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The Emergence of The Emergent Church

          The Emergent Church is the adopted name of the changing of the Body of Christ (the church) into the apostate condition which will usher in the end time One World Religion.  Even a cursory viewing of the present spiritual condition of the main line denominations leaves no doubt that this is happening today; and has been for some time.  This doesn't mean that 'the people' in the congregations are anti-Christian, but simply being mislead.  It is my contention that there are Christians in every congregation, however, they simply don't know what to do about the apostasy.  

          The book of Revelation has all but been excised from church teaching because it doesn't fall in line with the "feel good" message to tickle the ears of the congregation.  Health, wealth and prosperity without consequence is the message that tickles the ears of many and makes for a wealthy and prospering church financial program. 

          Jesus and the Apostles all warned against this happening, and that it would happen in the less than faithful churches.  Of course, if your church teaches that the Bible is the infallible word of God, that Jesus came in the flesh, born of a virgin, and rose again from the dead to save the world from sin, and the only way to get into Heaven is to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior you might be alright. 

          I am all in favor of Biblically based movies; however, if they are advertised as biblical, they should not distort the Bible.  Quotations by The Son of God should not have been changed, in the movie "Son of God".  Extremely serious misrepresentations of what the Bible says are presented in the movie "Noah"(  Literary license, poetic license and artistic license often provoke controversy by offending those who resent the reinterpretation of cherished beliefs or previous works.

          The Presbyterian Church USA has spit in the face of God in it's stance against Israel. Hopefully it doesn't take all of their parishioners to Hell. It takes a lot of gall to come out so much against God and His people, Israel. This abominable group says the Palestinians are the rightful heirs to the land God gave to Israel.  It is not the entire Presbyterian church.  It is only the Presbyterian Church USA. They also came out against Evangelical support for Israel as being an uncritical support of Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands. My suggestion is to ask your pastor if your unit of the Presbyterian church believes this.  If they do, fill the pews with your absence. 
          "One man who is out to open many old “secrets” in the Catholic church is Pope Francis.  Some of the beliefs that are held in the church but contrary to the loving nature of God are now being set aside by the Pope who was recently named The Man of The Year by TIME Magazine.
In his latest revelations, Pope Francis said:
“Through humility, soul searching, and prayerful contemplation we have gained a new understanding of certain dogmas. The church no longer believes in a literal hell where people suffer. This doctrine is incompatible with the infinite love of God. God is not a judge but a friend and a lover of humanity. God seeks not to condemn but only to embrace. Like the fable of Adam and Eve, we see hell as a literary device. Hell is merely a metaphor for the isolated soul, which like all souls ultimately will be united in love with God.”
In a shocking speech that is reverberating across the world, Pope Francis declared that:
“All religions are true, because they are true in the hearts of all those who believe in them. What other kind of truth is there? In the past, the church has been harsh on those it deemed morally wrong or sinful. Today, we no longer judge. Like a loving father, we never condemn our children. Our church is big enough for heterosexuals and homosexuals, for the pro-life and the pro-choice! For conservatives and liberals, even communists are welcome and have joined us. We all love and worship the same God.”
In the last six months, Catholic cardinals, bishops and theologians have been deliberating in the Vatican City, in discussing the future of the church and redefining long-held Catholic doctrines and dogmas. The Third Vatican Council, is the largest and most important since the Second Vatican Council was concluded in 1962.
Pope Francis convened the new council to “finally finish the work of the Second Vatican Council.”
The Third Vatican Council concluded with Pope Francis announcing that…
Catholicism is now a “modern and reasonable religion, which has undergone evolutionary changes. The time has come to abandon all intolerance. We must recognize that religious truth evolves and changes. Truth is not absolute or set in stone. Even atheists acknowledge the divine. Through acts of love and charity the atheist acknowledges God as well, and redeems his own soul, becoming an active participant in the redemption of humanity.”
One statement in the Pope’s speech has sent traditionalists into a fit of confusion and hysteria…
“God is changing and evolving as we are, For God lives in us and in our hearts. When we spread love and kindness in the world, we touch our own divinity and recognize it. The Bible is a beautiful holy book, but like all great and ancient works, some passages are outdated. Some even call for intolerance or judgment. The time has come to see these verses as later interpolations, contrary to the message of love and truth, which otherwise radiates through scripture. In accordance with our new understanding, we will begin to ordain women as cardinals, bishops and priests. In the future, it is my hope that we will have a woman pope one day. Let no door be closed to women that is open to men!”
A few cardinals in the Catholic church are against Pope Francis’ latest declarations. Watch out for the report."  (

          "Tolerance is the last virtue of a depraved society. When an immoral society has blatantly and proudly violated all the commandments, it insists upon one last virtue, tolerance for its immorality. It will not tolerate condemnation of its perversions. It creates a whole new world in which only the intolerant critic of intolerable evil is evil." (Hutton Gibson)  We hide in our churches while the elite usurp the Christian foundations of our nation.  Tolerance toward people is desirable while tolerance toward truth is sin and unacceptable.

          To be labeled a Christian fanatic is a 'red badge of courage' in today’s world.  In fact, the Bible was the foundational book of our nation. Throughout the years, mostly from the 1920’s on, it has been diminished to the point that President Obama had the audacity to proclaim that we are not a Christian nation.  Our founders, when they expressed the term ‘freedom of religion’, meant freedom of the different sects of Christianity and of Judaism, but not Islam, Hindu, Buddhism, or any other religion, agnosticism or antitheism. 

          I presented the above examples from the Catholic and Presbyterian churches only as examples.  I don't wish to demean a particular denomination.  My wife and I are currently involved in the Episcopal church: not that it is without spot or blemish, but rather because our pastor seems to be on fire for the Lord, delivers Bible based sermons and the congregation is filled with God's wonderful people.  It also provides the lighting and volumes that we, with our disabilities, are able to endure.  There is plenty of blame to go around in Christendom.  I have been exposed to apostasy from other denominations as well.  I am acting as a 'watchman on the wall' to alert the "Church" of the impending danger.  As stated above, Jesus, the apostles and the prophets all gave the same warnings. Ezekiel 3:17-21 talks about a watchman as being a  messenger to warn the people or suffer the consequences.  Ezekiel 33:8-9 says that watchmen are held responsible for warning the people.  Before you condemn what I am saying, remember what Jesus said in the Gospel of Matthew: "For John came neither eating nor drinking, and they say, He hath a devil. The Son of man came eating and drinking, and they say, Behold a man gluttonous, and a winebibber, a friend of publicans and sinners. But wisdom is justified of her children".

          A big lie, that has even infiltrated the church, is evolution.  "Darwin is ranked higher than Jesus, in the religion of evolution.  He is deemed to be the “father” of evolution.  Evolution could very well be the most feverishly defended religion in the universe.  Our government has established this religion as the state religion of our schools.  No other theories, facts or rebuttals are allowed to be discussed in our classrooms.  Even though the first amendment, of our Constitution, forbids this type of ‘establishment of religion’, our government and courts have done so.  It requires more “faith” to believe in evolution than the Bible. Despite the evolutionists caterwauling about their “scientific evidence”, there is nothing provable about what they worship.  Each and every time the evolutionists have come up with some form of evidence, it has been disproved through scientific study or proved to be a fraud.  There is nothing provable about the Bible; unless you believe the eye witness accounts described therein, and the fact that every prophesy, written therein, has proven to be true to date. . The only prophesies yet to be fulfilled concern the last seven years of the earth as we know it.  Even the believers in the false “separation of Church from State” theory should be aroused by this establishment of a religion which is expressly forbidden."(author unknown)   Anyone that believes that the theory of evolution has “scientific origins” is fooling themselves.  It is actually a deeply pagan religious philosophy that can be traced back for thousands of years.

       "When may a revival be expected? When the wickedness of the wicked grieves and distresses the Christian." (Billy Sunday)  Billy Sunday also  said: “I’ll not stand anyone’s saying anything against the church as an institution, but I will rebuke its sins and point out shortcomings.”  My daily prayers contain a request for revival, repentance and renewal in 'The Church'; as well as supplying us with governmental leaders who will be given the wisdom and knowledge to follow the will of God, and the inclination to do it.

          David, in the Psalms, said: Why Lord do you let evil prosper?  Luke 9:54-56 says: Jesus let evil remain in the world so that all who were destined to be saved would get the chance - without the ability to make a choice for good or evil, there could be no salvation.

          I have made the point for some time that a bastard is someone without a father.  The same thing is expounded on in the Bible.  Jesus said that He and the Father are one.   Hebrews 12:8 says:  "But if ye be without chastisement, whereof all are partakers, then are ye bastards, and not sons."  The false teachers should not be feared by Christians, as the old Latin saying goes: "Illegitimus Non Tatum Carborundem" (don't let the bastards grind you down).  Jesus said many things about the Father, including in John 10:30 "I and the Father are one".  Matthew 10:32 says: "Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven".  Therefore, have no fear of the bastards in the apostate church: you, Christian, are a child of the Father.

          Although we, during the buildup to the 'end times', will see many things which will be distasteful to us.  Be not dismayed, keep looking up.


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