Monday, May 4, 2009

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Who Says Jesus Is Lord?

The angels do. The devil and all of his minions do. The Bible says unequivocally that Jesus is Lord. Everyone who has passed on to a place other than heaven now knows. Everyone who has passed on and gone to heaven knows. Even our Father who art in heaven does (this is my son in whom I am well pleased). The Holy Spirit is witness to this fact. I do and I know many born again folks that do. Where do you stand?

It’s easy to become born again into the kingdom of heaven. All you have to do is believe in your heart that Jesus is Lord and has risen from the dead for the coverage of your wrongdoings and then tell some other folks that you do believe (Romans 10:9-13) and your are covered. The trick here is the believing in your heart part. Only the Holy Spirit can lead you to this understanding. Seek the Lord with all your heart and soul and he will reveal Himself to you. You can come to this realization either by the sky opening up with thunder and lightning and great revelation or very matter of factly as I did by the yet quiet voice of the Holy Spirit.

Before I got married, my father in law, in essence, told me that I would be responsible for my wife’s well being for the rest of her life. This is similar to Jesus for once we are grafted into the family of God, He is held responsible for each of us for the rest of our lives. The Father can only see us, from that point on, through a veil of blood, which covers the wrongdoing, which we have done and will continue to do throughout our lives. Becoming a Christian doesn’t by any means make us perfect, just forgiven. There are good Christians, not so good Christians, hypocritical Christians and those who profess to be Christians that haven’t the faintest idea of what it means to be a Christian.

To look all around and see all that God has created and believe that it is the result of random luck or evolution is brain damage plain and simple. You wonder why the church (the body of Christ) doesn’t seem relevant in your life – it’s because you are withdrawn from it. The bible says that if we fail to, the rocks will cry out the divinity of Christ. Do you suppose that there are those out there that are dumber than a box of rocks?

In Genesis 22:15 Abraham didn’t withhold his son, and the Lord provided the sacrifice. In the same way, through the line of Abraham, the Lord did not withhold His Son and approved of His Son’s sacrifice to make it possible for us to obtain salvation through grace. Or would you rather work for it? Just remember in your efforts that the Bible says; all have come short of the Glory of God. None of us are perfect. We even make mistakes in our everyday business and family lives. (Do you suppose that God is a Presbyterian? They believe that all things are predestined and things cannot be changed by man. God does know the beginning and the end you know. He even knows what your final decision is going to be.)

Ever wonder where the bible came from? Yes it was written by men over the centuries. It first started as the passing down, generation to generation, by word of mouth in the same way all of history was passed down. After that it was converted to the written word. Since then it is somewhat easy to see that the writings have not changed for at least thousands of years. How is this possible? That also is easy to see. Since the bible was written by holy men under the influence of the Holy Spirit one could say that as in the writing of the Ten Commandments, it was written by the finger of God. Over these many years there have been many men who tried their best to prove the bible was wrong or at least incorrect. Thus far the score is them none and the bible 100%. Can any other writings in the history of the world meet this challenge? As I see it, if you can’t put your trust in the bible, what in the world is there to trust in?

Rick Rahn


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