Sunday, January 14, 2018

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          Many people don’t understand the torrent of hatred and disruptiveness surrounding President Trump, because of its actual derivation. This is understandable since it is based in the supernatural. Most people have no idea about the real supernatural. I am not talking about the devil on your shoulder. I am referring to the principalities and powers in the heavenlies. 
The powers behind the never Trump movement are in direct conflict with the will of God. 

          You will remember the dislike and disgust we suffered as we watched President Obama, who many people believe was the worst president in our history, work his hardest to hurt the economy, our civil rights, our religious freedoms and our standing in the world. Those planning the New World Order, must bring down all countries that are not headed for at least Socialist based governments. There is no doubt in my mind that he is an elitist, Globalist, Progressive. We realized, though, that he was allowed to be in office as a punishment by God for the evil, such as abortion, same sex marriage, loose morals, gender confusion, distain for Israel, racial divisiveness and distain for our Christian founding that we have devolved into. He even had the audacity to announce that we were no longer a Christian nation. Even the Supreme Court, after careful study, decided and announced that we are a Christian nation.

          Because we are told, in the Bible, that we are instructed it pray for those the Lord has allowed to be in power, and many of us did. We did not try to fight what God had ordained, we did our best to deal with it and limit the damage. 

          God gave us free will. We are allowed to make wrong choices, but we must realize there will be consequences for whatever choices we make. It has even been reported that the Clinton’s and Obama’s, along with Leon Panetta, conducted occultist practices in the White House. 

          Before, sometimes many years before, President Trump was elected there were the Lord’s prophets as well as many Christian and Jewish leaders telling us that Trump would be elected President. God was going to give us an opportunity to humble our hearts and pray and turn from our wicked ways. Anyone, evaluating the election, will have to admit that without the direct intervention of G
od, Trump wouldn't have had a chance. Not that Trump is a perfect man, but rather that he is a man open to being used by God. 

          The disruptiveness of the anti Trumpers are direct interference by Satan and his minions, as described above. The utter silliness and ridiculousness of the statements of the politicians, on both sides of the isle, are indicative of the Trump Derangement Syndrome.

          My wife has been praying that the evil, the false accusations, the vitriol and the lies directed toward the president, would be turned back on those who are conducting this unrighteousness. Recently we see that this is exactly what is happening. 

          We have been given a temporary reprieve form the vengeance of the Lord, that is so deserved. Now lets see how we handle this time we have been given.

          Satan is delighted about the moral condition of the nation. He is also delighted by the obstacles, in the way of out people coming to Christ for salvation, by people like Oprah Winfrey’s occult teachings and the falling away of our churches into the apostate. If you are not being encouraged, by your pastor or priest, to give your life to Salvation by being Born Again in Christ, you are not in a church - you are in a neighborhood club house.


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