Tuesday, September 4, 2012

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            A while back I was privileged to gain some insight from a beautiful black woman appearing on a TV show.  You'll understand why I pointed out her race when you read what she had to say.  I am paraphrasing what she said to the best of my memory.  She was giving her view of what our government is presently doing to our culture and society.  She said: Our government is trying to duplicate the attitudes and ways as established on the plantations of the past; that is, the masses (associated with the status of slaves) should not worry their simple little minds, but just let the government, who always knows what's best for them, take care of and provide for them.  By doing so, they are lulling us into a stupor that will forever keep us dependent on the government, and keep us in the realm of victimization by the 'masters of the plantation'  instead of letting us have the freedom of choosing our own path to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

        Boy!  That certainly put a light on the subject for me that I had never thought of before, though I had related the present to past Roman history. Now, I do recognize the compelling good of each of us being willing to give a helping hand to others from a charitable heart.  Giving is profitable to both the giver and the receiver, and can be even more of a blessing to the one that is enabled to give unto others.  However, when that which one earns by hard work is automatically taken, which means by force for there is no choice, it undermines the future good work ethic of those persons within a society.  It also encourages many, (not all for some are truly looking for a helpful hand temporarily to get back on their feet) to be satisfied with being 'selfish takers,' living off the fruits of those who are willing to work. In time, the poison will spread and contaminate the whole society.  The takers will increase, and the hard workers will eventually decrease. All too often the government is not the charitable and benevolent 'provider' it proclaims to be. The masses become subject to the whim of the government, who now has the power to decide what 'rights/ benefits/entitlements' to provide and what 'rights/benefits/entitlements' to take away.  No way is this the equivalent of the teachings of Jesus from my point of view.  Government is more than a poor substitute for God.  Yet the secular world would have us believe that the ‘State’ is also supreme; therefore, there is no need for God or His ways.  Just ask people like Bill Maher, for he has put forth the latter assertion upon many occasions.  As for me, I would far prefer the wisdom demonstrated by the beautiful and intelligent black woman who made her point so well.   Just food for thought!  


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