Tuesday, January 26, 2016

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Unexpected Consequences

          Bio fuels have killed hundreds of thousands of people, by raising the price of corn and soy beans,; so that the aid agencies can't buy as much. Crops that should have gone for food, have gone into gas tanks.[1]

          Misguided science and "feelings" struck horror in the world. The DDT (the powerful insecticide) ban has killed millions of people. Malaria has come back with a vengeance.[2]

          Prohibition brought about organized crime. In an attempt to eliminate the horrible rate of alcoholism, the government surged ahead without considering what prohibition could cause. The law generated a nation full of law breakers, in addition to the organized gangs that established a foothold which is still felt in our land.

          Banning the Bible from our schools has resulted in the end of discipline. "State Forbid" the children would read the 10 commandments and then obey them. Schools, in this country. were originally set up to teach the Bible and morality to our children.

          Abortion and gay marriage, among other things, have forced God to lift His hedge of protection from the United States. He is allowing those who hate us to have their way with us; the same way He did when ancient Israel needed a lesson. He has allowed the Islamists to find the true teachings of their religion so that their savagery would increase; just like ancient Babylon. He has given us the leadership we deserve, thus the Obama, Bush and Clinton administrations no longer felt responsible to the people.

          Not believing in the Bible as God's Word nullifies faith. If Jesus wasn't born of a virgin, as described in the Bible, then He wasn't God. If Jesus didn't rise from the dead on the third day, there is no hope of Salvation. If the Bible isn't inerrant, God is inconsequential and the only destination left to you is Hell. There are only two destinations possible when we pass over from this first life, here on earth.  Heaven and Hell, Hell eventually being replaced by the lake of fire, are the only two possible locations for you in eternity.

          "If My people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray, I will forgive their sin"[3]. If not, we can continue to sip from the cup of sorrow.

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