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The Government Is Not The United States - The People Are

Here I am again, “a voice crying in the wilderness”. At least that’s what it feels like. None is “so blind as he who will not see”. The roots of our countries problems started long ago and insidiously worked their way to the present dangers we face. Yes, a lot depends on whose ox is being gored.

In the beginning there were dissenters, and over the years these dissenters have presented many faces. A percentage of our citizens wanted to remain English. Today these dissenters have gained the upper hand and their intention is to rebuild our country in their image rather than abide by the dictates of our founding fathers.

As they’ve gained control of the ebb and flow of the world’s money, controlling industry with scare tactics such as global warming, and slowly chipping away at our individual freedoms, we are loosing ground. There is already talk of a multinational banking authority. The seeds of international law superceding our own laws are being planted. Global warming (although caused by fluctuations in solar radiation) is said to be caused by man. While only a handful of scientists still espouse this belief, unscrupulous politicians are using it in an attempt to control various industries. God forbid that we should listen to the thousands of scientists around the world who say that man made global warming is simply not true. The planet has actually been getting cooler since 1998.

The new stance of the United States is no longer “walk softly and carry a big stick” but rather to walk softly and when confronted – shrink into your sneakers.

Remember, “It rains on the just and the unjust all the same”. This could be said to mean that what is imposed by the few covers us all. In other words we are all subject to each other’s stupidity. Now we need to know the difference between ignorance and stupidity. Ignorance is a lack of knowledge. Stupidity is the lack of the ability to use knowledge.

Thomas Jefferson said, in essence, that if the people with little to loose ever found out how to vote themselves that which belongs to others would cause the foundations on which this country is based to shrivel and fall. This in my opinion was why this country was set up as a republic rather then a democracy. We, for instance, are not guaranteed happiness, but rather the pursuit of happiness. We are not guaranteed success in business, life or love, but rather have the right to try. In our country, stupid politicians and other career government officials apparently have decided that the pursuit of their happiness takes preeminence over the welfare of our country, our citizens and our constitution. Many of these people have never had a real job or have spent very little time in providing for themselves and their families. Those who have been nurturing at the fount of government plenty have, in their infinite wisdom, decided that they know better than we how we should live our lives. This has been referred to as big brother. As I have said in the past, our country was founded on Judeo-Christian principals and removal of these principals destroys the country.

I can’t imagine what life will be like in our country in twenty years or so. I probably won’t see all that much of what I fear come to pass as in all probability I will be dead by then. I really feel sorry for my children and grandchildren who will see the changes and won’t live in the wonderful country in which I grew up. I know I sound pessimistic about the future, but I judge what I see happening based on the changes I have already seen. Changes in the past have been slow and insidious; whereas changes in the past ten to fifteen years have been occurring exponentially. I, for example, was born during World War II when we were truly “one nation under God”. Since the forties, and perhaps before, there has been a concerted effort to remove all vestiges of the Christian God from our consciousness. I lived in Baltimore and was attending a public school when Madeline Murray O’Hare brought suit on behalf of her son to have prayer removed from the schools. The Lord got even however, by allowing her son (the object of her suit) to be born again and become a Christian minister.

PETA is a good example of the evil, which is rampant in today’s world. This group values animal life more than human life. Does this remind you of the Bible reference to those who worship the creation rather than the creator? The ACLU, under the guise of fighting for civil rights, has fought long and hard to undermine the ideals of our country.

Those of us who have studied history as well as His story realize that the Bible is in essence a textbook on life. On what do groups like the ACLU and PETA base their moral judgments and reasons for being alive? Karl Marx said he was right, and he is dead. Hitler said he was right, and he is dead. Stalin said he was right, and he is dead. Mohamed said he was right, and he is dead. Buddha said he was right, and he is dead. Jesus said he was right and therein I rest my case. You can base your life on the one true and living God, or some dead guy, or even something you make up yourself. Therein lies the rub. The choice is up to you. Base your life on fact or fable; there are consequences either way. The choice is life or death – choose life.

My wife has greater wisdom than I do. When I get all upset about what I see happening, she reminds me that these things must take place before the Lord can return. Isn’t it amazing how the Lord provides for us in our hours of need? We don’t like to see what is happening all around us, and yet it may all be part of the plan. I can’t see where the United States is mentioned in the end time writings of the Bible. Perhaps what we now see happening will continue, and diminish us to a point of insignificance in those times. If that is what must be –so be it.

Is it wrong of me to refer to those on the far left as bastards just because they have no founding fathers? Apparently they have no moral fiber as well. On April fifteenth of this year there were about 750 gatherings across the nation to protest our out of control government. They called them tea parties in remembrance of the Boston tea party just before our revolution. Reaction from the far left was that they were right wing radical, racists, bigots, disgusting, out of control, stupid, ignorant, sexually deviant and sponsored by wealthy corporations. Wow! The left is really scared! What are they afraid of? These gatherings were just plain Americans who are upset with the government being out of control and non responsive to the wishes of the people. What the left is really scared of is the truth. It is truly amazing when you realize the disgust and contempt that the far left has for the American people. Some would try to relegate all our present problems to the battle between Democrats and Republicans, right wing and left wing. This point of view however, is merely a smoke screen to distract us from of the reality that there really is a right and wrong in life.

Because I believe in God, our Constitution and other founding papers love my country, served in the military, own a gun, think that abortion is wrong under most circumstances, think that marriage is between one man and one woman; I am now considered by some to be a right wing extremist. Who is it that thinks that is what I am? There are those who are so far left, and right, in their thinking that that they hate anyone not also on the far fringes. The category I really qualify for is center right. If you doubt this fact, you need to reevaluate your own positions. The vitriol in current political discourse is something that has to be addressed. We can have different views and we may not even understand the other’s position, but we don’t need to hate each other.

In essence, what is happening in our country at the present time is the silent majority is not being silent anymore. This worries both, those on the far right, and the far left. This momentum of the people may not succeed in producing anything that will save our nation, but by God, I’m willing to help in the attempt.

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