Thursday, November 1, 2012

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The Battle Is The Lord's

          God’s promises are for ever, especially when He says they are for ever.[1]  The land God promised to the Israeli’s is a forever promise.  The truly occupied territories in this struggle are in fact any areas in which the Israelis have no control either politically or militarily which are within the original land grant to the Israeli people, by God. 

          I know I might be condemned by some for what I am writing, but I feel compelled to state what I believe to be true.  I am writing to those whose ears will not hear and eyes will not see[2], in hopes to cracking the façade of those who have not truly considered what the biblical facts are.  Whether one is Christian, Jew, or infidel, a realistic look at the facts should be considered.  The Israeli’s are at war, although most of the world does not recognize it.  This war has been declared against them on many fronts. It is the duty of every Christian and Jew to recognize that it is the Israeli nation that is being oppressed and attacked by ungodly peoples.

          Would the God of the Old Testament put up with the ongoing war against Israel?  The answer is no and God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow[3].  If the “Palestinians” did to Israel, in the Old Testament, what they are doing now, God would have instructed the Israelites to eliminate the Palestinians; men, women, children and animals.  

          Although ignored by most of the world, as led by the United Nations, the Moslem war against Christians and Jews is tantamount to genocide and is well documented. Their goal is to eliminate every Christian and Jew in the world.  An enemy is an enemy and it’s hard to pray for them, treat them well, feed them and clothe them[4] while they are shooting at you.  Those aiding your enemy by action or inaction are also your enemy, by proxy.  Where is the outrage from the “moderates” in the “religion of peace” as the Moslems declare themselves to be?   

          If, in the commission of a criminal act, someone who aids or knowingly allows the act to take place, is judged complicit in the act and charged accordingly.  If a Palestinian sees, or knows about, someone setting up a rocket toward Israel, shouldn’t they do everything they could, to stop the criminal act? 

          Terrorists hide among women and children for safety because they realize that the decent people they are attacking will hesitate to respond.  The Israeli’s also realize that the world community will condemn any action that hurts those women and children.  It is a shame that those women and children are complicit, in essence by choice or coercion, by participating in that they are supplying a safety shield.  It’s truly a shame when innocents are used in such a manner; however, the terrorists are fully aware of what they are doing and are fully responsible for the blood of the innocents.  This is the way cowards conduct their evil acts. 

          Abraham Lincoln said: “We shouldn’t worry if God is on our side, but rather if we are on God’s side.”  In order to do this, we need to seek the will of God.  Prayer and study of God’s Word are the steps to knowing His will. 

          In the Word of God we see that if God’s people were attacked, especially without intelligible reason, for conquest or for vengeance, God’s reaction was to give permission to completely overcome the enemy.  This meant to slaughter everyone involved; men, women, children, horses, cows and every thing else. This was because the remnant left would pollute Gods people, and cause them harm.  Disaster always resulted from the remnants pollution of the people; usually by those people bringing “other gods” into the worship of His people.  Worship of a false god/religion, by Bible standards, is against God in the same way the worship of idols is condemned.   God doesn’t want His people (Christian or Jew) to be polluted by infidels.  

          There are people today, which are so controlled by the forces of Satan they need to be destroyed, or brought into the fold.  The primary examples of these people today are represented by those Islamic peoples who trace their heritage to the peoples who God had told Joshua and others to slaughter rather than to make treaties with.  Palestinians are a perfect example of this because, as Yasser Arafat said, they were descendents of the Philistines.  The first people to be called Palestinians were the Jews.  “There is no such thing as a “Palestinian”.  Yasser Arafat claimed ownership of the territories because the Palestinians were descendents of the Philistines.  That was a lie.  In 1967, before the war, the lands that Israel won in battle were occupied by Syrians, Egyptians and Jordanians.  When the war was over, these countries abandoned those people.  Nobody wanted them.  Five times, since 1948, the Arab nations have tried to annihilate the Jewish nation.  Five times the Israeli’s were victorious; yet we see these enemies of Israel’s existence preparing to try again.”[5] 

          Israel is prospering and the countries surrounding it, by comparison, are not.  Could this possibly have anything to do with another promise of God: “I will bless those who bless thee, and I will curse those who curse thee”[6].

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[5] Israel, by Rick Rahn, 6-7-2011
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