Tuesday, February 28, 2012

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          Hell, Hades, Scheol[1], and Gehenna[2] all have just about the same meaning.  Lake of eternal fire’ or ‘Eternal Damnation’ would be the everlasting name for what most of us think of as Hell in the future.  Revelation 14: 10-11 essentially says:  smoke, smell of flesh burning, and fire forever; weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth, and there is no hope.  As I have said before, the eternal separation from God may be the worst of all. 

          Habakkuk, David and I all ask God the same question. Why do you let the evil ones prosper?  Perhaps it is because, as some people say, there is some good in everyone.  Perhaps we just need to wait until God explains things to us, when we get to heaven.  The Bible says that all things are a part of God’s plan.  His wisdom is not for us to understand; as yet.

          Hell was prepared for the Devil and his followers (his angels).  It had to be expanded to accommodate the number of people who would knowingly reject His salvation.  “According to the History book, Lucifer was not satisfied to be just one of the top angels[3].  There was an ensuing power struggle between Lucifer and God.  As you might have guessed, God won and Lucifer and those who chose his side were expelled from heaven.  Today’s demons are the angels that chose the wrong side.”[4]  If you have not received Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you have rejected Him.

            The Bible talks about Hell 167 times and Jesus himself talked about Hell 33 times.  I know that humankind is extant with those who don’t believe in God, the Bible, the devil or anything else that doesn’t fit into their own view of what life should be.  I guess those who want to be left alone will be left to their own devices until that time when every knee shall bow[5]. 

          Who is going to eternal damnation?  Anyone, in today’s world, who dies without being ‘born again’, will.  Salvation, through the blood of Jesus, is available to anyone willing to accept this free gift.[6]

          I have one thing on my bucket list.  I want to know that all members of my family, my friends, and as many strangers as possible will be saved from eternal damnation.

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