Saturday, December 15, 2007

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Religious Beliefs Of Presidential Candidates

There seems to be a lot of debate lately about the religious beliefs of many of the presidential candidates. Christianity seems to be the crux of the questioning. Mormonism also seems to be a stumbling block in the current discussion. Therefore, I decided to inject my opinions in hope of clearing the air.

Glen Beck has come out against Mike Huckabee recently because Huckabee won’t come out directly and say that Mormon’s are Christians. So what! Hey Glen, I can’t find any where in the Constitution or Bill of Rights that we have a right not to be offended. Mormons are not Christians, Baptists are not Christians, Methodists are not Christians – no group is a Christian. Since the only way to become a Christian is to have a one on one personal relationship with Christ, no formed group can be considered as a Christian group but would be rather as a group of Christians. Since Mitt Romney is a professed Mormon and Mike Huckabee is a professed Baptist the press and commentators want to pit them against each other. I have heard the professions of Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, and Glen Beck for that matter, and all three qualify (if they believe what they profess) as Christians according to the Bible. It has been said, “Denominations are simply monuments to the dead saints who founded them”. The Bible says that if we fail to declare that Jesus is Lord, the rocks will cry out to do so. Guess we’re not as important as we think!

Upon further study, I find that it is not possible for a Born Again Christian to be active in the Mormon Church or the Moslem religion. True Biblical Christianity requires a personal relationship, one on one, with Jesus. The fundamentals of these religions are just too far apart and in conflict.

Why do people try to attach to Christianity that which is not Christian? Are we really that vane that we put ourselves on the same level as God to set up rules for others to live by? Man’s best friend is his dogma. Let’s train our dogma not to poo in the house.

Ok, your right! Christians aren’t perfect, just forgiven. However, there is a better chance of their doing what is right than someone who believes that they are the higher power.

Opinion number one – A man (or woman) with faith in God is more likely to be honest and keep their word than some one who has no God.

Opinion number two – Since we were undeniably founded as a faith based nation, a person of faith has a better chance in understanding what we stand for.

Opinion number three – What we don’t need is someone with no real faith foundation and no real understanding of who and what our countries fundamentals are.

Opinion number four – Read the books, the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, the Federalist papers and the oldest history book “His story, the Bible”.

Yep, I look at things from a Christian perspective because I am one. I also look at our country from an American constitutionalist perspective because I am one.

Rick Rahn


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