Monday, July 11, 2011

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America And The Bible

          When I say God, those who know me know I mean God the Father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit.  When our founding fathers said, God, our Creator, Providence and other terms, everyone knew which God they were referring to.  In those days, faith and Bible knowledge were part of every day life. 

          Just as ignorance of the law is no excuse, ignorance of our heritage is no excuse.  The truth of our heritage is available to anyone who cares to seek it.  Not the revionist history that our children are taught in the government indoctrination centers known as public school, but history based on the original documents.  The secular humanists have been drilling holes, in the mythological wall of separation between the church and state, for many years.  This separation exists, and in its original form, was meant to keep the federal government from interfering with the free practice of religion at any time and any place (except for the adoption a single Christian denomination as the official government religion).  This impregnable separation has been so whittled down that its original meaning has been obscured.  Today’s perverted meaning would have been a call to arms for our founding fathers. 

          The Bible was presupposed to be the document most revered by our founders.  The Bible was the book that was read by anyone who could read and the founding of our school system was for the ability of our citizens to be able to read and study it.  We can see from the early writings that biblical reference was an everyday occurrence in conversation and literature, even the deists of the day spoke of the Bible in reference to government as well as daily life.  To not have the Bible taught in school is a slap in the face of our founders; both the religious and those who were not.  The Continental Congress, in 1777, directed the Committee of Congress to import twenty thousand copies of the Bible, ”the great textbook of patriots”[1]

          I have been told, by some whom I respect, that we shouldn’t have a Christian president because it causes the church to relax its efforts in evangelism.  This flies in the face of the founding fathers.  The early presidents of our country were nearly all Christian.  

          Anyone who cares to research the facts will find that the Bible, and Christianity, was the foundation of our nation as well as our schools.  Just as the Israeli’s wandered from God on a regular basis, we in the United States have done the same thing, although it took somewhat longer.  Each time the Israeli’s were restored to good standing with God when they repented.  We in the United Stated are in great need of repentance because of our separation from God.[2]  We have what we have because of the God of the Bible, but we won’t retain it without Him. 

[1] Christian History Of Constitution, pg.375
[2] 2 Chronicles 7:14, Jeremiah 23:22, Nehemiah 1:9


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