Sunday, August 31, 2014

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Injecting God Artificially?

Recently, I was criticized for injecting God into a conversation artificially when it was deemed inappropriate and irrelevant. I try to receive criticism as if it were a kindness, possibly delivered unto me to provoke a needed correction or instruction. Therefore, I’m presently on a quest to gain further understanding and insight from the Lord. First of all, I do not deny that I do think and talk a lot about God. Secondly, I can understand how this might be irritating and even offensive to some. Thirdly, I don’t require that anyone has to agree with what I think or believe, not in my way of speaking or that which I write about. In fact, one of my most frequently made statements is, “Don’t take my word for anything. Check it out with the truth of the Word of God.”
My question to the Lord is, “Can anyone who believes in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord really insert God into anything ‘artificially?’ As I grow in the Lord and seek to draw nearer to Him, His promise to “never leave me or forsake me” seems to grow stronger in the fullness of its reality and truth. The constant presence of the Holy Spirit is no longer just a biblical concept, but has been made alive within me. The realization of the meaning of words that I must decrease and He must increase is just as real to me as it was to John the Baptist when He prepared the way for Jesus the Messiah.
I don’t want to seem as though I’m trying to jam Jesus down anyone’s throat. Yet, it’s increasingly hard for me to express my thoughts without a reference to God. I know I often say things like, “Thank God for….,” whether the topic is seemingly insignificant or of great importance. I am well aware that the mention of the name of Jesus in today’s secularized world is considered grossly politically incorrect. However, to my way of thinking, that is a problem in the worldly view, not from a biblical world view. The latter world view is the one I happen to live in by choice, even though it may not be popular in the eyes of this present world.
For me, speaking about God in my general conversation is just a natural part of me because His Holy Spirit is alive within me. I don’t ever want to go anywhere without Him. I am well aware that I don’t always let the will of God reign within me, for I often find myself doing that which I shouldn’t, and not doing that which I should. Yes, I’m a believer with many flaws, and thank God, He’s still working on me, in me, and through me. Through His Holy Spirit living within me, He is making me more and more into His Image. As He does, I see more, but still as if “through a mirror darkly” less of me and more of Him, and I look forward to the time when He will give me a glorified body that I may know the reality totally of “being in Him and Him in me.”

My God is Big. He knows everything there is to know about me and everything and everyone. He’s never so busy with all the big events and problems in the world that He doesn’t have time for me and even the little seemingly insignificant things of my life. When Jesus was resurrected and ascended into Heaven, He sent His Holy Spirit to live within me. Because He is alive in me, I can sit and talk with Him about anything – small or large. I don’t have to wait in line, or be put on hold, till He’s finished handling all the big things in the world. He is greater than we could possibly imagine. Because His Holy Spirit lives in me, I have a constant, never ceasing, personal relationship with Him. We can walk through a garden together. I can sit with Him and just learn from Him through His Word while His Holy Spirit reveals the truth of His word. He sits with me and I feel His presence while I’m doing my crocheting. He is always right there by my side to guide and lead me in His way. The only time He’s not there is if I walk away from Him and ignore His presence. There is no greater blessing than resting in the warmth of His loving and caring arms. All the while He’s with me, He’s also within every other believer and still stretching His arm out to every unbeliever. Our God reigns and He is in control of all things. Like the law of gravity, which He created, He exists and is in control of all things whether anyone believes in Him or not. Our life depends of Him; His life does not depend on us.
So, I ask once again, since He is alive in me, how can it be possible for me to inject God into anything ‘artificially?’ There is nothing made that was not made by Him. It is in and through Him that I have my being. I can not help but acknowledge Him for who He is, for without Him, my life is in vain. He alone is worthy of glory and honor. May I praise Him with all of my being while I have breath! Inserting God into things artificially? Yes, I can understand why that may seem true to some. I don’t criticize anyone or blame them for feeling that way. for If roles were reversed, I’d probably feel the same way. However, for me NOT to insert God into every part of my life by thought, word, and deed, that would definitely seem artificial and unfamiliar to me. I can only admit that it is not my desire to please others by speaking less and less of the Lord in my life, while my greatest desire is to learn, more and more, how to think, speak, and do only that which pleases my Lord. Jesus said that He did only that which His Father in Heaven told Him and showed Him to do. He was perfect in all His ways, and never conformed to the ways of the world. He was God incarnate. He is the Word made alive. I will gladly choose to appear artificial in the eyes of the world; but may I never cease to speak of the wondrous works of my glorious and magnificent Lord as long as I have my being! Thank you God! Praise the Lord for all Thy many blessings!


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