Friday, September 13, 2013

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Today is the Day of Salvation

            None of us is guaranteed a tomorrow or even the next moment. Perhaps it is the reality of that truth that gives a deeper understanding to the concept of "Today is the day of salvation." Why does the word of God even say that? I never thought it through before, until this morning. Then it finally dawned on me the truth of what God was imparting. Or at least I think I finally understand it in part. The idea of the element of time exists only for mankind, not for God. God has known the ending of my time on earth even before my beginning had occurred. So from God's perspective, He is saying to me, "Ginger, this very moment in time is important. Value it and make the most of it. Yesterday is gone, and nothing I do can retrieve it or bring it back. Having regrets about yesterday and what might have been accomplished but wasn't, is a useless waste of time. In the same sense, putting off until tomorrow what could be done today is also a loss of an opportunity, for tomorrow may never come for you or I. Only God knows that moment in time when our life here on earth is finished, and it is our time to enter into eternity. God doesn't say this to instill in us a fear of death. Rather, His point is that 'today' is that I have been granted. It is my choice, my opportunity, to use this moment in time to serve Him and fulfill His purpose.

            So what is my conclusion about this one kernel of truth that "Today is the day of salvation"? It's my opportunity to make sure that I am resting securely in the Ark, not Noah's Ark, but the Ark of Salvation of faith in Jesus Christ that provides my passage into the Kingdom of God. Furthermore, today is "the day of salvation" to invite someone else into the Ark of Jesus that they too might choose to enter into the safety of His open arms also, before it’s too late and those doors are closed shut once again. We can get lost in a sea of regrets.  What can be accomplished by dwelling on past mistakes of how things were done or left undone? But I can learn from the past in order not to keep repeating the same past mistakes.

            As for tomorrow, who can know what lies ahead except for God?  Any plans made for tomorrow could be drastically altered at any moment.  My brother-in-law began a normal day heading out to work.  Yet, his plans were altered in one split second when a drunk driver crashed into his car, killing him right then.  Praise the Lord; he was prepared to meet His Lord face to face.  He had not put off his decision to receive Jesus as his Lord and Savior.  He was prepared to spend eternity with the Lord.  Yes, it was a sad moment for his loved ones who were left behind.  Yet even their grief was turned into joy by the knowledge that he was already rejoicing in the presence of the Lord.    

            Today, you and I can make the choice to surrender our lives to the Lord, speak a word in time to tell another about the wondrous good news of salvation through Jesus Christ, or demonstrate His love through kind words or deeds. None of us is responsible for another's response to Jesus. However, each of us is held accountable for not presenting the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ when we had the opportunity to do.  What if someone you know and love was to die tomorrow and you knew they had died without receiving Jesus and you had never even tried to tell them about the Lord?  Some would try to tell us that, "now is not the time" or "this is not the place", but God says "This IS the day of SALVATION," either for your self or for another." IF we truly love one another, we can live out our lives on purpose making the most of every teachable moment to spread the good news of God's love and the power of His word.  God does not want anyone to perish ( die in sin). Rather, it is His desire that all would choose to enter into the Ark of Jesus Christ - His plan of redemption and eternal salvation for any and all who would choose to get on board by faith and enter into the family of God. Yes, TODAY IS THE DAY OF SALVATION!!  Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow may never come.  Choose to live this day on purpose to the glory of God our Savior. “Today is the day that the Lord has made; rejoice and be glad in it.”


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