Sunday, July 6, 2014

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Biblical Archeology By Dummies

          I never cease to be amazed by those, who will do anything they can, to discredit the Bible.  You would think, considering what it costs to create a television production, the people producing it would be well versed in the subject covered.  Shows on The History Channel, American Hero's Channel, The Discovery Channel, among others seem not to care about accuracy.  They purport to be scientific presentations of different aspects of the Bible and archeological discovery.  Would it be considered paranoid to think there might be an agenda behind the misrepresentations?  A famous Christian author was interviewed on one of these shows.  They cut up what he said so badly that he refused to participate in future shows.

          One History Channel show surmised that a messianic figure who died about the time of Jesus' birth was the ensample for Jesus to pattern His life. They also surmised that Jesus would have been too young to have studied under him (since Jesus would have been 4 or under), so it must have been John the Baptist who did the studying and passed  the information to Jesus. What they forgot was that John the Baptist was only 6 months older than Jesus.

          Another History Channel show was about life 10,000 years BC.  Since we know that in the current creation, God created Adam (the first man) about 6,000 years ago, there can only be 6,000 years of history of man..  We also know that after the flood, only Noah and his family were alive on the earth. What the scientists fail to recognize, is the prior creation and those that were alive before the flood.  These are two separate observable times in the crust of the earth.

          Dr. Ivan Pannin, a world renowned mathematician who didn't believe in God, set out to prove the Bible was not true, by the use of mathematics. He discovered that there was no way the Bible could have been written by men, and became a Christian.[1]
          Lee Strobel was an award winning journalist and atheist, who didn't believe in the Bible or Jesus.  When his wife became a Christian he set out to prove, one way or the other, if the Bible and Jesus had any merit.  He also became a Christian, and wrote a series of writings proving the validity of the Gospels, creation, the Bible, Jesus, etc.[2].
          There are those who say the Old Testament Hebrews had no idea of any kind of a resurrection of the dead. It seems funny that, although the Sadducees didn't believe in angels or the resurrection of the dead, the Pharisees did. This was the main cause of division among them when they were trying to trap Jesus.   Except for a few; Jesus, Lazarus, and a few others, most of us will have to wait to verify this resurrection. 

          The Book of Revelation was obviously written for Christians.  Without the insight of who Jesus is, and what He did, there is no basis for an understanding of what it says.  However, even a cursory reading of this book will shed light on things that are happening in these last days of the Church age.  There is even conjecture that the Apostle John was not the author of Revelation.  In a way they could be right. Jesus was the author of the Book of Revelation, and John was the scribe.  John wrote what Jesus told him and therefore the title should read The Revelation of Jesus Christ

          For centuries, the Islamists denied the existence of King David and Solomon.  Recent archeological findings have proven the existence of both.  The Islamists have sealed up the East Gate, in Jerusalem, and put a grave yard in front of it, so that the Jesus they don't believe in can't enter through it when He returns.

          One of the dumbest statements I have heard lately was by a commentator trying to be authoritative.  He stated that the Bible serves as a testament, that there is something in the universe greater than we are.  God is not 'in' the universe; He is everywhere (omnipresent). God created the universe.  He is larger and greater than the universe.

          I could go on, with example after example, however I think I have made my point.  Those Christians and Jews who have faith in God will believe the Bible is true, and it doesn't matter if nonbelievers believe it or not.



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