who killed Jessie James), which got me to thinking. WHICH WOULD BE WORSE? To live the rest of your life, known as, "The dirty little coward, who shot Mister Howard - OR - trying to explain, to your grandchildren, why you voted for Hillary Clinton? How stupid is Hillary? Did she really think she could run for President of the United States, without her 40 years of criminal activity coming into the light? I absolutely love the liberal mindset. When there is something that everyone calls criminal activity - they call them optical problems.

          HEY, DEMOCRATS, I have a question. Is it true that you would rather have a career criminal and compulsive liar as president, rather than an extremely successful businessman who speaks from his heart. He may not be PC, but he is sincere and a whole lot more honest and trustworthy than Hillary. Remember that Trump admits to BUYING politicians and their influence. How many times did he buy the Clintons?
          One of the biggest problems with politicians is that they know little or  nothing about business. That is why the richest people can control them so easily with their money. The politicians know that if Trump wins, the money fountain will be shut off. You can tell who these people are by the way they talk down about Trump.

          Presuppositions determine many people's beliefs about what you say.
"Reputation is what people think we are and what is written on your tombstone. Character is what the angels say about you before God in Heaven."[6] What are God and your grandchildren going to think about your decisions as time goes by.

[2] “There is no dissonance in these declarations. There is a universal language pervading them all, having one meaning. They affirm and reaffirm that this is a religious nation. These are not individual sayings, declarations of private persons. They are organic utterances. They speak the voice of the entire people. This is a religious people…this is a Christian nation.”
[5] Virginia Fason Rahn
[6] David Jeremiah