Wednesday, January 15, 2014

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The Infection of The United States

          Just as God didn’t want Israel infected by the false gods of the nations, He doesn’t want the US infected by other gods.  The U.S. was established as a Christian nation, in the same way He established Israel as a Hebrew nation.  The One True and Living God, the Lord God of Israel, set these nations up as His.

          The freedom of religion in the First Amendment meant the freedom of the denominations of Christianity and Judaism.  Loving thy neighbor meant thy neighbor in the Lord.  The heathen people, although tolerated, were not considered equal in importance because they would be a corrupting influence, in the same way the heathen nations around Israel corrupted the Hebrew people.

          The infection of progressivism in our country has gone essentially untreated since the 1920's.  A patchwork of constitutional, Christian movements has had little or no effect.  The moral degeneration of the country has shocked each succeeding generation as it matured into responsible life, such as marriage and raising children. 

          The essential difference between conservatives and progressives is that conservatives wish to maintain the Christian values and constitutional rights which this country was founded on, while progressives believe the Christian values are too restrictive and the  constitution should be changed to reflect the changes in the human understanding.  A man is right in his own eyes.  The differences in the political parties is not the root cause of our downfall: it is the secularization of our nation which seeks to remove God from His rightful place.

          When we compare the political stances of the liberal vs. conservative camps, over the past 60 years where I have been aware of the differences, we can see a dramatic shift to the left which is reflected in all political movements.  If this paradigm shift had been to the right, to the same extent, it would have been just as disastrous.  The Pharisees,  are the example in the Bible, where we can see that the doctrines of men were presented as more important than the doctrines of God.   The secularization of  the nation has brought about increasing lawlessness, wickedness and godlessness.  The line on the left has shifted so far to the left that traditional democrats can hardly recognize their party.  The line on the right has shifted so far left that the true conservatives stare in unbelief at their republican representatives lack of traditional values.  President Jack Kennedy is an excellent example of this change in mindset.  He was considered a liberal when he was president; however, when comparing his views today we see that by today's standards he is actually a borderline conservative,  This is why he is not touted, by the democrat party, as a great president.  His social and economic positions were far superior to today's progressives.  Another example of degeneration is the gang mentality in our cities.  These gang values are basically the ancient tribal values seen thousands of years ago in the Philistine, Moabite, and Canaanite tribes where only the values of their particular tribe are held as having any value at all.  Their societies were centered around false gods just as we see today's gangs are.  Other societies carried no credibility or respect for them.  In other words, they had no respect for anyone but themselves.

          The moral degeneration has possibly been the most heinous aspect pf our country's decline.  If you had told the founders of this country that we would approve of abortion on demand, same sex marriage and the promiscuous sexual practices of today, they would have laughed in our faces.  Their view of today's abandonment of the countries religious practices and values would have been utterly abhorrent to them.  The dumbing down of our educational system and misrepresentation of our true history would never have been acceptable.  The education system, set up by our founders, was for the purpose of teaching children to read the Bible and educating ministers for the spreading of the Gospel. 

          Even the most blatant sinners, among our founding fathers, knew the difference between the satanic and the Godly powers at work in the world.  The apparent lack of this knowledge today is simply the lack of a proper education.  The lack of the acknowledgement, of the two essential power forces at work in the world, is simply a result of a corrupted educational system and rebellion against the Creator of the universe. 

          There is a cure for the degeneration of our country, however, in all probability it will not happen.  The Bible describes, in great detail, what will happen in the end times of this age.  The problem is that most of the world is to biblically illiterate to recognize the signs.  Without a will and desire for a revival of Godly values and a desire for true repentance we will continue down the same road on which we are headed.

          Many of my Christian brothers and sisters fall into a spiritual funk at times. We often forget that God provided us with the most Christian nation in the history of the world. Our blessings are many, but with blessing comes responsibility.  There is but one cure for the disease of progressive secularism - "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land." (2 Chronicles 7:14)


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