Friday, September 9, 2011

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The War On Christianity

          I believe that the Emergent Church, Islamic Jihad, the New Age movement, witchcraft/sorcery, Marxism/Communism/Socialism and atheism are all equal in God’s sight.  This could all be understood as lusting after other gods.  Anything that separates you from God is sin, and we all know who the author of sin is.  All of these different facets are controlled by the same personage: the Devil.  Apparently, the Devil is under the impression that he can overwhelm and thwart God’s plans.  Although the Bible predicts these things will come about through a New World Order and Interfaithism, many Christians are complacent, ignorant or misinformed.  Fear not!  All these things, and more, must happen, before the return of Christ.

Some examples of the deviousness of Satan: 

"Throughout the last 2,000 years this symbol has designated hatred of Christians. Nero, who despised Christians, crucified the Apostle Peter on a cross head downward. This hideous event resembled the Teutonic cross and became a popular pagan insignia of the day. Thereafter, this sign became known as the 'Neronic cross.”[1]  Revived in the sixties by hippies and others who protested nuclear weapons, Western culture, and Christian values, it became a worldwide symbol of a new age of global peace and earth-centered unity. But many heavy metal rock fans would agree with Nero and have used it to mock Christ and His followers.” The peace symbol (also called the "broken cross," "crow's foot," "witch's foot," "Nero Cross," "sign of the 'broken Jew,'" and the "symbol of the 'anti-Christ''') is actually a cross with the arms broken. It also signifies the "gesture of despair and the" death of man.''[2]  Essentially it represents the rejection of Christ.
            "The meaning for the Hebrew letter for V (Van) is 'Nail.' Now, 'The Nail' is one of the secret titles of Satan within the Brotherhood of Satanism. Satan is letting us know that this is one of his favorite signs. Why else does he like the PENTA-gram (Penta = five!) and the FIVE-fold salute used in Masonry and Witchcraft?'' "The Leftists, radicals, and Satanists who have popularized that sign...know its ancient significance very well. In fact, that 'V' sign is now used extensively by such Communist organizations as the Young Socialist Alliance, Vets for Peace in Vietnam, and the Students for a Democratic Society."[3]

Some derivations of the above -
          A recent conversation I had on Facebook involving what was posted on my profile went as follows –

     RK: What's a Charismentalist Christian?

     ME: Charismatic Fundamentalist Christian - One who puts no limits on God and believes the Bible is true.

     RK: you actually believe the bible is true ...word for word? Really! and which bible would that be?

     ME: The one breathed by the Spirit of God. Why, which one do you believe in?

     RK: I believe in the ORIGINAL BIBLE and not all the made up various versions

     ME: I don't speak or write Hebrew or Greek so I have to depend on the English translations. The one I trust most is The King James but I do read several other versions. The Antioch scriptures seem to be superior to the Egyptian versions, the King James is taken from the Antioch papers. Which one do you consider the original bible?

     RK: There is only ONE Bible. It is the Old Testament. Other versions are a bunch of crap!

     ME: Rather intolerant of grafted in Jews isn't it? Also of those Jews that believe that Jesus is the Messiah. Ever read Isaiah 53?  Perhaps we can agree that the Old Testament is the inspired word of God. Perhaps we can agree to disagree on the New Testament. Most of all, shouldn't we agree to pursue these matters in the realm of the love of God, rather than an adversarial confrontation. (I never received a follow up response)

          One man wrote the following three statements - In his early life he wrote - “Through love of Christ we turn out our hearts at the same time toward our brethren who are inwardly bound to us and for whom Christ gave himself in sacrifice.”   During his college years he wrote - “I wish to avenge myself against the one who rules above. I hate all gods, I worship Satan.”   In the latter part of his life he wrote - “thus heaven I’ve forfeited, I know it full well.  My soul, once true to God, is chosen for Hell.”   The author of all three was Carl Marx.

          The only real challenge to this New World Order is Biblical Christianity.  The average person today is in his own little world, and is either ignorant of what is going on, or too concerned with his own life and problems to take the time to comprehend the danger.  Basically, we can see that the people in the world are like a flock of sheep.  God is the Shepard who protects and cares for the flock.  The Holy Spirit could be looked on as the sheep dog, directing and protecting the flock.  The Devil would be the big bad wolf, the lion, and the bear that would like to eat the flock.  We can see that the flock, on its own, is not capable of protecting itself from a multifaceted attack.  Without God’s guidance and protection, the flock of the world has no chance of survival.  God provided an escape clause which will get the individual out of any real danger.  That escape clause is salvation and remission of sin, available through Christ. 

          When you want to know about algebra, you read an algebra book; not a book on trigonometry.  When you want to know about American history, you don’t read a book about China.  When you want to learn to speak Spanish, you don’t use a book on German.  When you want to know about God, you use the Bible; not a book on the New Age movement.

          It is hard for some intellectuals to humble themselves, and set aside their pride, in order to accept Jesus.  My mother fancied herself a great intellect (graduated Magna Cum-Laude from Duke University).  I think that she was disappointed in my lack of scholarly pursuits in my younger years.  At one time she said that she didn’t think I understood that she was a true intellectual.  My response was that I did, but that I had forgiven her.  I don’t think she ever quite forgave me for that.  The unpardonable sin seems to be the rejection of Jesus, among other reasons, due to a hardened heart because of intellectualism and pride.  As far as I can tell, my mother never received salvation through Christ.  For years she had suffered with goiter attacks, and finally had to have surgery as the goiter was cancerous.  I visited her at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.  When I arrived, she was very upset because of the diagnosis.  Despite her usual objections, I prayed for her healing.  The next day she told me that during the night a bright light shown down from the upper left corner of her ceiling.  A voice came from the light that told her she did have cancer, but it was being taken away and not to worry.  The medical staff, after further testing, told her that there was no longer any sign of the cancer.  It was there, but now it was gone.  It was less than two days when doubt entered her mind.  From that time on she would say that she didn’t know what that was in her room that night; but the healing was not taken away.

I keep my eyes wide open all the time.

I keep a close watch on this heart of mine.   

I keep the ends out for the ties that bind.

Because your mine, I walk the line.

          This old Johnny Cash song describes the way I feel about my walk with Jesus.  At times it’s not easy to be a Christian.  The world is so filled with controversy, falsehood, rejection and downright distain for Christians, that living the Christian life is fraught with pit falls.  However, I still recommend it as being superior to anything else. 


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