Thursday, March 8, 2018

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Slavery is alive and well in our country

          I know slavery was outlawed after the Civil War, however that was only physical slavery. Today’s slavery is much more insidious. It is slavery of the mind. Starting under the Roosevelt administration, our education System has switched direction, from education to indoctrination. Beginning in the 60’s, the new direction of education reared it’s ugly head. The kids are  taught relativism in place of absolutes. Judging by feelings, rather than facts, is the new PC mantra.

          If your child is in a school that teaches equity, diversity, inclusivity, white privilege, and systemic racism, all of which are red flags, Your child is not being educated; they are being indoctrinated[1] The problem today, is that today’s parents were educated (indoctrinated) under a milder form of what is being foisted on our children today. Revisionist history (our country was founded by rich, old, white, slave owners), is what our children are being fed with a silver spoon. Our children are being told that their parents have it all wrong and that it’s up to them to educate the parents. 

          Our children are being taught what to think instead of how to think. The school children demonstrating in favor of gun control are a good example. They have little or no knowledge about the subject, but are being used by the progressive/globalists to try to undermine the second guarantee amendment of the constitution.[2]

          Do not be deceived. The first and second amendments are vital to the antichrist movement. They both have to be watered down or otherwise nullified, before the antichrist can come to power. 

          A prime example of today’s slavery is the progressive control of the major cities like Baltimore, Chicago and many others. These cities are the progressive plantations of today. In debt beyond imagination, murder rates out of control, citizens afraid in their own homes, crime running rampant and respect for police undermined by administrators.

          Another prime example of the indoctrination process is the City if Baltimore, arranging to sponsor students to go demonstrate in Washington against the second amendment. To blame the NRA, the NRA membership and other of America’s legal gun owners for school shootings is a ludicrous as saying your fork is responsible for your obesity. 

          What ever happened to earning the right to voice your opinion. Have any of these school children proved themselves in the world of working and earning a living, raising a family, or even serving in the military?

          Demonstrably, those responsible for allowing the Broward County, Florida school massacre were the FBI, Broward County Sheriffs Department and other agencies, that knew in advance something like the school shooting was going to happen. Over 40 red flags were essentially ignored.

          The Creator of the world gave us a book that describes all of this, it's called the Bible. He let us know what things would take place, just before the return of Jesus. The really good news is that the Bible is true, Jesus said He would come back for us, and no matter how bleak things look, He is still in charge.
Come quickly Lord Jesus! Amen


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