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          I started writing this paper years ago. I never got it completed because its direction kept changing. So long ago, that I had to change the title from GLBT to LGBT. Since the recent Supreme Court decision to go anti-constitutional, anti-God and anti-nature, and declare that the union of two people of the same sex can be called marriage anywhere in the United States, I felt it was time to finish it.  Remember, the Christian name for marriage is Holy Matrimony.

          Many LGBT people think that they are hated by Christians and that Christians think they are going to Hell.  The going to Hell part is true, but no more than any other person.  Anybody who rejects the salvation of Christ is going to Hell; LGBT folks don’t have a special direct path.  A real Christian, not a "Christian in name only", has love in their heart for LGBT people as they do for everyone else. That is why a Christian will present the plan of salvation to all people, including LGBT people.  This is an act of love and concern; not a form of condemnation or rejection.

          I can almost understand the homosexual attraction.  I truly love my Dads, grand dads, brother in laws, my sons and have had loving relationships with other men in my life.  These are similar to the love I have for my sister and my sisters in law.  These are not sexual inclinations, but I can see how even those relationships, apart from the guidance of the Lord, could become distorted and perverted.  It is the spirit of deception, a demonic influence, through lust or yearning for love or a sexual relationship, mistakes one feeling for another.  It is the demonic spirit of confusion that makes people fall under this misconception. For this reason, we should not feel any differently towards LGBT people than we do for someone with heart trouble or cancer.

          There really are  spirits (both good and evil) controlling everything that happens in the world.  If you don’t have the Spirit of God to guide you, you will be subject to all of the other spirits that want to destroy you. There is a spirit of heaviness which is depression.  The spirit of religiosity, which is the spirit of control, which is witchcraft.  There is the spirit of homosexuality which is a subdivision of the spirit if confusion. 

          Homosexuals are not a third class of God’s creation.  There is proof that God did not "make them that way". The only people God created, in His image, were Adam and Eve.  One man and one woman. When God decided He needed to "start over", He had four men, married to four women, go into the Ark, in order to save the mankind creation He had established.  There are sinners and there are the righteous.  All have sinned and come short of the Glory of God.  All people, straight or gay, need to come to the salvation of Christ.  Without that salvation, no matter what your situation is, you cannot enter the kingdom of God.
          “Marriage is the union of a man and a woman for the purpose of establishing a family.  Since our gay population would like to have, and deserve the same benefits as a married couple, lets figure out what to call it and establish it.  Airplanes and cars are not the same, but are both used for transportation.  Why can’t our esteemed politicians come up with a plan for a gay union and end all the useless fighting.”[1]

          Many times groups bring on condemnation from other people for getting “in your face”.  Examples of the “in your face” attitude are as follows – 1. Adoption of the rainbow to represent the movement, when in reality the rainbow is God’s sign that He will never end all life on earth by flood again. 2. The effort to usurp the design of marriage.  Marriage was designed by God to be opposite sex partners. Anything other than that is not marriage.  3. The disgusting displays of sin and vulgarity in public.  4. Attempts to get others to accept and celebrate, or participate in the sinners lifestyle - despite their moral and religious values.

          LGBT stands for a combined movement of Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals and Transgender advocates. All of these groups used to be lumped together under the mantle of homosexuality.  This LGBT community is exclusive in that it has separated itself from the heterosexual community.  LGBT is essentially a political movement that promotes the ‘gay agenda’.  There are several theories as to why people are Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and or Transvestites.  All, however, are perversions and are in opposition to the sexual systems set up by the Creator of the universe. The Lord tells us we should love everyone, as He does, regardless of differences like LGBT people.   

          There is a family system, and sexual system, that was set up by the Creator of the universe.  Without a belief in God and His creation, this system has no value to those who do not believe in Him.  The Bible (Word of God) is the guide for us to know what is best for us, and to assure that we live under the blessings of God.  Any joining together of persons which is not conducted in the name and under the auspices of God is not a marriage but another kind of union, such as a civil union.  Any joining of persons in a contract, other than that approved by God, is therefore not a marriage.  An automobile driver’s license and a truck drivers license are similar, but not the same.

          The ‘gay agenda’ today is pushing for legalization of same gender marriage.  Traditionally, throughout history, opposite gender marriage had been the definition of what makes up the marriage covenant.  There have been variations of this opposite gender system, such as multiple marriage partners.  The basic, unchanging, fact of the marriage system has been the opposite gender joining to establish a ‘family’.  The family has been, and remains to be, the center of civilization for procreation and propagation of the human race.   “Propitiation is the act of appeasing or making well disposed (from Latin propitiāre, to appease, from propitius, gracious), especially a deity, thus incurring divine favor or avoiding Divine retribution.”[2]

          Plato, in his “Symposium” describes homosexual love as the highest kind.  It is believed the Greek philosophers were influential in the heresy of the New Greek Translations of the Bible for homosexual reasons.  The  practice of homosexuality is taught against in the Bible as an abomination, because it perverts the laws of nature and is self centered rather than God centered.  One must reject God, in order to lead a self centered life.  Greek philosophy is steeped in homosexuality.  There has to be an original before there can be an imitation.  Male – female marriage is the original and same sex marriage is the imitation.  The imitation is never to be confused with the original and is therefore never to be condoned. 

          Aside from man with man and woman with woman, there are many other sexual liaisons spoken against in the Bible: father with daughter, brother with sister, son with mother, man with mother in law, man with aunt, unmarried couples, sex with someone other than your spouse, and sex with animals.

          I have read “Coming out to Ourselves, Admitting, Accepting, and EMBRACING Who We Truly Are” by Rev. Jerry D. Troyer.  Reverend Troyer refers to, on page 2, “Given the church’s teaching of absolute damnation…and the fear of not being loved” as creating fear and self hatred within himself.  He had been involved from his youth in the Lutheran church and school system which in those days was a very condemning denomination.  Some denominations can be very condemning and is the reason we need to look beyond a denominational bent and seek a truly personal relationship with the Lord.  My great grandfather was a pastor in the German Evangelical Reformed Church which had broken off from the Lutherans because the Lutherans were too liberal; and that was in the eighteen hundreds.  Rev. Jerry states in his book that healing is a process and not an event.  I believe that true healing is an event that initiates the healing process.  That event would be the acceptance of the Creator of the Universe as your Lord and Savior. 

          The book seems to be centered on condemnation from others, violation of trust by others, and abandonment by others as the reasoning behind dependence on self instead of the true peace and acceptance of the Lord.  In other words, according to his thesis, you can’t depend on anyone or anything but yourself.  The book shifts the power source of living from God to self.  If salvation is of self, there is no need for God.  On the other hand, forgiveness comes from God.  No amount of self forgiveness toward self or others can take the place of the peace in God Almighty. 

          The main problem with the LGBT lifestyle seems to be that it becomes the all in all of life rather than simply a part of life such as in the straight world.  Things are viewed through a veil of being gay instead of a realistic overall view of life.  Through self imposed guilt and faux Christians, the LGBT community rejects God because they have been brainwashed into believing that God hates them because of their sin.  How presumptuous is it to believe your sin is greater or more important than anyone else’s?  No one misses out on Heaven because of their particular sin, regardless of what that sin, or sins, are.  One misses out on Heaven because of the rejection of the Christ; and that alone, PERIOD.  “But we have to make it OK.”[3] “Your life means what you say it means.”[4] This is the looking for love in all the wrong places state of mind.  Proverbs 14:12 says: There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death.  Proverbs 21:2 says: All a mans ways seem right to him, but the Lord examines the heart. 

          Abandonment and rejection seem to be at the forefront of the book. A life filled with disappointment with the responses of others seems to lead to an increased dependence on self.  Jesus, on the other hand, promised that He would never leave us, forsake us, or abandon us.  I have found this to be true in my life, and seen it in others: I recommend it highly.  The only stipulation is that you trust and obey Him.  Through whatever trials I have experienced, I have never been alone since I accepted Him as Lord.  The strength of the Lord is my strength and it can be yours.  I have walked with the Lord for forty nine of my seventy two years, and He has been both my backbone and my mindset.  My sins may be the same or different than yours, but that doesn’t matter anymore.  I am now seen by the Father through a veil of the blood of Jesus and have the indwelling Holy Spirit as my companion.  My sins have been sent as far as the east is from the west in the same way He will do with yours. 

          A bisexual woman wrote the following - "As a bisexual, I obviously don't believe anything is wrong with being gay or bi or trisexual (try anything). I further don't believe in hell. I believe we go to another dimension where we bathe in true love of god and our soul group, review our past lives and plan with our group who will play what roles in our next incarnation. We learn how our actions affected people in the recent life we had here, and choose what lessons we will learn next time. There is no judgment in this dimension, only understanding love, with zero punishment. 'To understand all is to forgive all' and I believe god gets who we are and loves us unconditionally.

          The concept of consequence is built on good and bad, I think. I don't believe in bad or devil or evil. I don't believe in judgments that things are better than other things. I guess there are consequences from what we choose while we are here, but not punishment on the other side. I do believe that good can be found in everything, if you can raise your perspective high enough to see the big picture."

          A recent conversation initiated on Facebook by a gay man went as follows:
Gay man 

hi rick - with a good sense of's something to ponder.
together in equality.....

You can marry her. Any questions?

 Gay man

marry who?

Michelle Bachman - isn't that what you were asking?

Gay man

absolutely amaaaaaaaaaaaazing rick - you're too damn funny (I think) michelle is ALREADY MARRIED....what are you advocating POLYGAMY????  so very biblical.....soloman had 600 wives...obviously they have re-defined marriage since then!!!

you may want to re-read the toon - I am asking to marry the GAY man that I love. in fact, I have and we are legally married in the state of CA. (together for over 17 yrs) and our ________ was the BEST WOMAN at our wedding!!!

If you read farther; it was those wives that got him in trouble with God. Bathsheba was married also. All you have to do is send Mr. Bachman in the heat of the battle.

Gay man

I prefer another book of FAIRY TALES...OZ has much more personal/universal truth and inspiration for me!!!

Everyone to their own taste, said the old lady as she kissed the cow. As the momma skunk said - let us spray. If you are right, neither one of us has anything to worry about. If I'm right, we will know for sure one day.

Gay man

or if you find me over that rainbow wearing my ruby slippers - that's something I would most sing about!!! - here's to your "personal rainbow" rick - it's been fun kibitzing back and forth!!!

Same here. Why would you wear Ruby's slippers?

 Gay man

the burning question/answer to that is....WHY NOT!!!!!

Bubbles, pretty bubbles, pretty bubbles in the air.

Gay man

pretty bubbles???? - sounds RATHER GAY rick - unless you mean glinda's means of travel.

pretty bubbles was on old children's song

I used to be happy and gay, but now because of you guys, I have to be satisfied with just being happy. Today’s signs have a different meaning also. Keep off the grass means something totally different. Be well my friend, and stay thirsty (reference to a beer add on TV).

Gay man

oh WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH rick - don't blame "us" - the "gay-word" originated culturally in the 1930's and just stuck around. many words in the dictionary have more than one meaning - you can use the word GAY anytime you choose much like your (ill)logic that gays can get married. I am HAPPY and can be too!!!

OK, say for instance, you wanted to marry ____(female name). Is there anything that could stop you? You have the EXACT same rights to marry as anyone else.

Gay man

rick your attempt at logic is F___ING INSANE!!! your disrespect for the sanctity of marriage is not only IGNORANT but OFFENSIVE to those who cherish who they WANT to marry. asking a CLOSE-MINDED christian to keep it open has proven to be impossible.

I wish ___ had a much more supportive and loving brother!!!


As you may know; foul language and name calling are the last resort of a fool. It's too bad that’s how you see yourself.

Gay man

what part of DONE don't you understand!!!....I AM DONE HERE!!!

A man of your word I see.(this was in reference to his first DONE)

          Apparently, during the conversation, he had lost the "good sense of humor" he espoused at the beginning. This man has come to know which of us was right; he died shortly after this conversation.

          In to the reactions I received, about this attempt to reach the lost; I have come to the realization that the powers of darkness are stronger than I had imagined. For that reason I have included the conversations that I had not intended to include.  It is obvious that homosexuals have turned their desires into their religion.  Satan has, over the years, used the counterfeit in his attempt to distort the Word of God, and to draw people away from the true Word of God.  I had not known that homosexuality was indeed at least comparable to a religion, which would account for the fervent adherence to those beliefs.  Perhaps when we pray for the salvation of the LGBT people, we should refer to Matthew 17:21 as a guide (Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting).  We are not in a battle against flesh and blood, but against the principalities and powers of the devil.  If we are successful, in our attempts to help bring gay people into a personal relationship with Jesus and the family of God, they will be grateful when they pass on to eternal life.  The ones we are not able to reach are not our responsibility.  We must also take into account that should a gay person became a Born Again Christian, in all probability they will be rejected by the community in which they have been comfortable.  This possible rejection might be at least one of the primary reasons they reject even a discussion about what we wish to present.  What we Christians need to realize is that it is the message that is being rejected, and not you personally. What we also need to realize, is that it is our calling to present the message of salvation to them and that it is not our job to judge, condemn, or attempt to change them. Only the Holy Spirit can bring a person under the conviction of sin, and therefore to repentance.

          I have known of people who were delivered out of the lifestyle: some  were delivered by the casting out of a demon, through counseling, or simply realization of their deviation from the norm of nature.  Not long ago, homosexuality was considered a mental disorder, whereas recently it has been viewed (adopted by gays) as a birth defect. 

          The more I learn about the Gay lifestyle and agenda, the more I realize that their mindset is different than the vast majority of people in the world.  Their world view is based around their sexual orientation, whereas the normal person’s world is based on God, family and/or accomplishment. They separate themselves from most of humanity, as many ethnic groups do, in order to reinforce their belief system.  It is not wrong to congregate with people of like mind; however, it does give one an exaggerated view of their importance on the world stage.  A good example of this self imposed form of separation, and constant support of their ideals, would be those involved with the American Nazi party.  These types of groups will read into what you say, what they think you mean, rather than what you actually say.  Many would say they represent a classic case of paranoia. 

          The main thing we need to realize is that when you present the message of salvation to a member of the LGBT community, or anyone else for that matter, you may not be the one who can have a positive effect by your witness; but that you have planted a seed (if you have done it with love).  Someone else may be able to fertilize the seed you planted.  We must also realize that not everyone will be saved. There are times when we need to shake off the dust from our feet (Mark 6:11) and/or let our peace return to us (Matthew 10:13).  There are those who are beyond redemption: not because it is impossible for God, but rather it is impossible for them to receive what God offers. The essential question that needs to be asked by the homosexual is; is their own pride and prejudice worth their destiny of  eternal damnation.

"We recently received an email here at WallBuilders, asking where in scripture that Jesus said gay marriage is wrong. We thought we'd share the answer with everybody, in case anybody else out there is interested about this. The answer is Matthew 19:4-5, in which Jesus says that marriage is the lifelong union of one man and one woman. Period. Jesus doesn't say one man and one man, or one woman and one woman, or two and one of any grouping, but only one man and one woman. Period. Furthermore, since God specifically says that homosexuality is wrong (1 Timothy 1:9-11, Leviticus 20:13, 1 Kings 14:24, Romans 1:26-27, etc.), it is illogical that he would support a "marriage" centered around sexual behavior that He Himself disapprobates, just as he also disapprobates adultery and fornication -- in fact, any sexual relations outside of one man and one woman in a lifelong union."[5]

          If this article has offended you; I urge you to seek the knowledge of God, which is the beginning of wisdom…perhaps you need to do some inner searching for the spirit which God created in you.  Are you upset because you are sure your lifestyle is unacceptable to the one true and living God or are you condemned by your inner self because you are in rebellion against the God who created you?  To put things bluntly; a person doesn’t go to Hell for being queer, a person goes to Hell for non acceptance of the salvation available through Jesus.  That same person who would go to Hell for non acceptance can go to heaven, if they do accept the free gift of Jesus.  If you have the desire, I urge you, in love, to read John 3:16 and Romans 10:9.  Jesus suffered and died for you; did He waste His time?  If God doesn’t exist, and the Bible is a lie, there is no reason to search for Him.  If you are convinced you are descended from the primordial slime, rather than a creation of God, this paper will mean nothing.  I urge you to consider the difference, with an open heart.

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