Saturday, December 8, 2012

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End Of Life

I had come to the realization that death was near several times in my younger years: each time with a sense of peace about it. I vividly remember when a tower fell on me I was sure I was going to die. I can’t describe the overwhelming peace and wonder that I felt at that moment. In the past ten years or so, I have faced death more than once: again with a sense of peace. My Maternal grandmother, shortly before her death at 96, told me it wasn’t that she didn’t love us all, but that she was tired of living. Her husband, lifelong friends and family members she had known for so long were all gone and her physical condition was a burden.

As I ponder the fact that through age and physical condition, death is looming, I am not in fear of it but rather look forward to it, because I know what follows. I do not value long life as I use to because it is my desire to be with my Lord: face to face.

I look on death, now, as a blessing of the Lord. I look forward to being with Him as my trial life, here on earth, is coming to an end and eternal life awaits. Death is simply a passing over from one state of being to another. There is no way for anyone to cease to exist. We are all going to live forever: our souls were created by God and there is nothing that can destroy that creation. He knew you before you were conceived in your mother’s womb; and has followed you throughout your lifetime.

Back in 1979, when I was ‘called to speak for the Lord’; I really didn’t know what to do about the call. I wrote a few articles, some songs for the Lord and served Him as I saw opportunity. Today I realize that at that point I was not experienced in life, or in the Lord, enough to be fully up to that challenge. Since 2006, when I began to write again, I have realized that the experience and knowledge I have gained, since the ‘calling’, has enabled me to know the heart of God better. I realize now, that 1979 was not the time to fulfill the call but rather to begin the process of preparing for it.

I have taken note, through experience, that Matthew 18:57 and Mark 6:4 are still in force. I have some friends and relatives that do not recognize any authority in my writings. Jesus said a prophet is not honored in his home town. Jesus brothers and sisters didn’t recognize who He was, until after He rose from the dead. I am not puffing myself up here, simply saying that it’s all right to disagree with what I say. Plus, when I go, I won’t be coming back to prove anything.

Apparently I upset my sister when I told her that I was ready to go to be with the Lord. I wish that I could make her understand my true feelings on this matter. She brought up all the old adages about people missing me and my children depending on me. How much pain and suffering, physically and spiritually do we owe our friends and family? I know that the way the world looks at me might be described as depression. This I assure you is not the case. I told my doctor the other day that I was not depressed but rather disgusted. I have seen enough in my lifetime of the changes in my country and the world’s attitude toward the Lord, that I am sick to death about it

My wife and I have discussed the future and planned for it. We have our wills in place and instructions set. We have agreed that we will spend the rest of our lives, as best we can, in the will of the Lord. However, when He is finished with what He has for us to do here, we are ready to go to be with Him. We long ago committed our lives to Jesus as Lord and savior; therefore we are assured of what is going to happen. Until that time, however, we will fight tooth and nail against any infirmity, disease state or attack of the Devil that would deter us from our purpose.

To be absent from the body, is to be present with the Lord. This is the hope and expectation that I have imprinted in my soul. Those of us, who truly have this life outlook, are only restricted by one question: when is the Lord finished with me? When I have completed what He has for me to accomplish, I’m outta here. Dylan Thomas said: “Don’t go gentle into that good night…..Rage, rage against the dying of the light”. If he knew who God was, he would have known that you go into a new day, where the light is the light of the Lord that never dies. I will go to Heaven at a full run, shouting for joy.

Rick Rahn


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