Wednesday, April 18, 2012

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Politics, Left And Right – A Warning

Women tend more toward being democrats, and men tend more toward being republican. Women tend to think with their emotions whereas men tend to think more based in logic. The sentences above are basically the same thing. Generally, liberals think that the democrat party is there to help the little people; and that it has to be done now; which makes them feel good. Generally, conservative republicans think that there are no little people (that we all have the same potential rights and responsibilities in the pursuit of happiness), and they have to have a practical, paid for, way to accomplish something; before doing it. The Bible refers to “silly women” in that some are easily swayed by their emotions. False biblical teaching is emotionally accepted by some people (perchance even the elect) because it sounds right; instead of it being logically connected to what the Bible says. All things must be tested by biblical logic and truth.

In reference to the above we see that, politically, there are more women tending to be liberal or moderate, and more men tending to be conservative (although conservatives have gained ground in the past few years) . This is born out in the latest polling statistics by the government and TV networks.. God only knows what those people are thinking whose answers to the polling questions are “I don’t Know” or “undecided”. Perhaps it’s just that they are afraid of getting off the fence.

Jesus wasn’t a fence sitter. One of the reasons that they killed Him was displayed on the sign above His head, while on the cross – “King of The Jews”. Both the government of the Jews and the government of the Romans were afraid He was going to take over. When He returns He will take His rightful place as “King of Kings”. That is the body politic I am waiting for. Although Jesus (while He was here) was obviously an emotional being, He said He was not here to do away with the law, but to fulfill it. God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. There really are absolutes: God and His Word are absolute. They are no more subject to emotional interpretation than is our Constitution.

A “silly man” is not a rare thing, and I have known some. The Bible says that the husband is expected to be the head of the wife, and is the spiritual head and priest of the family. Failure to operate in these responsibilities makes a man ‘worse than an infidel’: because he is not providing for his family. The husband is responsible for his family’s well being, even to the point that he would give his life in that endeavor.

It is especially hard for the husband to be the head of the family, if he is married to another husband. When a woman is married to a woman there would not be any head of the family. It really is ridiculous what some people want to have become law. A husband is a husband and a wife is a wife. That’s the way it has always been and always will be, because marriage was designed that way; no matter what silly laws are passed.

Like it or not, your future is dependent on what and in whom you believe. There have always been liberals and conservatives in our country and in the church. George Washington had to fight the Universalist views creeping into the Episcopal church of his day. At least 20 percent of the colonists were Tories (British loyalists). It has always amazed me that the people who believe least in God, are the ones that most want to change His rules. Apparently they don’t want to be restrained by God’s rules. Sorry Bubba, His rules are the same today as they were yesterday and will be tomorrow; just like the Constitution (unless it is destroyed by the progressives).

There is no longer any question about the fact that our country was set up as a Christian nation; with the heavy influence of Providence . There are those out there, ignorant of the facts, which still say that our founders were just a bunch of rich, white, slaveholder, deists. This has been so voluminously disproved that it no longer merits discussion. The emphasis here was on DEIST. Some of the founders did own slaves (even the ones who were abolitionists), some could have been considered rich, only a few of our founders were black and three of the signers of the Constitution were deists (whether they were soft or hard deists). Many of our founders, signers of both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, were not only churchmen but also pastors and theologians.

The blessings given to our country, by the Lord, are slipping away, along with His protection , as we move farther away from Him as a nation. As stated above, His rules are His rules. There is, however, a loophole. If my People, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray; I will hear from Heaven and heal their land – and will prosper them.

Rick Rahn


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