Wednesday, July 27, 2011

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          All people are religious in one way or another.  Christians worship the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit who is the One True and Living God.  Other, misguided people, worship false gods like, Allah, Buddha, Baal and Secular Humanism.  There are others who worship the creation, rather than the Creator.  There are some who don’t know what they believe and still others who have set themselves as god in their own minds.  There will, however, come a day when everyone (yes that means you) will bow and acknowledge the Lordship of Jesus who was the only one to suffer and die to deliver you from the bondage of sin.  The only real question is – were you worth it?  He thought so, or He wouldn’t have done it.  There is only one decision to make – will you believe in Him before or after you die.  You are going to live forever; like it or not.  Heaven or Hell is where you will live, whether you choose consciously or by default. 

          The question is not, “Is God what you want Him to be”, but rather “Are you what God wants you to be”?  He is the one who gives you the right to have choices and a free will.  Life would have been so much easier for us all if He had simply installed a belief in Him.  He, however, wants us to come to Him (some say her, but they are pathetic) willingly rather than through coercion.  He, in His infinite wisdom, has set up the way to know Him.  He has said that He would reveal Himself to anyone who seeks Him.

          Why, for example, has our country slipped so far away from our godly foundations?  It is my observation that many Christians are meek, namby-pamby apologists.  They deny, by their lack of standing up for their beliefs, the true and overwhelming worth of the Bible.  In order to save face and be socially acceptable, they hide their light under a bushel.  How can we enlighten the world with our salt, if it has lost its flavor?  Those who claim to be Christian, and have not been ‘born again’, dilute the message we should be spreading.  These counterfeit Christians will be swimming in spittle when Jesus spews them out of His mouth.  John Calvin said: “the task of the church is to make the invisible reign of Christ visible”.  Dr. D James Kennedy said: “Unless we risk offending, we cannot uphold our duty to God.  As we submit to His reign more and more in our lives, and we compromise less and less with the world, we will see powerful results in our land”. 

          Our laws are what we control our lives by.  God’s laws are controlled by our conscience, and our knowledge of His word.  Man’s laws are controlled by the sword.  If you have a bigger sword or a larger number of swords you can control what is law.  If we are controlled by man’s laws, which can be overturned at any time by another sword, we have no real law. 

          There are those who say that we Christian’s shouldn’t impose our morals on anyone.  These are the people who are trying to impose their morals on Christians.  Again, we are back to choices.  Should we live by the laws of God, or some sinner in government?  “We must remember that every time a legislature enacts legislation, it is always an imposition of morality.  It is ignorant to suggest that the law of the land must be morality free.”[1]
          Many of the writings of our founding fathers could be banned from our schools, because they state that their religion is the foundation of the country.  The Declaration of Independence is in violation of the fundamental belief system of the religion of Secular Humanism[2]. 

          The prosperity of our nation grows and declines in direct relationship to our national relationship with God.  Again, we see choices.  Do we want a godly nation or one controlled by the morality of man?  If by man: which man?  I choose the man Jesus, and I will vote for any truly ‘born again’ Christian whom I think is qualified to fill the office they seek.  I will in turn, vote against Secular Humanist, qualified or not, because their thought processes are distorted by their beliefs.  If, someone does not believe in God, their legislative tendencies would necessarily be in conflict with those which form the very basis of our nation. 

[1] Dr. D. James Kennedy
[2] Torcaso v. Watkins, Supreme Court of the United States, 1961, established Secular Humanism as a religion.


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