Saturday, March 21, 2020

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Medical Marijuana

     Although I had both family and friends try to convince me to try THC[1] oil for my painful conditions. I kept putting them off, because I simply didn’t believe it would work as well as the pain medications my doctors prescribed for me, however, I did not like taking the opioid medications. After all, it was illegal wasn’t it?

     My medical conditions are Spinal Stenosis (formerly called Chronic Degenerative Disc Disease), Scoliosis, torn rotator cuff in both shoulders and torn bicep tendon in one (my orthopedic doctors wanted to replace them both with stainless steel), complete subtaler dislocation of left foot 1976, as well as severe arthritis and a myriad of aches and pains. The final impetus for me was when my rheumatologist told me that my arthritis was severe and would continue to get worse and worse, as long as I would live. His reassurance for me was that he would prescribe all the Vicodin that I needed. Thanks, but no thanks! I don’t think the Lord wants me to be a junkie. 

     I decided to find out if this natural pain killer would work for me. 
I located a local doctor who was licensed to prescribe marijuana[2]. There were conditions, beyond the cost. I had to supply him with my medical records that would prove my need to the state. After jumping through the hoops and expense, I was licensed to purchase the substance. 
     First, I had the appointment at the doctor’s office. 
     Second, the doctor submitted his information to the State of Florida
     Third, I went on the state site on the web and filled out the information they wanted and paid their fees. They used my driver’s license picture and information to issue my license.  Only after receiving the actual license was I able to go out to buy the substance.        I went to the closest outlet that legally sells the cannabis products and bought a bottle of the tincture (oil).  

 My daughter was driving, so when we got in the car I took my first dose. My pain was gone by the time we got home. Since I first started on the oil therapy, I have never used even an aspirin for pain, and it’s been a year. What I take is a ‘one to one’ ratio THC/CBD oil, placed under the tongue. It takes about an hour for full effect, and it lasts for hours. The drawback is that if you take more than you need, you get what I call a woozered condition, which I definitely do not like. I have found that if I am under stress or can’t sleep, I can supplement with CBD[3] or HEMP[4] oil, pills and or gummies, which don’t have the psychoactive effects.

      I have noticed side effects. Although marijuana’s known to cause the munchies, I have lost weight. My primary physician has taken me off of a diabetes drug I had been on and off of for years and lowered my blood pressure meds.

      To present full disclosure, it did not take me from 76 years old to 17. I can still hurt myself, if I overdo, and there is somewhat of an ache sensation I feel that generally goes with an older body, but the sensations don’t last long. 

     I can’t praise and thank the Lord enough for the respite of pain until I receive my glorified body. 

     I really feel a warning is necessary here.
1. Millions now add it to a favorite in the mornings. Squeeze in a drop and agony from anxiety to intense chronic pain will vanish. 
2. Just one drop a day can control pain, anxiety and blood pressure.
3. This natural elixir completely extinguishes anxiety, chronic pain and low energy - In the healthiest way possible! 
4. "All it took was a few drops a day in my favorite coffee to completely erase daily discomfort & chronic pain!" 
5. Miracle oil - ! It cures anxiety, chronic pain, arthritis, depression, stress, fibromyalgia, insomnia! My hands, neck, shoulders are no longer painful! Is Helping Make Lives Better Everyday!
6. My pain was unmanageable until I found this great brand. After a few drops my pain and anxiety started to disappear and I've never been better.
These are misleading and or false advertisements, I found on Facebook. They are advertising CBD oil and in some instances hemp Oil. The true pain killer is the THC oil. Attributing the THC effects to hemp or CBD oil is fraud. Remember, if it’s too good to be true, it’s not!

     Why would I bother to spend the time and money to get legally licensed to get THC, instead of just buying CBD oil that is readily available, over the counter? The THC products work, but even the THC oil can’t live up to some of these exorbitant claims. CBD oil has usefulness in several areas and even hemp oil has its uses, but why would you buy them from disreputable companies? Investigate what you are buying and whom you are buying it from.

     Misleading and false ads, like these, are allowed, to be posted on Facebook and other places every day.

Rick Rahn
Lakeland, FL
21st. Day of March, in the year of our Lord Christ, 2020 

[1] THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the chemical responsible for most of marijuana's psychological effects.
[3]  full spectrum CBD oil uses the entire plant from stem to leaf for production.
[4] Hemp oil has many unique benefits but cannot give you the same as CBD oil thanks to the entourage effect. It is manufactured only from the seeds of the cannabis sativa plant


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