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The Bible



The Bible
          Read the Bible as though it was a love letter from God; because that is what it is.  The Bible is the mirror of our lives.  It reflects God’s view of us: the way He sees us.  It reflects the love of God for us, and the depth of that love.  The more we read it (and see our reflection in it), the more clearly we can see why He created the world for us and why He gives us the choice (free will) to receive what He has created for us.[1]    

          As we view our image, in the Bible, do we see ourselves as we think we are or the way God sees us?  God has a purpose for each of us.  As we delve farther and farther into His Word, we will come to realize why we were designed, each uniquely, as one of His children.  He knew each of us before we were established in our mother’s womb.  Some may be called to the mission field, some to the business world, some to pastor a flock, some to raise families, some to be teachers, some to be protectors (such as policemen and soldiers) and many other fields of endeavor: yet all to be His children[2]. 

          Be weary of deception.  There are many warnings throughout the old and new testaments about those who will try to deceive: even if possible, the elect (those of us who are God’s people)[3].  Always compare what you hear with what is in the Word of God.  These deceivers are described, in His New Testament, as the spirit of Anti-Christ. 

          The Word says that the most important thing you can do is to love the Lord with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength and your entire mind[4].  God already loves us; we are only returning that love.

          For our protection, we are given the knowledge that there are only two powers active in the world: God and the power of the evil one (and his minions) that rejected Him in Heaven and were thus expelled.  Why God gave Lucifer power over the earth I do not know.  What I do know is that there are limits to his power and a limited time for him to have it.  Lucifer, who was an angel of light, attempted to over throw God in His Heaven.  Hell was created for Satan and his followers[5].  Hell was not created for man; however, man has proven that in many cases he is not to be welcomed in Heaven.  You can’t earn your way to Heaven by a journey through Hell.  God knew, from the beginning, how mankind would either honor Him or dishonor Him.  God morns: over those who prove themselves to be unworthy.  You can’t, by your own efforts, earn your way into Heaven. You can’t work your way in, buy your way in or sneak your way in.  If you think there is any other way to get to Heaven, other than through the blood of Jesus, you are only deceiving yourself[6].  Because man cannot live up to the law of God, He sent His son to pay the price of redemption for all of us: all we have to do is repent (change our mind) and receive this most generous gift. 

          The Bible was given to us for several reasons: First, to show us how He created the world, Second to show His love for us, Third to give us a guide for living, Fourth to show us the way of salvation He knew we would need and last but not least, to show us God’s way of thinking, which is the mind of Christ.

          You cannot live in grace if you are not in the will of God.  The Bible is the textbook which we use, to determine whether or not we are in the will of God.  No other piece of literature is acceptable as scripture; which is why the Word says nothing is to be added to or taken away from it.

          I, and many people I know, can’t wait to be in Heaven and walk and talk with God.  We can have this while we are here on earth, through the Holy Spirit.  When Jesus said He would never leave you or forsake you[7], He was referring to His Spirit who comes to indwell us.  Once the Spirit has come to indwell us, He is truly going through every thing we go through as He is in us and takes no breaks or vacations.  He is there through the good and the bad.  We are never left alone again. 

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