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Numbers In The Word Of God

A practical guide: revised and updated form my original writing, in 1983.

To my wife Ginger, who constantly inspires me that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Many thanks to Col. H. Speed Wilson (U.S.M.C. Ret.), for his assistance in acquiring much of the resource material used in the preparation of this work, and who was the original inspiration for it.

It should be noted that attaching special mystical meaning to words, word groups, and phrases in the Bible, when not clearly indicated in the scripture, has led to repudiation of Bible numerics study. It is the opinion of this author that mystical interpretation of the Bible by numerics, since it is open to personal interpretation, should be avoided just as personal interpretation of scripture intent should be avoided. Many thanks, to the Holy Spirit, for this revelation.

The intent of this work is to provide a short, ready reference to Bible Numerics. When I first became interested in the subject, I found that a good overall picture of the subject could not be obtained without lengthy in-depth study. Therefore, I felt a work of this type was a needed tool in the Christians’ armamentarium of Bible study aids. I have divided this work into seven sections.

1. Why Numbers?
2. Numerical confirmation of Bible authority
3. What do the numbers mean?
4. Significant dates
5. Significant numbers – a potpourri
6. 666
7. Numeric equivalents of letters

Section 1: Why numbers?

How do we judge time: By numbers. How do we think of size and shape: numbers. How do we think of God? He is three in one: numbers. Our lives are centered on numbers and the significance these numbers hold for us. At the same time, we are afraid of them, when it comes to what they mean. Just who do you think it was that created numbers? God is the creator of all. Therefore, it stands to reason that He created the numbers. Because Satan came up with a perversion of God’s numbers, we are frightened away from learning about the meanings that God gave the numbers He created.

Bible numerics and numerology are vastly different subjects. The subject of this work is the numerics, as they relate to God, the Bible and man. Since the beginning, God has used numbers to give us greater insight into His Word and His will. Numbers have meaning and purpose, because all of God’s creation has meaning and purpose. Truth is truth, no matter where you find it – God is truth and Satan’s perversion is the lie.

We don’t overlook the real Christ just because Satan presents us with false Christ’s. In the same way, we shouldn’t overlook the numerics of the Bible just because Satan brought about numerology as a false religion.
It has been said that there is a special angel named Palmoni “a wonderful number” who makes known the things of God (1). Isaiah 40:12 says: “Who hath measured the waters in the hollow of his hand, and meted out heaven with the span, and comprehended the dust of the earth in a measure, and weighed the mountains in scales, and the hills in a balance?”
The tendency, when delving into a new Bible aspect, is to go somewhat overboard in our zeal to interpret the scriptures in light of our own prejudice. We should not therefore, take Bible numerics ‘one step beyond’ the Bible, but rather it gives us an excellent chance to see how God used a certain number in relation to a date, number of objects, or persons, or things; to give us a clearer understanding of His meaning and intent. There are many examples of this that become readily apparent, such as the twelve tribes and the twelve apostles representing the divine order of government, thirteen representing rebellion by adding something to God’s divine order and eleven representing incompleteness by subtracting something from that divine order.
Section 2: Numerical confirmation of Bible authority
Dr. Ivan Panin was a devout agnostic that set out to prove that the Bible was a hoax. He was a scholar in Greek and Hebrew, as well as a doctor of pure mathematics. As is often the case, it is interesting to see the result of such an undertaking.
Dr. Panin found uniformity through comparison of hundreds of biblical manuscripts. This uniformity led to the discovery of some amazing numerical facts about Bible structure. In no other writings are these attributes manifest as in the Bible, from Genesis through Revelation. The following are some of Dr. Panin’s findings –
A. The Following are divisible by seven-
The number of words in the vocabulary used in the Bible
The number of words beginning with a vowel
The number of words beginning with a consonant
The number of letters in the vocabulary
The number of vowels
The umber of consonants
The number of words, in the vocabulary, occurring more than once
The number of words, in the vocabulary, occurring only once
The number of words occurring in more than one form
The number of words occurring in more only one form
The number of nouns
The number that are not nouns
The number of proper names
The number of male names
The number of female names
The number of words beginning with each letter of the alphabet
It may bear stating now, as well as described later, that the number seven stands for spiritual perfection.
B. The following are divisible by eleven -
The number of books in the Bible - 66, 6 x 11
The anonymous books - 22, 2 x 11
The non-anonymous books – 44, 4 x 11
Writers of more than one book – 22, 2 x 11
The writers of only one book – 22, 2 x 11
The sum of the numbers of the 66 books – 2,211 or 201 x 11
Divided as follows –
22 books of the authors of more than one book, 946, 86 x 11
The other 44 books have 1,265 or 115 x 11
Of the 66 books, 21 are epistles and 45 are not
Epistles have 1,155, 115 x 11
Non epistles have 1,056, 96 x 11
There are many other examples found by Dr, Panin and others, however, in an effort to keep to the goal of a shortened work I have not enclosed them. For further research, I would recommend the reading of any of the books in the bibliography.
As I stated before, the results of this type of undertaking are often interesting. Dr, Panin came to know the Lord Jesus, as well as others did, as a result his work.
Section3: What do the numbers mean?–
For the sake of ease of reference I have listed the numbers, and a brief meaning or definition for each. Following these I have giver more complete listings for the numbers.
In determining the meanings of the numbers, I have gone to great lengths of research to determine the best and closest definitions according to God’s Word. I have not listed all numbers, for lack of confirmed meaning.
1. Unity, alpha
2. Division or difference
3. Complete
4. Transition or change
5. Grace or redemption
6. Man
7. Spiritual perfection
8. New beginnings
9. Judgment or maturity
10. Tribulation or testing
11. Incomplete
12. Divine order
13. Rebellion
14. Double dose of perfection
15. Redemption through purification
16. Mans testing
17. The elect, the saints
18. Life
19. Perfection of divine order connected with judgment
20. Trouble or conflict
22. Disorganization and disintegration
24. Heavenly government or heavenly worship
25. The essence of Grace
27. The essence of completeness
28. Satisfaction in works
29. Expected judgment
30. Maturity
31. Gentiles or deity
40 Transition or testing
42. Connection between man and the Spirit of God
50. God’s jubilee
51. Divine revelation
60. Mans testing
65. Apostasy
67. Mans perfection
70. Perfect testing
80. New
90. Maturity through testing
100. Full total given or fulfilled
111. YHWH Elohim, the Lord is one
120. A divinely appointed number
153. The sons of God
200. Insufficiency or not enough
276. The number of flesh and sin
300. The faithful remnant
355. Days in a lunar year
360. Days in a prophetic year
365. Days in a solar year
390. The number of Israel
400. Redemption
444. The world
490. The product of spiritual perfection
552. The number of both Satan and religion
600. Darkness
666. Spirit of antichrist, wrath of God
700. The Church
777. Perfection, spirit soul and body
800. Faith, omega
888. New beginnings, spirit soul and body, Jesus name in Greek = 888
999. God’s wrath for mans wickedness
1000. Millennium, I day in God’s time, an infinitely large number
1500. In Greek, the number for light and power
2000. Length of a biblical age
144,000. Multitudes upon multitudes of those who have come to know Christ, number of Hebrew witness in the millennium
Expanded Definitions
1. A. unity, B. beginning, C. alpha, D. one true God, E. God’s uniqueness, F. the exclusion of difference, G. the trinity is one, H. Yahweh Elohim adds up to 111 – 3 1’s, I. the beginning, perfection, J. new beginnings

2. A. division or difference, B. witnesses sent out 2 by 2, C. 2 kingdoms – kingdom of the beloved Son and the kingdom of the devil, D. pairs such as left hand – right hand – earth and heaven – day and night, E. symbolizes opposites, such as God and Satan – Cane and Able, F. opposition, G. enmity, H. oppression, I. on the second day God divided the firmament, J. witnessing

3. A. complete, B. Father, Son sand Holy Spirit, C. number of divine perfection, D. solid, E. real, F. substantial, G. entire, H. fullness, I. actuality, J. reality, K. realization, L. Spirit, soul and body, M. Passover, Pentecost, Tabernacles, N. the way the truth and the life

4. A. transition or change, B. four seasons, C. Genesis 1:19 – fourth day, D. comprehensiveness, E. four periods – Abraham to Exodus, Exodus to dedication of the temple, temple to Nehemiah’s return, Nehemiah to the second advent, F. material completeness, G. significant of that which yields itself up to division as material to the hand that fashions it, implies weakness, H. north, south, east, west, I. the number of creation

5. A. Grace and redemption, B. power to do God’s will, C. wall of the outer court of the tabernacle – entering was a typology of getting Born Again by Grace – five cubits high and five cubits wide – they knew when they entered they were walking into the forgiveness of God’s Grace, D. five fold ministry for the maturing of the saints, apostles, prophets, evangelists, teachers and pastors, E. Pentateuch – first 5 books of the OT

6. A. man, B. mortal and unredeemed man, C. God created man on the sixth day, D. six days to work as a curse. E. Jesus hung on the cross six hours, F. Revelation 13:17-18 number of man, G. Speaks of divine limit imposed or restraint of mans will which breaks out against it (2)

7. A. perfection, B. three major and four minor feasts, C. Hebrews 6:1-3, seven foundations of a full gospel church, D. spiritual perfection, E. spiritual completeness, F. satisfying, g. perfect divine accomplishment, H. God’s beautiful number

8. A. new beginnings, B. new birth, C. resurrection, D. when bringing the Ark of the Covenant back, they found out they weren’t doing it right so they would take eight steps back to start over, E. eight people in the ark of Noah, F. to make fat or cover with fat, G. to super abound, H. one who abounds in strength, I. super abundant fertility, J. the resurrection is a new beginning, K. Born Again is a new beginning, L. Revival, M. Renewal

9. A. a double meaning, depending on your standing with the Lord, Judgment for the wicked or maturity for the righteous, B. nine gifts of the Spirit, C. nine fruits of the Spirit, D. last of the pure numbers 1-9, nine planets in the Jupiter effect – Genesis 1:14-18:“I gave you the stars and the bodies of the heavens for a sign”, F. finality

10. A. tribulation, B. tenth day of the tenth month – Nebuchadnezzar destroyed Jerusalem, C. wrath for the wicked but for the righteous it’s a time of testing, proving and purifying – the testing of your faith is more precious than gold, D. testing – Gen.16:3, Dan.1:12 and 15, Rev. 2:10, Num. 14:22, Ex. 12:3, E. Time of testing, proving, and purifying of the saints, F. ordinal perfection, G, the perfection of divine order, H. ten commandments, I ten curses of God upon Egypt

11. A. incomplete, B. Armistice was signed on the 11th. hour of the 11th. day of the 11th. month after Jerusalem was freed from the Turks, C. disorder, D. disorganization, E. imperfection, F. disintegration, G. incomplete 12 apostles then 11, 12 tribes then 11 when Joseph was in Egypt

12. A. God’s divine order, B. God’s divine government, C. 12 apostles, D. 12 tribes, E. months in a year, F. New Jerusalem dimensions – 12 foundations, 12 gates, 12 by 100 furlongs in each direction, 12 by 100 height of walls, G. signs of the zodiac, H. governmental perfection

13. A. rebellion, B. iniquity, C. 13 colonies rebelled against England, D. Lucifer in Hebrew = 13, E. apostasy, F. defection, G. corruption, H. disintegration, I. revolution, J. ill-omen, K. depravity

14. A. a double dose of perfection, B. double dose of spiritual perfection, C. Elijah’s double portion, C. deliverance, D. salvation

15. A. redemption through purification, B. acts wrought by the energy of divine grace, C. rest

16. mans testing

17. A. the elect or the saints, B. God’s protection of His people in time of testing or tribulation, C. the perfection of spiritual order, D. Noah’s ark- rain began on the seventeenth day of the second month (2=division) and came to rest on the seventeenth day of the seventh month (7=spiritual perfection)

18. Life

19. A. the perfection of divine order connected with judgment, B. in Hebrew Eve = 19, C. in Hebrew Job = 19

20. A. trouble or conflict, B. expectancy, C. 2 x 10 = division x tribulation, D. double meaning – trouble or conflict for the wicked or double dose of divine order for the righteous, E. alteration

22. A. disorganization and disintegration in an intensified form, especially in connection with the Word of God

24. A. heavenly government or heavenly worship, B. twenty four elders fell upon their faces and sang holy, holy, holy – Lord God almighty = the angelic leaders of heavenly worship – Rev.4:4

25. The essence of grace

27. The essence of completeness

28. Satisfaction in works

29. Expected judgment

30. A. age of maturity, B. David became king at thirty, C. Joseph came to power at thirty, D. Jesus entered ministry at thirty, E Levitical priests were able to minister from age thirty to fifty, F. a high degree of divine order

31. A. the number of the gentiles, B. Peter entered Cornelius house in the thirty first year of the jubilee, C. the Hebrew expression of thirty one in El, the name of God, and its signification would be deity

40. A. Transition, B. forty years in the desert, C. it rained on the Ark for forty days and forty nights, D. Jesus was tested forty days in the wilderness, E. length of a biblical generation, F. forty days Elijah was in Horeb, G. forty days of Jonah and Nineveh, H. forty days Jesus was seen after His resurrection by His disciples, speaking about the kingdom of God, I. probation, J. trial, K. chastisement, L. forty years from the crucifixion to the destruction of Israel

42. A. shows connection between man and the Spirit of God, B. the working out of mans opposition to God, C. flesh mixing in spiritual things

46. The number of Adam in Greek, Hebrew and English

50. A. jubilee, B. 49 years – business as usual, 50th year jubilee, B. acceptable year of the Lord, C. deliverance, D. the word Pentecost means 50, E. Hebrew’s leave Egypt – 50 days to receive the Law, F. Jesus taken up to Heaven – 50 days to Pentecost to receive the Holy Spirit

51. Divine revelation

60. Mans testing

65. Apostasy

67. A. mans perfection, B. human spirituality = example – the man-God, Jesus

70. A. perfect testing, B. Babylonian captivity = 70 years, C. perfect spiritual order carried out with all spiritual power and significance, D. Daniel’s 70 weeks, E. members of the Sanhedrin

80. A. new, B. a new creature

90. Maturity through testing

100. A. 100 fold return, B. Abraham begat Isaac at 100 years of age, C. full total given or fulfilled

111. A. YHWH Elohim = 111, B. all things in the Bible pertaining to Jesus work out to multiples of 111, C. the only light in the Ark came through a window 1 cubit by 1 cubit by 1 cubit

120. A. 120 high priests in the book of Judges, B. mans normal span of years – Gen. 6:3, C. 120 9n the upper room, D. divinely appointed number of people, E. a divinely appointed period of probation

153. A. the sons of God, B. the creation of God, C. the number of the sons of God, D. in Hebrew – Bani Elohim = The Triumph of Elohim, E. 153 fish in the net Peter drew in at the order of Jesus – 153 is significant of Jesus getting all of His fish (sons of God) in the net and none of them slipping away, F. The Hebrew expression for ' Sons of God' has a numeric value of exactly 153, while the Greek equivalent adds up to 3,213, .or 3 x7 x153. Another Greek phrase with a similar meaning is 'joint heirs' which comes to 1,071; or 7'x 153. In Mark there is a complete list of the twelve disciples. The total numeric value of the names as there given is 9,639 or 7 x 9 x 153 (5).

200. A. insufficiency, B. inadequate, C. not enough, D. John 6:7 – 200 pieces of silver not enough, E. expectancy tenfold, F. division multiplied by 100 – total division

276. A. the number of flesh and sin, B. the Satanic kingdom

300. A. the faithful remnant, B. Ark was 300 cubits long

355. A. length of a lunar year, B. Moslems and Arabs are on a lunar cycle and are called lovers of darkness.

360. A. length of a prophet year, B. 360 degrees in a circle

365. Length of a solar year – sun cycle

390. A. the number of Israel, B. 390 years from the division of the 23 tribes to the captivity

400. A. redemption, B. a divinely perfect period
430. Number of years from the “promise” to the “law” Galatians 3:17: “And this I say, that the covenant, that was confirmed before of God in Christ, the law, which was four hundred and thirty years after, cannot disannul, that it should make the promise of none effect.”
444. Represents the world
490. A. Daniel’s 70 weeks = 490 years, B. denotes the product of spiritual perfection, C. The 70-year captivity was the debt Judah owed Yahweh for the 490 years in the Promised Land that the 7th year Sabbath rest had not been observed, D. 490 = number of times to forgive someone – 70 x 7
552. The number value for both Satan and rebellion
600. In Greek is the number of darkness and of the world
666. A. antichrist spirit, B. natural mind, C. wrath of God, D. “If 6 is the number of secular or human perfection, then 66 is a more emphatic expression of it, and 666 is the concentrated expression of it, E. the trinity of human perfection - the perfection pf imperfection – the culmination of human pride in independence of God and opposition to His Christ.”(1)
700. The church
777. A. Jesus in Hebrew = 777, B. cross in Greek = 777, C. love of God = 777 – agape love, D. perfection – spirit, soul and body, the height of Mt. Golgotha is 777 meters above sea level, the perfect number – the beginning and the end
800. A. faith, B. omega – last letter in the Greek alphabet
888. A. Jesus in Greek = 888, B. new beginnings, could be for the saints – a combination of born again, spirit filled, deliverance, and transformation – all representing new beginnings
999. A. God’s wrath for mans wickedness, B. My wrath = 999 – Heb.3:11, C. Sodom = 999
1,000. A. the millennium, B. 1 day in God’s time – 2 Pet.3:8, C. an infinite number, D. could mean forever, E. may not be a specific number, F. Abraham’s seed was promised to be 1,000 generations – 40,000 years
1,500. In Greek is the number of light and power
2000. Biblical age, Adam to Abraham, Abraham to Jesus, Jesus to second coming or millennium?
144,000. A. number of Hebrew’s that will be witnesses of Jesus - during the tribulation, B. 12 x 12 – an infinitely large number, C. correct translation from the Greek is 144,000’s, D. multitudes of those in God’s order
Section 4: Significant dates –
May 14, 1948 Israel became a nation again
Grace double dose new beginnings of perfection transition time of maturity Almighty God
June 7, 1967
Man perfection God’s perfection Man Maturity Almighty God
1967 – Israel took possession of Jerusalem
1978 – Israel was 30 years old – Pentecost Sunday
1982 – Jupiter effect – nine planets lined up – five planets lined up at the birth of Jesus
1821 – End of 6000 Lunar years six days in God’s time – 7th day?
2001 – End of 6000 Solar years

1983 1 9 8 3
God’s maturity of new beginnings of completeness

Three major feasts – Passover – Jesus, the Passover Lamb
Pentecost – Holy Spirit given
Tabernacles – Rapture or Second Coming

Very interesting years will be 2015 – 2030 = end of 3rd. biblical age?
9 AM, third day of Feast of Tabernacles?
Purely conjecture - don’t count on anything!

Section 5: Significant Numbers –

Jesus in Hebrew = 777
Jesus in Greek = 888
Cross in Greek = 777
Lucifer in Hebrew = 13
Sodom in Hebrew = 999

Everything to do with Jesus works out to multiples of 111
Everything to do with the Law works out to multiples of 700 (3)
Everything to do with Satan works out to multiples of 276

Adam = in Greek, = 46 = Αδάμ
Adam = in Hebrew, = 46 אדם הראשון =
Adam = in English, = 46 = Adam

Jesus in Greek =888 = Ιησούς
Jesus in Hebrew =777 = תשווע
Jesus in English = 11 = Jesus --- J =1, E =5, S=1, U=3, S=1 ==11

Love of God = 777

Wrath of God = 666

David, in Hebrew, could be spelled DWD-420 or DWYD-490
490 denoted the product of spiritual perfection

The city of my God = 144 x 24 or 3456

Jerusalem = 144 x 6 or 864

New Jerusalem = 144 x 8 or 1152

Revelation 21:2, The Holy City – New Jerusalem coming down from Heaven = 144 x 27 (3) or 3888 – completeness of the elect

The elect in Greek = 144,000 = ηεκλογη – 12 x 12 x 1,000 = 144,000’s = the amount of the multitudes of the elect

Body of Christ = 144 x 8 or 1152

House of Israel = 144 x 5 = 720 ---- 700 = the church, 20 = tribulation or conflict

Gospel = 144 x 4 or 576

Abraham = 144 = אברהם

Blessings of Abraham = 144 x 10 or 1,440 = אברהם ברכתו של

Mark 10:30 Blessings in this lifetime for the elect =144, with tribulation = 10 Faith = 144 x 7 = elect x perfection (3)

The seed of faith = 144 x 24 or 82944, the elect x heavenly government or worship

Adversary = 666

Christ, in Greek = Χριστός = 1480

In Hebrew, Yahweh Elohim = 111 = אלהים יהוה

As you have noticed, there are differences between the numeric value of words and phrases and their number in definition. A good example of this is “The Elect”. Its definition meaning is represented by the number 17. The addition of the value of each of the letters comes to 144. Although I don’t feel it’s my place to explain God’s wisdom, I present the following mathematical example.
17 144
Using the first 8, which will wholly go into 144, we can get by definition, new beginnings. By using the amount remaining, 8, we can get by definition, new birth. Thus, new beginnings by new birth = the elect.

Section 6: “666”-

Revelation 13:17 – calculate the number of the beast – 666

666 = anyone who does not come to be for Christ is anti-Christ

The main Social Security Administration switchboard in 1983 was 594-6660

Computer = 666 – 111 x 6

Cesar Nero = 666

New York = 666

Kissinger = 666
1 Corinthians 12:3 – can’t say Jesus is Lord – “Wherefore I give you to understand, that no man speaking by the Spirit of God calls Jesus accursed: and that no man can say that Jesus is the Lord, but by the Holy Ghost.”
1 John 2:22 - denies Jesus is Lord - “Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist that denieth the Father and the Son.”
1 John 4:3 the spirits that don’t confess Jesus “And every spirit that confesses not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.”
2 John 7 – “For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist.”
666 “The repetition may simply designate the number of the man who refuses to enter into the designs of God and to advance to the perfection of 7.” (4)
666 is the spirit of Anti-Christ
666 = wrath of God in Hebrew
666 in Greek is έξι έξι έξι = six, six, six
ϛʹ ϛʹ ϛʹ = 666
χ = 600, ξ = 60, ϛʹ = 6.

E. W. Bullinger defines 666 as follows –
“If six is the number of secular or human perfection, then 66 is a more emphatic expression of it: 666 is therefore the trinity of Human perfection: the perfection of imperfection: the culmination of human pride in independence of God and opposition to His Christ. 666 was the secret symbol of the ancient pagan mysteries connected with the worship of the devil. It is today the secret connecting link between the ancient mysteries and their modern revival in Spiritism, theosophy, etc.” The secret symbol was ϛʹ ϛʹ ϛʹ, the Greek representation of 666. Notice the similarities in the satanic and the Hitler and the rock group Ki .

In Roman numerals, only six letters are used –
D = 500
C = 100
L = 50
X = 10
V = 5
I = 1

The duration of the Assyrian empire was 666 years
Jerusalem was held by the Roman Empire for 666 years. BC 31 to AD 636

Goliath……. Height – 6 cubits
6 pieces of armor
His spear weighed 600 shekels of silver
Nebuchadnezzar.....image was 60 cubits high
6 cubits broad
Was worshiped when 6 instruments were heard

1 Kings 10:14, the talents of gold brought to Solomon in a year numbered 666

Ezra 2:13, the number of Adonikan, who returned from the captivity, numbered 666

666 = the sum of the numbers from 1 to 36

The same 36 numbers can be arranged in the form of a square, with 6 figures each way so that the sum of each figures in any direction shall be another significant trinity = 111

All seven references in the book of Revelation, to the mark of the beast, are structured in multiples of 666. (3)

World = 600
Earth = 60
Man = 6
Three words – the natural mind = 666
Section 7: Numerical Equivalents of Letters -

The language of today’s world is, without a doubt, English. Having been stationed overseas, in the service, I found that while shopping (especially in large cities with large U. S. military bases) the clerks often couldn’t speak English until you showed them that you could speak their language or you showed your money. An airport can’t be classified international unless it has at least one air traffic controller who can speak English.

As most people know, the language of the Old Testament was Hebrew and Greek for the New Testament. Although, in the days of Old Testament times, most people could not speak Hebrew, however, the only people that needed to know the scriptures were the Israeli’s. In Jesus time on earth, in and around Israel, three languages were commonly used: Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic. Aramaic was the general language in the streets, Hebrew was used by the Hebrew people (especially associated with their services) and Greek was used as the universal language of trade. Because of this, I have included all three languages and their numerical values by letter. In going over the Greek values I found that two letters had been dropped from the language in all except mathematics.

letter numeric value letter numeric value letter numeric value
א 1 י 10 ק 100
ב 2 כ 20 ר 200
ג 3 ל 30 ש 300
ד 4 מ 40 ת 400
ה 5 נ 50 ך 500
ו 6 ס 60 ם 600
ז 7 ע 70 ן 700
ח 8 פ 80 ף 800
ט 9 צ 90 ץ 900


Letter Value Letter Value Letter Value
α 1
Ι 10
Ρ 100

Β 2
κ 20
Σ 200

Γ 3
Λ 30
Τ 300

δ 4
Μ 40
Υ 400

ε 5
Ν 50
Φ 500

ϝʹ or ϛʹ or στʹ 6
Ξ 60
Χ 600

Ζ 7
Ο 70
Ψ 700

Η 8
Π 80
Ω 800

θ 9
ϟ 90
ϡ 900


First method Second method third method
A 1 1 1
B 2 2 2
C 3 3 3
D 4 4 4
E 5 5 5
F 6 6 6
G 7 7 7
H 8 8 8
I 9 9 9
J 1 10 10
K 2 11 20
L 3 12 30
M 4 13 40
N 5 14 50
O 6 15 60
P 7 16 70
Q 8 17 80
R 9 18 90
S 1 19 100
T 2 20 200
U 3 21 300
V 4 22 400
W 5 23 500
X 6 24 600
Y 7 25 700
Z 8 26 800

I have listed all three methods I have seen used for English in Bible numerics.

2013- Could we be living at the time of the end of the third biblical age?
2000 years is a Biblical age, Adam to Abraham, Abraham to Jesus, Jesus to second coming or millennium?
20. A. trouble or conflict, B. expectancy, C. 2 x 10 = division x tribulation, D. double meaning – trouble or conflict for the wicked or double dose of divine order for the righteous, E. alteration

13. A. rebellion, B. iniquity, C. 13 colonies rebelled against England, D. Lucifer in Hebrew = 13, E. apostasy, F. defection, G. corruption, H. disintegration, I. revolution, J. ill-omen

2014? A. a double dose of perfection, B. double dose of spiritual perfection, C. Elijah’s double portion, C. deliverance, D. salvation

2015? A. redemption through purification, B. acts wrought by the energy of divine grace, C. rest

It is extremely difficult to come up with an exact date for today or any other. The calendars all have their idiosyncratic differences. Between mistakes over the years, leap years, differences in (Solar, Lunar and Biblical) types, I rest my case.

“Did the biblical authors ever use the letters of the Hebrew alphabet to represent numbers? No. They used words for amounts, not numbers.
If this is so, was it possible for them to write numeric codes in the Bible using the letters of the Hebrew alphabet for numbers? No. They could not do so because they did not know of numbers. The first documented time the Jews used letters to represent numbers was on some Maccabean coins minted around 200 BC.
Did the authors of the New Testament ever use the letters of the Greek alphabet to represent numbers? No. Was it even possible for them to place hidden numeric codes in their writings? No.
The New Testament followed the Old Testament in using words instead of numbers: one = eis, two = duo, three = treis, etc. Even in Rev. 13:18 the “mark of the beast” is written out in the Greek words, “six hundred sixty-six.”
The historical facts are clear that it was simply not possible for Moses, the prophets or the apostles to use numeric codes in their writings. There is no simply archeological or literary evidence that the pre-exilic Jews ever used the letters of the Hebrew alphabet to represent numbers.

The Jews in Moses’ day had words to correspond to the amount of things. These words were treated like any other Hebrew word.

one =. ehed.
two = senayim.
three = salos.
four = arabaa.
five = hames
six = ses.
seven = seba.
eight = smoneh.
nine = tesa.
ten = eser.
hundred = meah.
thousand = eleph.
ten thousand = rebabah” (6)
All things considered, God’s word does say: “The very hairs of your head are all numbered” (Matthew 10:30).
As with all of my writings, everything must be compared to the Bible, for verification.

I do not wish to give credence to those who apply secret mystical meanings to Bible numerics or supposed hidden codes in the Bible. Although there may be some truth in those areas, that is not the purpose of this work. I wish, at this point, to say that “Numbers in the Word of God” is meant to show the consistency in God’s Word, as a proof of its infallibility.

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