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End Times

          Whatever you want to call it: the end of the age, end of the dispensation, end of the world as we know it, end of time or the return of Christ, it all amounts to basically the same thing.  Our Lord Jesus is going to return, believe it or not, and it will be in the Fathers good time.  Time was set up by God for mans’ benefit.  God can live a day as a thousand years and a thousand years as a day.  As far as I can determine, the rapture will be in the year 2012, 2023, 2060 or any other date the Lord has thus decided.  We don’t know when, but the Holy Spirit does, and apparently the Bible does.  Based on the Biblical scholars I trust most, I am looking for 2012 because it is one generation (56 years[1]) that will not pass away after the Jews regained control of Jerusalem.  His will be done; not  mine.

          Many have postulated over the years as to whether there will be a rapture and if the rapture will be before, midway, or post tribulation.  I come down on the side of pre tribulation, although there are good arguments for all three.  As end time teacher and international director of ‘The Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship International’, Col. H Speed Wilson, used to say – “God made us over comers, not copper outers”.

          The mountain top experience is gratifying, but most often we miss the chance to use it as an opportunity to look into the valley below, where we may be headed in order to prepare for the future.  We are so involved, and often overwhelmed, by our daily existence that we fail to recognize the need to be connected to the higher power of God. But instead having “….an indifference to their spiritual need”.[2]  We ignore history, and are therefore destined to repeat it.  The days for correcting this mistake are drawing short.  We are often so absorbed in our daily lives that we hope tomorrow will take care of it self.  We are not to worry about tomorrow, but we are to prepare for it.

          The prophets of old predicted things to happen in the near future, knowing that they would be held accountable for absolute validity.  They also predicted things to happen in the future as far as thousands of years away.  They had to be accurate one hundred percent of the time or be subject to stoning.  Sometimes they were stoned just because people didn’t like the prophecy.  When the prophets were ignored, bad things happened.  When prophesies about Jesus were   ignored, His own people missed who He was.  When we, today, ignore prophesies that are being fulfilled, concerning what is happening all around us, we can’t be prepared for what will happen.  To be forewarned is to be fore armed. 

          Time after time throughout Biblical history a remnant of Israel has been saved from destruction.  Once more, the Lord will save a remnant of Israel (approximately one third) by His direct intercession in the ‘last days’.  The Israelite’s will come to recognize Jesus as Messiah and a third will be welcomed into the redemption of the Church.  It’s a shame that they have to go all the way to the battle of Armageddon before this happens. 

          Despite their animus to the contrary, the godless nations of the earth are playing into the hands, of prophesies contained in the Bible.  “A dictator does not trust his rule from upon people from the top down, without provocation.  His tyranny is end direct result of chaos in the society that results in his rise to despotic power.  The dictionary defines him as a person who seizes the authority over a nation as the result of an emergency.  Hitler saw himself as a hero, a savior, a strong man needed by weak underlings---a ’great leader’ who could guide the Germans to heights of glory, according to his standards.  He believed he was above the moral standards of ordinary man.  Consequently, he surrounded himself with shady characters of every type.  As long as they were useful to him this motley bunch if criminals and sadists were part of the ruling strength of Hitler’s inner circle.”[3]  Does this seem in any way familiar to what is happening in the world today?

          “Let him who has ears, let him hear.  Let him who has eyes, let him see.”  The details surrounding what I am saying here have been well researched and documented by many authors[4].  I feel no compulsion to extend the length of this writing by duplicating what has already been established.  Do not take what I say as gospel (test every spirit[5]).  Study for yourself.  All of the sources I use in my preparations are readily available to everyone.  This does, however, take some effort on your part. 

          The mood of many of the church leaders today can best be described by a line used in a TV commercial – “Da boys is Fractious”.  Apparently there is no rule that you have to be a ‘Born Again Christian’ in order to be credentialed as a pastor of some churches.  English teachers have to know the language, math teachers need to know math, geography teachers need to know the world; shouldn’t a pastor know God?  How can you teach others about Christ and bring others to Him if you don’t know Him?  The Bible says that many will come in His name and would not know Him.

           The basic fundamentals of the Christian Church (the body of Christ) are the virgin birth, the deity of Jesus, God is the creator of the heavens and the earth, the Bible is the inspired word of God, you must be born again, the Holy Spirit indwells the believer, the return of the Lord is eminent, Jesus was resurrected from the dead, Jesus sits at the right hand of the Father, having paid for our sins, Christ is the only redeemer and the only path to heaven. 

          I can only refer to those who are left behind after the rapture as unfortunate.  Can you imagine the despair you would feel if you missed out and afterward realized the truth? 

          The Church age will end when the last person who is predestined to be saved comes to the Lord.  It would be nice to know his name so we can keep an eye on him.  Is it you?  You don’t want to take the chance that it might not be you.  The time to accept the Lord’s gift is now.  Put it off at your own peril.  There will be people saved during the seven years of the tribulation period, so you may have one more chance.  Probably the closest thing I can think of that relates to their situation during that time would be the underground church in Russia during the USSR years.

          “The World Council of Churches (WCC) is a worldwide fellowship of 349 global, regional and sub-regional, national and local churches seeking unity, a common witness and Christian service.[1] It is a Christian ecumenical organization that is based in the Ecumenical Centre in Geneva, Switzerland.[2] The fellowship includes denominations collectively representing a Christian population of some 590 million people in nearly 150 countries in all regions of the world, over 520,000 local congregations served by some 493,000 pastors and priests, in addition to elders, teachers, members of parish councils and others throughout more than 120 countries.”[6]  What a great organization to be used by the One World Leader to set up the One World Religion.  I wonder who it was that came up with the false teachings about collective salvation and the Jews being replaced in God’s heart by the Christian church.

          “To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.”[7]  When we physically die, our bodies go to dust to await the great resurrection while our souls go to be with the Lord.  The Bible tells us that in the Day of Judgment, Christ will return with the Saints.  We must already be with Him in order to return with Him.  Score one for the pre tribulation bunch. 

Since each believer in indwelled by the Holy Spirit, the antichrist can’t take over until the Church (otherwise known as the restrainer) is removed from the earth.  This won’t happen until the rapture of the Church. 

          The entire “Church” will not be saved from the tribulation.  The lukewarm “Church”; those professing to be Christian but are not ‘Born Again’ will be vomited from His mouth[8].  They will, however, have the best chance to be saved from the final judgment because they are already involved in the apparatus of truth (The Church) which has the availability of the church teachings that they formerly had not accepted.   Some will come to know the truth simply because they will have seen the rapture and will come to realize that the scriptures are true.

          When the question of what happens to you when you die is looked at, we must set religion aside.  There is no religion in the history of the world that can get you into heaven.  Acceptance of Jesus as your Lord and Savior is the only way to get into heaven.  Christianity is not a religion; it is a personal relationship with the Christ.  Religions are those things established by men to bind themselves together in their belief systems.

          It is my theory that all of us who make it to heaven will appear to be the equivalent of 30 years old.  This seems to be the age of maturity indicated in the Bible.  It was the age of Jesus when he started His ministry.  It is the age, that in the 60’s, the hippies said you couldn’t trust anyone after.  I would think that God would want us to be mature in heaven: not immature children or decrepit old folks.

          The bare bones of what is going to happen are as follows – Jesus will come in the clouds and remove all of His flock.  The false prophet and the Beast (the Antichrist) will essentially take over the control of the world promising peace and prosperity to all.  That is, all who will be willing to worship the Beast as god; woe to those who won’t.  The technology is already in place to track and keep track of everyone in the world.  No commerce will take place without his authority.  You won’t be able to buy or sell or even be employed without their control.  All these things will be established for ‘your good’.  If you go along with the program things will seem to go well for three and one half years.  The next three and one half years will, in many ways be filled with abominations which build up to the final confrontation known a Armageddon.  All life on earth would be exterminated if the Lord didn’t interfere. Jesus will return to the earth this time to set up His thousand year reign.

          I fully realize that this writing will be poo pooed by many.  I am writing it therefore, for the ones who will take it to heart and will be inspired to study these things for themselves.   Then; go you therefore into all the earth with the good news of our Savior; Jesus, the Christ. 

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