Friday, June 3, 2011

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          Jesus was tempted in person by Satan in the wilderness during a forty day fast.  Satan was completely unsuccessful in all the ways he tried to tempt Jesus.  Since Jesus was triumphant in defeating the Devil in person, why would we think that He would be less successful when dealing with Satan’s underlings such as the false prophet, the antichrist and Mohammed?  I mention Mohammed here because the Muslim holy writings blaspheme Jesus, over and over again.  I will explain this further.

          We were warned about false prophets and false Christ’s.  We are also being surrounded by a myriad of messiahs such as ‘Maitreya’, the messiah of the ‘New Age’ movement, the ‘Twelfth Emom’, the messiah of the radical Muslims, the ‘Antichrist’ which is the messiah of the ‘New World Order’, and Jesus, the true messiah of the Bible. 

          The Muslim scriptures say that when Jesus returns, He will recant what He said about His divinity and His relationship with the One True and Living God.  We must look into the motives and methods of the inventor of Islam.  In essence, Mohammed invented Islam in the following ways….

          1. The Pagan god Allah was around a long time before Mohammed and was the moon god worshiped by his family.  The moon god Allah was part of Ba-al worship. 

          2.  Mohammed incorporated quite a bit of the Old Testament and the New Testament regulations in the formulation of this new religion; although he distorted them.  Today we call this plagiarism.  Whatever suited his wants and needs was used, rejecting the truth of the Bible.

          3.  Many of the medieval traditions that were present in his day were included such as the traditional dress and treatment of women. 

          4.  The cult of the moon god, which worshiped Allah, was then transformed into a monotheistic faith by Mohammad. 

          5. The symbol of the crescent moon was adopted to help convert people in the Middle East. 

          6. Mohammad couldn’t seem to make up his mind as to which direction to face when praying; sometimes Mecca, sometimes Jerusalem, etc.

          7.  Islam enriched itself by attacking other cultures; especially the Jews. 

          8.  Mohammad adopted many pagan rituals and beliefs such as the evil eye, curses, fatalism and genies.

          9. Mohammed said that Jesus was a prophet of God and would come back to say how wrong He was, and say the Allah is the true god.

          There are a lot of things about Islam that are either obviously wrong or simply misguided.  I think I have listed enough above to make my point.  In many ways the stories of how Joseph Smith received the book of Mormon are similar to how Mohammed received his ideas from Allah; through visions and Angels, although a lot less scholarly. 

          The Love of God is also a witness to the God of the Bible.  We are to spread the ‘good news’ through love.  No where does it tell us to get conversions by the sword.  The Koran says that converts should be coerced by the sword, and killed if they won’t convert. 

          I realize that you can’t tell the truth of the Bible without giving offense to other religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, etc.  The big difference is that the God of the Bible is the only true and living God.  All other god’s are inventions of the human mind.  Comparing scripture for scripture, there is only one conclusion: there is only one truth; there is only one God and only one way to salvation and eternity with God.  I will admit that I have not read the entire Koran.  The Koran is so disjointed and blasphemous that I couldn’t stomach the rest.    There is no other book that flows so well and is written so well and beautifully as the Bible.  The Bible truly is the history of God and mankind[1]. 

          You can reason that Jesus was simply a fake, but you must at some time come to the conclusion that He fulfilled every prophesy, and every scripture about Himself.  In order for this to happen, everyone and everything since the beginning of time had to be in on the conspiracy.  If you can realize that a conspiracy of this magnitude could not be accomplished by mankind, you must then realize that it is the truth.  From the time of the first miracle of the wine at the wedding, every move Jesus made was documented by eye witnesses, both Biblical and secular.  These eyewitnesses testified to the facts under all circumstances; even unto death.  You can fool some of the people all of the time. You can fool all of the people some of the time.  But you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.  You doubt the biblical accounts at your own peril.  Even His body, which was killed, was seen alive later by over five hundred witnesses. 

           I think it is significant that Christians don’t issue ‘contracts’ to kill those who blaspheme our religion.  If you tell the truth, you don’t have to worry about the liars because the truth never changes.  If you are promoting what you know is a false religion, you have to adopt extreme measures to protect your doctrine.  In truth, anything that brings into question the validity of the Bible is blasphemy toward the one true and living God.  Many doubters have, over the years, tried to disprove the Bible.  None of them has been successful, and many of them have become believers as they came to find the truth of the Bible.

          What we Christians need to expose is the dumbing-down of Christianity.  Christian lite and Christianettes are people who claim to be Christians but have never made a real commitment to Christ.  These types are readily susceptible to ideas like Chrislam which is the New World Order idea of combining Christianity and Islam.  Keep in mind that there really are people working to establish a New World Order and a One World Religion.  The Bible tells all about them.  All you have to do is open it, and read.

          Although Christianity is under attack on many fronts, it can never be defeated.  The truth is the truth, and nothing can ever change that fact.

[1] 2 Timothy 3:16


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