Friday, October 10, 2008

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Hate Crimes

I don’t understand what all the fuss is concerning Christians and hate crimes. Crimes are committed against people, and Christians don’t hate people. As Christians we are instructed by the Bible to love everyone, as we are all God’s creation. We are instructed to hate sin, but not the sinner. Since God is willing to give salvation to anyone who comes to Him through his Son, who are we to be involved in this hate business? This would be against God’s wishes. Preaching against any form of sin, either of commission or omission, is our duty in order to enlighten the world. Being against sin is not being against God’s created creatures, but rather being against what would displease God. Hating our fellow man is one of the things that disappoint God. The instruction is – ‘judge not, lest ye be judged”. Anyone who knows anything about our Lord and the Bible knows this to be true. Where we run into trouble is with those who do not know the Lord and His Bible. They judge us merely on their lack of knowledge. Ignorance breeds contempt. If those who judge us were as sophisticated as they imagine, they would take the time to study to show themselves approved, before trying to pass judgment on others.

I do understand that there are forces that are capable of doing anything necessary in order to accomplish their goals. Often, as we have seen over the years, these forces are against Christianity and its principals. It is easy, if you know the scriptures, to know from whence they get their impetus. Since there are only two forces active in the world, this is a no brainier. There is a monumental difference in these opposing forces that essentially breaks down to the struggle between good and evil. We all have our little peccadilloes of self-centeredness and foolishness by which we conduct our lives. What is the basis and foundation by which we judge ourselves? From whence do we get the foundation by which we make our decisions? The Bible is the instruction book or owners manual for mankind. If we don’t have the Bible as our foundation, where do we get the ability to make quality decisions? The next time you make a judgment call, stop and ponder the reasoning that went into the decision making process.

Without the biblical basis for our laws we would all be running around willy-nilly/ to and fro, with whatever feels right at the time. Anarchy may feel good to the individual, however, it is never long before anarchy leads to conflict. If we all conducted our lives as we pleased, we would not only interfere with others, but they in turn interfere with us.

In my life, I do my utmost to follow the Lord of the Bible. Nothing in the Bible has ever been proven wrong, and archeology continues to verify its contents. To me, this is proof positive of the history (His story). Many, over the years have tried to disprove the Bible yet none has succeeded. The Lord of the bible has given us the right of free will and free thought. We are commanded to obey, yet we are not forced to obey. If we choose to go to hell in a hand basket, we have been given that right. There are always, however, consequences to disobedience. Life is so much easier when we choose to submit to the Lord’s will. This doesn’t mean that we will always make the right decisions, or that there won’t be bumps in the road. We have been given the gift of free will. What we need to determine is how we will use this gift. Lucifer is the first one on record as making a poor decision and it cost him his place in heaven. Adam and Eve made a poor choice and it cost them paradise. Not all of our decisions are this monumental. However, if He knows every hair on our heads, then He knows our every decision. You, in your lifetime, have probably made decisions that you can trace to some form of loss. The choice is ours – choose life!

Since hating others is without biblical authority and justification, why would we hate? Hate is a poor decision and sooner or later we will recognize its cost. Isn’t it better to love one another?


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