Tuesday, July 28, 2009

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Ole Tommy Jefferson

There seems to be some controversy over the separation of church and state issue... Old Tommy Jefferson seems to be the brunt of most of the misconceptions about it. IT IS NOWHERE IN THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATED OF AMERICA. IT NEVER WAS INTENDED TO BE. In 1802 Tommy wrote a letter to some Baptists who were worried about the government establishing an official state church like there was in England. Tommy explained that it could not be done because the constitution restricted the government from establishing a church of any kind, or in any way restricting the practices of churches in the US, so the Baptists were safe. Tommy held church services in government buildings, at government expense, and used the military band for music in those services. Several of the founding fathers thought that being a Christian should be a prerequisite to holding office.

Now when I say I love my wife - that doesn't mean I love all women in that way, although I do love all women in Christ. This does not mean that I am "interested" in other women. If, however, I was to write this fact to a Baptist church - I AM SURE that in 100 years or so the ACLU would take it to the Supreme Court and convince them that I was a “womanizer” in the same way they used old Tommy's letter to the Baptists. GET IT? Tommy never meant to take God out of the government- just to keep the government out of God's business.

In 1878, the Supreme Court in a case about polygamy used the phrase. The big disaster came in 1948 when the ACLU presented a friend of the court brief giving false info on the separation thing and a liberal judge put it in the record. The case was about the Klu Klux Klan being against the bussing of catholic students at the expense of the city. As you can see, once these sneaky folks get a toehold, its Katey bar the door. The bible warns us against being deceived by ourselves, others and the devil. I think that revisionist history qualifies as deception.

What got me into this was my son's reply to my "Traditional Americans" rant. He googled Thomas Jefferson on Wikipedia and found false information about what Jefferson meant by the separation thing. When I checked it out, I didn't see a direct lie, however, like most liberals* they lead you in a false direction on purpose - hoping you don't realize that they are just being them selves. They can't help it. Most of these people think with their emotions and facts mean little if any thing to them. Just a suggestion - get your information from the horses mouth, not the other end. There are plenty of writings available from the founding fathers. “He cut and pasted pieces of the New Testament together to compose a version that excluded any miracles by Jesus, thereby focusing on "the pure principles which he taught" and which has since been published as the "Jefferson Bible".” (Wikipedia) What Tommy really did was to cut and paste the New Testament to use as a book to teach the "Indians" good moral principals to live by. I sure hope that Tommy's burial vault has plenty of room for spinning.


* All liberals are not bad people, although, due to the way they have lumped all conservatives in the same nasty ways, it serves some of them right. It’s the ultra lefties that are the problem, in the same way as the ultra rightists.

Rick Rahn


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