Monday, April 18, 2011

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The New World Order

          You may wonder why I titled this “The New World Order” instead of ‘The Coming New World Order’.  As you read, you will understand; we may already have been done in.  The loss of our “Unalienable Rights” over the past few decades in the areas of our privacy[1], gun control[2], hate crime laws[3], environmental regulations and others are leading us into a Socialist state and “The New World Order”.  Several of the books I have read lately have opened my eyes to things I would have sworn were impossible to become law in America. 

          In the early sixties an executive of the Commercial Credit Corporation told me that we were headed toward a cashless society.  He said we would all have something like a credit card, which we would use for all financial transactions.  The major problem would be if your card was lost, stolen or revoked.  Without the card, you couldn’t buy, sell or trade anything.  Can anyone say “mark of the beast”?  Your social Security number seems to be the basis of this system.  In Canada they have a Social Insurance Number, otherwise known as their sin number.  Just as a side thought; how could some of my friends buy their ‘pot’ if all they had was the card, and records were kept and maintained of all transactions?  I’m just saying! 

          One of the biggest crimes today, if not the biggest, is identity theft.  What is being done in your name without your knowledge?  If it’s criminal activity, will you be arrested?  How much will it cost, in time and treasure, for you to clear yourself, if even possible?  This all may seem paranoid, but you have to keep in mind, if someone really is after you it’s not paranoia.  Put your name in Google and see what you come up with.  Keep in mind that you don’t have access to government files, and everything you find on the internet is “public” information.  Ever wonder what information is contained in the “magic strip” on the back of your credit cards, and who can access it?  How would your life be effected if a mistake was made in your computerized information, and how would you know it?  Hello 1984![4] 

          Since through computerized files your financial transactions, medical records and others can be tracked, what could happen if someone wanted to mess with you?  If called on to do so, could you pay off your credit cards, car loans and even your mortgage if so demanded?  I’m just asking!

          In 1981 our country was the world largest creditor nation (they owed us).  Now we are the world’s largest debtor nation, owing over 14 trillion to other countries.  How long can our nation survive this debt?  If the government guarantees your deposits and doesn’t have the ability to back it up, where do you stand?  By the way, Chicken Little was right, the sky is falling.  It just took longer than expected. 

          As Glenn Beck has pointed out, the “spontaneous development of revolution throughout the world, including our own country, is the result of the collusion of the Marxist and Muslim groups.  You see the same organizations involved and the same symbols used.  Labor unions and other leftist organizations, as well as radical Muslim organizations, are often working together in their attempts to overthrow the capitalistic and Judeo/Christian countries and organizations under the guises of social justice, democracy and wealth redistribution.  If you are a Jewish or Christian businessman, be afraid, very afraid.  While you have been living your life and obeying the rules, they have been plotting against you and organizing for many years.

          Although the recent joining together of the leftists and radical Islam is often misunderstood, unknown or even laughed off, they are nonetheless joining together against the western way of life.  It is my opinion that the leftists believe they can control the Islamists after the overthrow of western civilization.  The radical Muslims don’t seem to realize that when the Marxists take over, they eliminate all religion; anyone they can’t control, they eliminate.

          The good news is that if you are a member of the body of Christ, you have nothing to fear.  All we are seeing develop is foretold in the Bible.  The more I read in non-biblical sources, the more confidence I gain in the truth of the Bible.  I have known for a long time that the Bible is the Word of God.  What I have read, and seen, simply confirms that fact. 

[1] Second Amendment
[2] Fourth Amendment
[3] First Amendment
[4] George Orwell  1984


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