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Native Americans?

           How do we determine who were the first people to inhabit North America? How do we determine the rightful owners of the lands? The following is the generalized conception, accepted by many people.


          Most people today will tell you that the white man came to this country and stole the land from the "native Americans". What I hope to examine here is the truth, or fallacy of that position.


(Dates listed, prior to the Biblical Creation in Genesis account, cannot be trusted as accurate.)

BC 30,044 the Japanese to South America

BC 22,000 there is evidence that Europeans, using the polar ice front, came to the Americas - known as Solitarians
 Some time later the Paleo Indians ( from Siberia) came across the Bearing Straits.
 Some time later they came together as they spread across the country. The combined peoples are called the Clovis people.


BC 700 Israeli's to eastern America all the way into the south west. There is DNA evidence of blood mixing with the Cherokee. DNA testing has proved the Cherokee did not come across the Bearing Sea, but rather some European areas.

BC 600 Israel to Central America

BC 500 - AD 800  the Celts used the Arkansas River to travel from the Gulf of Mexico to the Tulsa area of Oklahoma

AD 455 the Chinese, America's west coast

AD 530 the Irish to Groton, Conn.

AD 1000  the Polynesians. to South America and Santa Barbara ,CA area

AD 1000 the Norse (Vikings) from Scandinavia to Newfoundland, Canada
and Booklin, Maine

AD 1150  the Welch - Mobile, Alabama - may have had contact with the Cherokee, and the Mandan, in the Ohio river valley. The Mandan tribe were referred to as bearded white people due to the combined bloodlines of the Welsh explorers and the indigenous people, supposedly happening with a pre-Columbian voyage by the Welsh.  Some researchers say that this Welch voyage is myth.

AD 1162  Vikings to Minnesota

AD1421 the Chinese, America's east coast

AD 1492 Columbus to the Bahamas, the beginning of the Spanish  move into the America's

AD 1500's French colonization of the Americas began in the 16th century

AD 1620  The Mayflower brought the Puritans from Europe, followed by the Pilgrims, and this was the true beginning of what turned out to be the United States of America.

AD 1972 I bought my first house in Maryland, followed by My second house (sold the first) in Ohio, and my third house (sold the second) in Ohio, and my forth house (sold the third) in Florida. I have, for some time, known that I did not actually own my houses. The government can tax them away, the government can take them by eminent domain, the bank can take them for non payment and an enemy can kill you and take them.

America before colonization

I have included two of the old maps as it is to hard to distinguish which is accurate.

Map of North America (1750) - France (blue), Britain (pink), and Spain (orange)

          In 1600  the English controlled most of the east coast. West of the Mississippi was owned by the French. The Spanish owned Florida. The Spanish and French acquired most of Mexico and Western United states.  1803 Jefferson bought the Louisiana purchase.

          Since we know that all mankind originated in the Garden of Eden, where God created it, we know that all life on earth migrated from that point. As far as I can determine, all DNA studies verify this fact.

          Since we know that Elohim created the heavens and the earth, we know that the ownership of it all is His. The 66 books He gave us only describe one area where He officially assigned ownership, of a particular area of land to a specific group of people, was the original land mass described as given to Abraham, the Hebrew, and his descendents who became Israel, FOREVER.

          Based upon the information provided above, showing without dispute, that there is no such thing as a "Native American". Everyone who ever resided in what is now called "The America's" had to have come from somewhere else. The only "Native Population" that ever existed was Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Now, through modern research, we know that we are all truly brothers and sisters; descended from one set of parents and one race.

          The question has to be asked: what is the single most important thing that happened because of all these peoples coming to the Americas?  That single most important thing would be the introduction of the Grace and Salvation of Christ, being brought to the "native" populations. The French, the British and the Spanish were all responsible for the spread of the Gospel in the America's, among other endeavors, and often as an afterthought.  However, the Puritans had only one purpose in their coming to the Americas. As they said, they wanted to set up a "New Israel", in order to worship God in the purist form possible, and spread the Gospel. They succeeded in setting up a "city on a hill" that shined it's light throughout the world. The establishment of the United States, as a Christian nation, was accomplished in the late 1700's, by visionaries who knew that the only chance for our nation to grow and prosper would be its Biblical basis. This Biblical basis was truly established  based on the foundations set up by the Puritans and Pilgrims who first set foot in Massachusetts, starting in 1620.

          I took special interest in this subject because of family questions about the truth of the theories. I wrote the following "Thanksgiving" article to give the position of my family.
"What is Thanksgiving all about?
 There are those who wish to rewrite history and vilify our ancestors, about the way the Native Americans "were treated".  Anyone care for the truth? 

1. No one knows for sure where the "native", "original", "first" or "indigenous " people, that were here when the Pilgrims landed came from. There are dozens of theories such as the lost tribes from Israel. the Minoans, the Vikings, the Chinese and the Mayans, among others.  We do know that this continent is not where God created man.

2. My family, who originally came here from England, came to be able to practice their Christianity in peace, and spread the Gospel of Christ.

3. The Puritans and Pilgrims enslaved nobody.

4. The Puritans, and later the Pilgrims and the "Indians" got along very well.  It was only because of the help of these "Indians" that a little over half of the settlers lived through the first winter.  My ancestor, William White, died that winter.  My direct ancestor, John White (William Whites nephew), arrived here in 1630 with his bride (whom he married on the ship), Francis Jackson, and settled in Watertown Massachusetts.

5. No land was stolen from the "Indians".  A large tract of land, that was cleared and ready for planting, was available to the Pilgrims because the tribe that had occupied it had been completely wiped out by disease, long before the Pilgrims arrived.  The "Indians" believed there was something evil in that land, and therefore wouldn't use it. 

6. The true history of those who were the precursors of what came to be the United States is available for those who care to research it.  For this history, I recommend the book "The Light and The Glory", by Peter Marshall and David Manuel.  I recommend this book because it stems from the original writings, from those involved.  These Pilgrims were held together by their love of God, and Jesus law of "love thy neighbor", which included the "Indians" ( since all men are created equal). 

7. The first "Thanksgiving" celebration was a combined banquet with the Pilgrims and the "Indians".  The "Indians" supplied most of the meat, consisting of venison, wild turkeys and probably rabbits, squirrels and other items. The thanks that were given were for the blessings that God had bestowed on the Pilgrims (these blessings included the "native Americans")."[7]


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[7] first published at Thanksgiving 2014


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