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Satan In The Church

          For almost 2,000 years the Church has been warned that apostasy would be inserted into the Christian Church.  This apostasy began in several ways.  First, the judaizers and the Gnostics caused trouble in the early apostolic churches, as described in the scriptures.  Second, and even more insidious, is the 'Replacement Theology' as developed by the Roman church in the second and third centuries.  This abominable misinterpretation/misrepresentation of scripture is the basis on which many borderline Christians, and those who are Christian in name only, are led to believe God has abandoned His 'chosen people' in favor of the Church.  This blasphemy has been espoused by many of today's denominations such as the Presbyterian, Episcopal, the Vatican, the World Council of Churches, the National Council of Churches and Baptists, among others.  Not all local churches and/or parishoners, within these denominations, are tainted with this false teaching.  Be on alert that you are not deceived in this matter.

          To believe in this doctrine, over the doctrine of God, you must ignore all of the Old Testament and many of the New Testament references to The Hebrew  people as being "His people".  Abraham was the first Hebrew, and by his seed the nation of Israel developed. 

          It is well documented in scripture, that when one becomes a "Born Again" Christian, they are grafted into the vine of Judaism, whose root is God.  Therefore we see that a 'true' Christian is in fact a part of Judaism, rather than antagonist to it.  From the beginning of the "Christian Era"(The Church) there were Jews that accepted Jesus as Messiah, and those who as yet have not.  There were those Jews who were pruned out of the branch and there were gentiles who, when they accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior were grafted in. Nowhere is it stated that the new branches replaced the old branches, but rather that the old discarded branches could be grafted back in again.  Let us not forget the 144,000 Jewish boys who are going to recognize Jesus and preach His salvation during the tribulation period. 

          Divestment in Israeli businesses, and companies who do business with Israeli companies, as proposed by some groups and associations, falls into direct conflict with "I will bless those who bless thee", and calls forth "I will curse those who curse thee". 

          Joint control over Jerusalem, where God chooses to place His Name, by the three monotheistic religions as proposed by the Vatican and others will never be condoned by the 'Creator of the World'.  The name, above all names, is Jehovah,  not Allah; it is that name (and other Jewish derivatives of that name) that He places in Jerusalem.  While we are at it, the Isa in the Koran is not the Jesus in the Bible. You can't get more blasphemous than to deny that Jesus is God, say the Holy Spirit doesn't exist and say that Allah is God the Father, which are the false teachings of the Koran.

          The name Palestine was given to Jerusalem, by the Roman emperor Hadrian, as an insult to the Jews, after the rebellion in 130 Anno Domini (year of our Lord). Obviously, the only ones entitled therefore to be referred to as Palestinians are the Jewish residents of Jerusalem. Most of those, who use that name today, are no more than displaced Jordanians.

          When are we going to finally acknowledge that Jesus, when He was begotten here on the earth, was born as a Jew?  He, being God, decided that He would accomplish his work through His 'chosen people'.  Throughout the Old Testament, the coming of Jesus is prophesied.   He was born through a Jewish girl, raised by a Jewish man, lived as a Jew, was schooled as a Jew, worked as a Jew, respected the Mosaic laws, His disciples were mostly Jewish, He preached to the Jews, and died as a Jew. 

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Eloi, Eloi, Boruck HaShem, Adonai, Amen


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