Tuesday, January 12, 2016

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President Obama Is Wrong!

          President Obama has said that we are not a Christian nation. Unfortunately he doesn't understand what Christianity is and has either ignored, or has little knowledge of, our nations founding. It has been said that President Obama is the most anti-Christian president in the history of our nation.  This is absolutely a Christian nation, BUT our nation is definitely in serious spiritual decline. What we must keep in mind is that once God established the United States, He took responsibility for those people living in our nation; the same way He did with the Hebrew people in Israel. Even when, because of the nations sin, the Israeli's were taken over by their enemies, there was always a remnant which stood fast for God, no matter what happened to them. During these times they were still the Israeli people.

          Since the founding of our country, there has been a small minority that has fought the basic principals on which the country was founded. About 20% of the people, during the Revolutionary War, wanted to remain British. In those days it was estimated that 97% of the citizenry claimed to be Christian. When someone then said Lord, providence, the Almighty, and many other references, it was underestood to be referring to the God of the Bible.

          Over the years, Praise the Lord and Pass the ammunition turned into praise the Lord, and pass the negotiation, and most recently to lets have the  conversation. In reality we are expected to fight for the Lord and the United States which the Lord founded. What do you think a Christian Soldier is, and why is he moving forward?[1]

          I know that the subterfuge in our country has always been active, but the expansion of the progressive movement escalated, starting in the 1920's.
The changes in the education system, the media and those people in influence have been so subtle that they have hardly been noticed. "In 1940s, progressive educational philosophy, influenced by John Dewey, and New Deal liberalism predominant among educators, but new emphasis on science and technology emerges after 1957. Life Adjustment Movement, embraced by U.S. Office of Education. Calls for curriculum to educate all students to meet the problems of living, rather than separate curricula for college, vocations, general skills. This surge of progressivism fades by end of 1950s, opposed by academically oriented educators and policy makers."[2] When Satan introduced the Progressive movement in 1920's, the American people had no idea how it would effect the country. 
Woodrow Wilson was the first president to start building the One World Order. He began, although unsuccessfully, with his push for the League of Nations. There has been a resurgence of the progressive movement since the late 60's and 70's. These people called themselves liberals up until the mid 80's, by which time the country had degenerated to the point that they became so defiant, they began to call themselves progressives again.

          Since a nation has no afterlife, it must be dealt with in the now. A person who transgresses God's law can be dealt with in his afterlife. The Lord, when He founded this nation, placed a hedge of protection around it. Over the years we have transgressed His laws to the point that, just like He had to do with Israel; He has had to lift the hedge of His protection.
If you have transgressed the law in the smallest way, you have transgressed the whole of the law. There is no such thing as an Old Covenant.  The Gospel begins at Genesis 1:1 and ends at Revelation 22:21. All of God's covenants are for "longer than forever". 

Examples of remnant regeneration -
Noah and the Ark
Israel rebuilds after the 70 year Babylonian captivity
Israel becoming a nation again in 1948

          There is a remnant of God's people in America today. Those Christians and Jews, that truly love the Lord, are that remnant. Just as in ancient Israel, they are spreading the Gospel and warning us about the degradation of our nation. Do not be deceived: we are not going to win this spiritual battle. The war, however, is going to be won by the Lord when He returns. In the mean time, we as faithful Christians, must be about the business of saving as many souls as will accept the salvation available through Jesus. 

          The remnant in our country is reportedly 70 to 80 percent of the population (people who claim to be Christian). The problem is that claiming to be Christian doesn't make you a Christian. Others estimate that only about 20 to 30 percent of our population is truly Christian. Being born into a Christian family, being a Catholic, being a Baptist, being a Methodist, a Presbyterian, an Episcopalian , or any other denomination doesn't make you a Christian. The only way to become a Christian is to be Born Again[3], according to what Jesus said in the scriptures.  There were thousands of Christians, before they were, in Antioch, first called Christians. Before that time, they were called Jews.

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