Saturday, May 7, 2016

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Election 2016

          There are those Christians that think it is inappropriate to participate in politics, whether it be by running for office or by participating in the voting process. It is my opinion that "rendering unto Caesar" means to do for your community in the similar way you do for God. Jesus never said not to render unto Caesar.  I am sure there are many verses that can be used both pro and con. Suffice it to say, for now, that it is the civic duty of every American citizen to do their share for the sake of the country. For one thing, lack of participation will lead to Christianity being shoved off into second class status in our Christian nation. Oh, that's right, it already is happening. It is estimated that 30% of evangelicals stayed home in the last presidential election. That number could easily have swayed the election to one side or the other.

          In the "Old Days", it was said that the Democrat party was for the working man, while the Republican party was for the business man. I am 73 years old,  and I have not noticed this to be true. In my opinion, both parties are out for themselves and all they can get. I am a registered Republican, because I want to be able to participate in at least one of the primary elections. After this year, this might change. Generally speaking, the independents have to wait on the democrats and republicans to tell them who they can vote for. I would have trouble registering as a Democrat because of their official positions on abortion, same sex marriage, their socialistic leanings, their extra constitutional activities, their stand on inclusiveness and tolerance - both having new definitions (the new definitions meaning to celebrate the differences despite the conflicts with your basic principals of right and wrong), and their general disregard for the fundamental foundation of our nation. The republicans, on the other hand, are against old people, health care for children, women's health care, clean water, clean air, feeding the poor, religious freedom, equal pay, tolerance and inclusiveness. Oh, no, that is what Democrats SAY Republicans are. Considering this to be mixed company, I won't say what the Republicans say the Democrats are. So the rule to go by is..........research the persons running for office and don't simply vote the party line. There are good and bad people in both parties (including independents), but you will never know which is which if you just go by what is presented on the surface. You never know if the water under the ice is deep or shallow, until you break the ice. Christian's are supposed to be "instant, in season and out". That means you should be able to explain the things of God on a minutes notice. I believe that it also means we should be just as knowledgeable about the world around us. This is the United States of America. We are all allowed to have our opinions, whether they are right or wrong. It is a primary prerequisite however, when giving your information, to be able to present the proof behind it.

          Anybody who votes for a party, instead of a person is simply to lazy to be considered a well informed voter. Thus, these people have been labeled "low information voters". They essentially think that the party is looking out for their needs, whether they tell the party their needs or not. Generally speaking, believing in people and organizations having these psychic powers is dangerous, because psychic powers are always controlled by demon forces. The correct way to vote is to investigate each candidate and determine if their views fall in line with your own and more importantly, the Bibles. I say this because I am writing this for Christians, and Christians try their best to live up to biblical principals. Especially this year, we are having to decide between two evils. One is a known quantity and the other is flamboyantly all over the place. The decision should not be to stay home and ignore the election. The decision should be to determine which of the candidates do you stand a better chance of swaying to godly position's, and which will return this country to its basic founding principals.

          I consider it a real shame that I believe I have seen good Christian candidates fall victim to the "cares of this world" during this election season.
We all need to keep "what would Jesus have me do" in mind, as we go about our activities.  Competition is good, but lying and slander are not acceptable. There are several candidates that need to get on their knees and ask forgiveness for the way they have conducted themselves. Yes, I know that it's called "just politics", but Christians have a higher calling than non Christians. You don't get down into the mud with the others, because "that's the way it is"; you stand by the puddle with a towel, to help clean up the non Christians when they have finished fighting and wallowing. You set the example for what should be; not what is.

          To sum up, we Christians need to render unto Caesar our civic duty, in the same manner as we render unto God what is God's. Unless you are a Trappist Monk, in which case you probably can't get away from the monastery long enough to vote. Or, perhaps an absentee ballot?


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