Wednesday, July 21, 2010

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Political Rape

Anyone who accuses some person or group of being racist, without complete documentation, is a political rapist. Since rape is possibly the most personally damaging crime and racist is possibly the most personally damaging thing you could be labeled, the correlation seems right. The following shows the difference between date rape and political rape:

1. a. The date partner presents himself as someone whom you can trust.
b. The politician presents himself as someone you can trust.

2. a. Regardless of your protestations he does to you what you don’t want.
b. Regardless of your protestations he votes for what you don’t want.

In both cases the perpetrator has decided that you are of no significance in determining your own fate and that your desires are of no importance. Also, in both cases, the victim is left frustrated, injured, unable to trust and victimized.

To accuse some one of being racist without presenting accurate evidence should be punishable by law. It probably is, under the slander laws. Recently, Ben Jealous, president of the NAACP, accused the Tea Party movement of condoning racism. He presented accusations that were devoid of proof. This is a typical ploy of progressives as they believe that the end justifies the means. Attack and destroy the enemy is their call to action.

Rape when done to a man or woman is despicable and hideous. Political rape is on the other hand insidious. Any new limitation of our freedoms forced on our people, when the people are clearly against it, is political rape. Just as our forefathers were being politically raped by England, our government has been politically raping the American people for many years. Some recent examples of this would be health care legislation, cap and trade, federal funding of abortion, hate speech laws, the food police, separation of church and state and other usurpations of power by the government.

Every new law passed by the government diminishes our lives. As far as I am concerned, attempts to enforce these unconstitutional laws are tantamount to assault. Law enforcement officials should keep in mind that ‘I was only obeying orders’ was not found to be a sufficient defense. Any law passed by state and local governments that infringes on federal guarantees is not legal. A state for instance cannot pass laws limiting our constitutional rights or other federal guarantees. Our constitution clearly spells out the duties of the federal government. What is not spelled out as a federal duty is up to the individual states to handle. The separation of powers was designed as a balancing system to keep one branch from gaining too much power. If you haven’t read our country’s founding documents; you can’t know how bad our government is screwing you. If you read them you will realize you are being screwed without your permission. Where I come from, that’s called rape.

The duties of the Supreme Court system are to make sure that the laws, brought up to be in question, are in sink with the constitution, not to legislate from the bench. The Court system has no law making powers. Legislation is the job of congress. The executive branch is to handle the safety and security of the country in addition to other well spelled out duties. Any deviation of these assigned tasks is not in the interest of the people, is unconstitutional and against the law.

Rick Rahn


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