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What should Christians vote for, or against?

          The gun control fanatics are at it again. They refuse to understand why, and how, the foundations of our country were set up for our protections. They want to restrict 330,000,000 citizens rights because these rights are abused by a few. They think that because they don't think they really need rights like those guaranteed in the second amendment, the rest of us should have to give up those rights - if only to make them feel better. Which do you think is more dangerous - these folks or the terrorists. Obviously the answer would be those progressives who wish to destroy our country from within. The Progressives and the Islamic's are both working for the same result, although there is very little understanding of the connection.

For the record: These foreigners come to America for help and then when they get it they forget who helped them. THIS IS DISRESPECTFUL AND SHAMEFUL![1]

The democrat's have no shame. They are turning the deaths of 49 innocent people into a fundraising event . May God have mercy on the democrats souls.

          The truth is we do need gun control. No private citizen should be allowed to own any weapon that the police and army don't have. Conversely, the police and military shouldn't be allowed to have weapons that the citizens aren't allowed to have. As good old Tommy Jefferson and other founding fathers said -one of the reasons for the right to keep and bear arms is in case we need to overthrow the government. That should settle the Second Amendment question. Sooooo, put that in your bong and smoke it, while you spout your liberal junk.

          "We know that the carnage in Orlando was not the result of a pastors sermon, a congressman's bill, or even a manufacturers gun. It was a result of a choice made by the person who pulled the trigger."[2]

          If someone invades my space to a point where I feel threatened, or touches me in an threatening way, I will consider it assault. Also, if a member of my family or a defenseless person comes under those conditions in my presence, I will take the same actions. I am 73 years old, but about 10 years ago I was confronted by a man about half my age who was drinking. He made the mistake of threatening and touching. I was amazed that my military training came back unexpectedly. I had the guy in a death hold before I realized it and If it hadn't been for his friends pleading I don't know what would have happened. I much prefer not to be involved in aggressive behavior, but I believe That Jesus instructed us to protect ourselves and our families. I don't believe turning the other cheek applies, until the threat to life and limb has ended.


          We can all remember the protests by the LGBT community, because they had taken a stand for biblical marriage. However, we see the Chicl-fil-a being the first to supply free food to the victims and bystanders of the Orlando shootings.

          If your boss had known about your lack of morals, he might not have hired you.

Clearwater, FL Chosen for Immediate Syrian Refugee Relocation        Humanitarian workers will resettle the next wave of Syrian refugees in Clearwater, Florida, as the Obama Administration struggle to bring at least 10,000 Syrian refugees to the U.S. by the end of September.[3]

ISIS: "We will send our fighters with refugees."
FBI: "ISIS will send fighters with refugees."
POTUS: "We must take in more refugees!

Congratulations to Governor Bransted for defying Obama!! Obama flies Illegal teens to Iowa . The Iowa Governor Flies Them Back TO Honduras . Governor Bransted of Iowa had announced: " Iowa will not take any illegal children." Yesterday Obama overruled him and sent him 124 teens, aged 13-19. When the plane landed in Des Moines , the airport manager called the office of the Governor. The Governor drove to the airport and chartered a United Airlines plane from Chicago . (THIS is a man!) Within 8 hours all the teens were fed and loaded on that plane. The plane left Iowa at 8 o'clock Des Moines time. It's next stop was Honduras . The plane landed and was unloaded. Four Social Workers from Iowa made sure the teens got safely to the terminal, and the Social Workers told the Honduran officials: "Here are your teens, they have no papers, you let them come illegally to America . We refuse to take them. Iowa has its own laws. Minors from outside our country not accompanied by adults may not enter our state." Iowa has not heard one thing from Washington. More politicians should follow his example!!


Global Climate Change -

I don't know of anyone who doesn't believe in global climate change. The confusion seems to be the cause. The cause, is the way God created the world and history proves this. Man made climate change enthusiasts can't admit to the truth, because that would be an admission that God exists.

          Global warming the greatest scam in history' claims founder of Weather Channel.

          THE debate about climate change is finished - because it has been categorically proved NOT to exist, one of the world's best known climate change skeptics has claimed.

ZENOPHOBIA, RACIST, ANTI-IMMIGRANT, are all words the liberal press use to describe their opposition. So, if you see these words used against Americans and the British, you know what the agenda of the press is. Paranoid liberalism is alive and well throughout the world, where the elites think they can influence otherwise decent people.

We  have to know the domestic enemy as well as the foreign.

          I AM SICK AND TIRED of the media saying that Trumps rallies have turned heated and violent. They have not. Outside, mostly paid troublemakers, have brought the violence and heated actions into the rallies. MOVEON.ORG and other Soros minions have taken credit for the disrupting forces.

 If you truly believe that the economic problems in the Obama administration were the fault of the Bush administration; then you have to believe the economic boom in the Clinton administration was the result of the Reagan administration. Fair is fair, and truth is truth. Sorry Hillary.

          We need to stop TV and the entertainment industry from doing this, and worse. The worst offenders seem to be the Turner networks, A&E and AMC. They have been pushing the boundaries of both blasphemy and inappropriate sexual situations.

Our Christian Nation ? -
          75 to 78 % of the American public claim to be "Christian". There are many people, such as myself, who try to let them know what a biblical Christian is. Apparently more than half of those "Christians" are not Born Again[4]; the life changing experience and commitment that Jesus and the apostles describe in the Bible. I don't want to insult anyone who calls themselves Christian, however, if you are not sure whether you have had the required experience, perhaps you should be delving into God's Word to find out what is required. Most of the people who claim to be Christian can be better labeled as Cultural Christians; they are Christian because they were born in a Christian nation, were born into a Christian family and or go to church. Keep in mind that going into a garage doesn't make you a car.[5] If you have the mindset that you don't need salvation because you haven't done anything wrong - you really need to consider where you will be located after you pass from this life into the next. John 3:3 Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God. The weakness of the Church, and thus the Christian voice, is due to so many cultural Christians who have no idea what the Bible is all about. Why do you think so many non Christians think we are hypocrites, bigots and judgmental? They don't know the Bible either. There can be no question that our nation was set up as a Christian nation[6]. We are at present teetering on the brink of becoming a Godless secular nation - which is what the progressive / anti-Christ movements are working toward.

2016 Presidential Election -
          Hillary Clinton is our fault. She has been shielded from the consequences of her actions for so long, that she doesn't understand what she has done is wrong. Perhaps a short prison term, early in her criminal career, might have brought about a positive change. At this point, I believe she may be beyond redemption, unless she would be open to the life changing experience of humbling herself and accepting Jesus as her Lord and Savior.

          I have said that I would never vote for anyone who claimed to be a Christian for political gain, and was not Born again. At that time Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton were doing that. Dr. James Dobson says Donald Trump has recently accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior, and that Christians should be praying for him.
          In an interview with the President and CEO of Godfactor, Michael Anthony, Dr. Dobson said “I think he is listening, there's a lot of people ministering to him personally, a lot of ministers. He did accept a relationship with Christ, I know the person who led him to Christ, and that's fairly recent.” Now I can., in all good conscience, vote for Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, is still in the position of claiming to be Christian simply to use God as a political tool.[7]

Dr. Dobson went on to say:
“I don’t know when it was but it has not been long, and I believe he really made a commitment, but he’s a baby Christian, we all need to be praying for him, especially if there's a possibly of him being our next chief executive officer, and I think that he’s open. He doesn’t know our language, you know, we had 40 Christians together with him, he used the word hell four or five times, he doesn’t know our language, he really doesn’t, and he refers a lot to religion and not much to faith and belief.”[8]

          Watching another show about the heroin epidemic in our country. The reporters all indicate that people get on heroin because their doctors get them hooked on pain pills and heroin is easier to get, and cheaper. If the epidemic is any where as bad as reported, there is no way it is spreading so fast without pushers. Why aren't the folks running for president calling for open hunting season on the pushers?

International Relations -
          For many years the three best friend we have had in the world were the Israeli's, the British and the Canadians - in that order. In the past 35 years our government has done it's best to alienate all three. The latest instance would be the BREXIT movement. The left is saying that the BREXIT vote was based on immigration, meaning racism. The truth is that the BREXIT movement is based on sovereignty, one of the triggers being immigration. Remember your school telling you that our Civil War was fought over slavery? The truth is that the Civil War was fought over "states rights", one of the triggers being slavery.

          Great Britain rebelled against what we in the United States are angry about. Our heritage is being replaced by multiculturalism . People used to want to be Americans - that's why they came here. Today, those coming here want to change our culture to the culture they are fleeing from.

Christian Terrorism -
          FINALLY, the truth comes out. Obama believes Christians are a terrorist threat.[9] Must be all those attacks by the RADICAL PRESBYTERIAN TERRORISTS.
          "If you have ever wondered whether President Obama has an abiding hostility to people of Christian faith, wonder no more. He believes we are a threat to national security. If you are a sincerely devoted follower of Jesus Christ, your president believes you are a potential domestic terrorist.
I do not exaggerate. In a gathering at George Washington University this week, Obama’s assistant attorney general for national security, John Carlin, revealed that the Department of Justice is creating a brand new position just to monitor us. The position, Domestic Terrorism Counsel, will be created to combat the “real and present threat” of domestic terrorism."[10]
The Progressive Movement -
          Many people, who are not members of the progressive movement, have no idea what the progressive movement is all about. That includes those liberals that think they are simply less irritating than the progressives, but still vote progressive because they don't want to be associated with those racist, bigoted, environment hating conservatives. By the way, a real conservative is someone who wants to bring the country back to the values set up by the founding fathers. Progressives, on the other hand, are absolutely convinced it is their destiny to correct the mistakes in the way  the founders set up the country. The progressives believe that the Socialist form of government is best. They believe that the elite few should control every aspect of our lives. They fail to acknowledge that Socialism has failed in every attempt in history.

          The Progressives (Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, et. al.) are not celebrating the fact that the British people took back the Sovereignty of their country. As we have suspected, the big business loving Progressives, are more interested in the value of their 401K, and the stock market, than they are about the freedom of the Brits. As usual, the Progressives are not happy unless they are in control of other peoples lives. The reason the American people are progresophobic is because the Progressives are freedomophobic and Christophobic. In order for the Progressives to be able to bring in globalism, and the antichrist, they have to gain control of the worlds people. The reversal of their plans for the British, is a real blow to their agenda.  

          Our people have changed. They used to be loyal Americans. Today many are residents, rather than citizens. Many of the people who are fleeing their own country, are coming here, failing to assimilate and trying to change our system to be more like what they left.

What Is Coming -
          Billy Graham's wife, Ruth Graham, said: "If God doesn't soon bring judgment upon America, He'll have to go back and apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah!" The Biblical view, and the view of Christians and Jews about this story, is that the people of Sodom and Gomorrah were so evil, sodomy being the most obvious of their sins, that God could not allow them to exist any longer. The progressives view of this story is that it is a fairy tail (progressives know a lot about fairies), written by men to control the populace; and that the entire Bible is simply comprised of fair tale after fairy tale, because there is no God. Little do they realize that the Bible verse that says everyone will bow their knee and proclaim Jesus is the Lord, is true. Let there be no doubt, it will be their knee and their voice (consequences to follow).

I recently posted the following on Face Book -  
          No Biblical Christian would vote for anyone who supports abortion on demand. HOWEVER, cultural Christians (those who claim to be Christian, but are not born again) will vote whichever way their heart leads them.

A friend replied (my answers are in read) - Then answer me this please... why are Christians and the Republican party, which most identify with, against abortion but for the death penalty? Abortion is a completely separate issue from the death penalty. Abortion is against God's law, while the death penalty is part of God's law.
Where did the pro-life stop in this sequence? At the Bible.
Where is the pro-life in against abortion but not willing to be generous and helping to the poor like it mentions REPEATEDLY throughout the bible? Even the major teachings of Jesus? 
What has this got to do with abortion? Oh yeah, Obfuscation of the subject.
Where is the pro-life agenda when it comes to Healthcare and?
Where is the pro-life movement when your against abortion killings but your so pro gun which kills people?
The Second amendment is for the protection of the people. What makes you think "Christians" and Republicans are against health care?  The "let God sort em out mentality. Not willing to put any restrictions on gun sells at all? Have you ever bothered to find out what gun laws are in effect now? You will be pleasantly surprised.
Where is the pro-life theology when it comes to helping others and humbling yourselves to give to others more than you receive? 
This seems to be a better question to ask the 'Pro - baby death' people.
None of this is directed to you Rick Rahn or you Bill F. The word you just means the Christian pro-life movement in general. Those are the hypocrisy points I see when it comes to supporting anti-abortion policies and not any other teachings of the bible.
Where have I come out against any biblical teachings? Please help me understand your views on this. This man says he loves the Lord, and is a Christian.

I answered -  Abortion is a completely separate issue from the death penalty. Abortion is against God's law, while the death penalty is part of God's law. Social justice is not God's law - it distorts God's law.

Islamic World Conquest -
The Islamic war has been conducted, in one way or another, for the past 1,400 years. 
It's about time we admitted to being at war with Islam. All of the Islamic terrorist groups claim to be at war with us. The Islamic terrorist groups also kill "moderate" Islamist's, because the "moderate" Islamist's are not true Islamist's.
          These Islamist's are killing us where we live, because we don't hang out where they live. The true, and only, intent of the Islamists is to bring the entire world, and everyone in it, under submission to Sharia law. This would include you, and your entire family. The only way to end their siege against humanity is to destroy them utterly. For 1,400 years the "religion" of Islam has brought death and destruction wherever they set their foot. Islam is not a religion with governmental aspirations. Islam is a governmental / military organization, hiding under a demonic religious facade

Recent Events -
In reference to the sniping attack on the police in Dallas, TX -
The fuse has been lit, time and time again. Innocent police have been attacked many, many times. It is an absolute wonder, to me, that at least one of these police departments didn't just say "ti Hell with it" and fire indiscriminately into the crowd. Sooner or later it's coming. These police officers, regardless of their training, are human beings. They are in fear for their lives. They are armed. They are righteously angry. If you put yourself in their place - you would open fire.

BLUE LIVES MATTER The blue lives matter MUCH MORE than the lives of whatever color the snipers in Dallas were. This was written at 3:30 AM when I first saw the report on TV and the color of the snipers was unknown.

FBI report on Hillary Clintons security breaches -
          Gross indifference seems to be what Hillary Clinton is guilty of. The consensus of congress and the FBI seems to be that although Hillary shouldn't be charged criminally charged, but rather subject to some other form of punishment. Not that she wasn't guilty , but rather so neglectful that she didn't care.
            It is with great fear and trepidation that I give the following conclusion. I have said that I was anxious to see if God would put Donald or Hillary in office, to punish the country for our sliding into being a secular / Godless country. I have since come to believe that if Hillary is elected, our country will be completely destroyed. If you wish to expedite the end time scenarios, as described in the Bible, you should vote for Hillary.
          I do not want Hillary punished to the extent that would prevent her from running for president. I have very little fear that this country would be stupid enough to actually elect her. However, if she can't run - I don't want to see a Biden / Warren ticket, which would actually have a chance of beating Trump.

The SCOTUS decision , on imagination, was a win for the constitution. The present makeup of the court is- four American's who believe in the Constitution and four liberals who do not. The decision today reaffirmed the federal courts decision against the presidents overreaching.

[2] Diane Lynn Black (R) TN


[4] Recent studies estimate that only 9% of our population are Born Again
[5] Billy Sunday





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