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Islam And Shari'ah

          My intention in writing this is not to disrespect the religion of Islam.  My overriding intention is to enable Christians to be knowledgeable when dealing with Muslims.  There is a wide chasm[1] between those who worship the God of the Bible and those who worship Allah.  For instance, there is no personal relationship available with Allah in Islam as there is with God in Judaism and Christianity.  In Islam, there is no salvation by grace.  In Islam, you have to earn your way to paradise.  


Just as points of reference, I will define some disciplines of Islam below:


HUDNA - Muslims can make treaties with non-Muslims with no intention of keeping them.

WAQF - once a territory is Muslim it is Muslim forever

JIHAD - holy war

DEATH - is preferable to life if obtained in the cause of Allah

SHARI’AH - the laws of Islam: “Shari’ah (law) travels with a Muslim wherever he goes and is expected to be enforced universally over and above the law of any land.”[2]  To Muslims, Shari’ah supersedes all other laws. 

KORAN – The Muslim ‘Bible’ ascribed to be a continuation of the Bible

HADITH – Secondary book of Islam, mostly about their laws


          A Muslim has to lie in order to become an American citizen.  He also has to lie in order to become a police officer, testify in court, and serve in our armed forces as well as any other position that requires an oath to be taken.  A true Muslim cannot be a party to any oath that displaces his religion in any way, thus Hudna allows a Muslim to misrepresent himself if it furthers his cause.  Because of Hudna, a Muslim feels there is nothing wrong with taking an oath of any kind as he is in full knowledge of his overriding allegiance to Islam.  There is no ‘render unto Caesar’ in the Islamic religion because government and religion are one and the same.   


          In Christianity and Judaism, Lying is forbidden, whereas in Islam, hudna allows one to lie if deemed necessary to further the cause of Islam.  Realistically, how can we trust someone whose belief system allows him to  lie, even under oath?



          “Jihad is a term used in the media.  The most commonly understood meaning of jihad is ‘to war against non-Muslims’[3].   The term jihad derives from the word mujahada, which signifies the use of warfare to establish religion.[4]  Islamic jurists maintain that there are three distinct forms of jihad.[5]  The first form is the ‘greater jihad’ of battling against the inner-self to attain private holiness and devotion to the path of Allah[6].  The second form of jihad is da-wah, or the invitation to non-Muslims to convert voluntarily to Islam and follow Shari’ah law[7].  The third, most well known form of jihad is the violent use of the sword in physical conflict with non-Muslims (“unbelievers” or “infidels”)[8].  The ultimate of the three forms of jihad, collectively, is to convert all unbelievers to Islam (either voluntarily or forcibly), and to subject all non-Muslim territories to Islamic rule and government, i.e. Shari’ah.”[9]  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you[10], does not apply in Shari’ah and Islam. 


          It has been estimated that there are more Muslims in England than Methodists, and more Muslims in the U.S. than Episcopalians.  We must realize that this ‘foreign’ culture is quickly expanding in our country, and has no intention of becoming American by assimilation.  I don’t know how you feel about this, but my ancestors came here to lead their lives differently than they were able to where they came from.  My English ancestors came here before 1630, and my German strain came in 1870; The German ones assimilated to what the English ones had established.  If they don’t want to assimilate, why did they come to a country that is so easily provable to be a Christian nation?  Perhaps they wish to conquer America for Islam.  What a great feather in their cap, if they could conquer the most Christian nation in the history of the world that they call the ‘Big Satan’.


Our first amendment, in the Bill of Rights, gives us the right to criticize the scriptures of any religion.  This same amendment gives us the right to practice our religions without any impedance, and the free exercise thereof without abridging our freedom of speech about them.


          In Islam it is perfectly acceptable for Muslims to claim that the Bible is corrupted and contradictory, but not allowable for us to question their scriptures in any way.  I have read many parts of the Koran and find it to be disjointed, fragmented and quite nonsensical.  I can’t take much of it at a time as it so hard to read and also offensive.  It is, however, a must read if you want to know what the other camp is thinking and planning.  Keep your friends close, and your enemy closer.  We must remember that Mohammad said the Bible (both old and new testaments) was the Word of God.  I guess that was important because it seems that he copied a lot of it, such as the Old Testament laws and punishments.  If the Bible should ever be proved to be wrong, it would bring down the Islamic texts with it.  Islam recognizes Jesus (Isa – the Arabic name for Jesus) as a great prophet.  Islam teaches that in the end times Jesus will return and recant his divinity and call for all Christians to convert to Islam or be killed.  If a prophet was found to be a liar it was necessary to kill him.  By this reasoning, Islam believes that Jesus was a false prophet and yet trusts in what He will say.  Is there any greater blasphemy than blatantly lying about the One True and Living God and Savior of the world? 

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