Thursday, November 4, 2010

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          The 2010 elections are over.  We won’t know who won however, until we see if those we put into office will do what the people want. The reason I titled this ‘NEXT’ is because when I was a salesman I always kept the word next in my consciousness. This meant to me that no matter how many customers said no, there was always the possibility that the next one would say yes.  If those that we just elected don’t do what we want, we will vote for someone else the next time.  If they do what is right in our eyes, they can get re-elected next time.  They need to know that we can always go for the next guy in the next election.

           A TV reporter, the day after the election, suggested that since the 2010 election turned out the way it did, there would be quite a bit of tension in Washington.  Well now, do you mean to tell me that it’s not just us citizens who will be stressing about what goes on in Washington? 

          President Obama today[1] definitely showed that he has no idea of what the American people want, or he just doesn’t care.  I think it is the latter because he said it was a shame that so many of the politicians, who went against what their constituency wanted to vote for his agenda, had lost their elections.  This man has no idea what a representative government               is all about.  Hey, O’bambam[2], a representative is supposed to represent and vote for what the people that hired him want.  Next!

          These progressives really are true believers.  They are absolutely convinced they know better than you do.  This is called arrogance, and since it has no basis in truth, it is therefore based on emotion.  Next!

         At least now we know who to keep an eye on until the next election.  Democrat, Republican or Independent should be watched very carefully so we know what to do in the next election.  E-mail is a great resource ( ).  Let’s keep their feet to the fire.

          If, when the government first overstepped their bounds and started interfering with our rights, we had acted on our own behalf we would be in a lot better position today.  Our tactical position now has to be based on catch up and recovery.  When they told us we couldn’t pray before a football game, we should have done it anyway.  When they said we couldn’t pray at a graduation ceremony, we should have done it anyway.  Keep in mind here that our action would have been legal, and their restriction was unconstitutional.  Our freedoms of speech, religious expression, assembly and others are guaranteed to us by the constitution.  No federal changes in law, except for amending the constitution, can in any way infringe on our rights.  It is also against the law for a state or local authority to, in any way, infringe on federal guarantees. 

          As has been well established, our country was founded on Judeo-Christian principals, and that our rights are granted by God and not the government.  We also know that there are only two forces at work in the world; good (God) and evil (Satan).  OK, here’s the deal…. When confronted unconstitutionally by any form of government official, turn to them and say “I rebuke you in the name of Jesus; you are interfering with a right that is guaranteed by God and our constitution.  It has been established since the Nuremberg trials that ‘just following orders’ is not an adequate defense for breaking the law, which is what you are doing.”.  If they should persist you say “in the name of Jesus, come out of him you foul and evil spirit”.  This must be done with all the respect you can muster. 

[1] Nov. 3, 2010
[2] A Flintstone’s reference – Little BamBam with his club


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