Thursday, May 24, 2012

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Riches In Heaven

Storing up riches in Heaven is like saving for retirement, only safer. This life is a test of God to see what we do with it. Your reward in Heaven is based on what you do with this life; not if you get to Heaven but rather the heavenly reward you receive. Salvation is by grace, but Heavenly reward is based on works. All in Heaven rejoice when someone gives his life to the Lord. That seems to be a good score, if you are in part responsible.

It would be futile to approach my writings, which I believe are inspired by God, without the realization that there is a cloud of suspicion and even resentment created in those who are overwhelmed by the cares of the world. Throughout the history of the world, those who were chosen to speak for the Lord have been taunted and ridiculed in their attempts to do so. It is necessary to understand that bigotry and bias are abundant throughout the present world but will not be present in the ‘World to Come’; therefore my writings will not be necessary, as we will all know the will of God.

Since the late seventies, when I received ‘the call’ to ‘speak for the Lord’, it has proved to be a struggle of the first degree. It is not that I am superior, in any way to others, but rather that I was called to relate the aspirations of the Lord, in an understandable way, to anyone who will listen with an open mind. A mind that is receptive to the will of God, to which I am subject.

One should never read into my writings that which is not plainly stated. I ask that if someone feels that my opinions, unless stated openly as my opinions, have crept into any of my writings they should consult the scriptures for verification or reproof. It is my wish that as I attempt to explain the ‘Sword of The Spirit’ which is the Word of God, I do so with a dagger that points to the Sword.

It is my stance, that the Bible is the Word of God. It is factual and accurate in what it conveys. Not that every jot and tittle is exact in translation, but that it conveys, adequately and exactly, that which the Lord would have us to know. The Authorized King James version is what I always refer back to for verification of the other translations. Some of the newer ‘translations’ seem to be less than Holt Spirit inspired.

Not every word of these writings is given of God like was the case of the prophets. As it has worked out, the inspiration for each writing, comes from the Lord, but most times it has been my duty to research and find the best way to express that inspiration. I trust that I follow the wishes of the Lord when I pursue that purpose. At times more effort and prayer is required than at others. The guidance of the Holy Spirit is what I do my best to follow. I pray that I qualify in the words of my great grandfather, the Reverend Frederick Rahn: “He gladly did what he was able to do, and he unreservedly submits to the Masters call”.

Rick Rahn


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