Thursday, August 24, 2017

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          We had eight years of a president who hates the majority of the American people because they are white. He undermined our police and our military. He attempted to overrun the country with illegal immigrants. He attempted to undermine the Christian heritage of the country.  Somehow he became rich, while in office. He disrespected our country every time he spoke in a foreign country. He increased the national debt by more than all the other presidents combined. He was involved, and complicit, in almost thirty scandals in his reign. He set up a shadow government to hinder the next administration. 
          Part of the problem is that Obama was just a pebble on the mountain of corruption. The basis of the construction of the mountain is the conspiracy to usher in the New World Order.
          All of this is described in the Bible. For those who don't believe in the Bible, please at least open your eyes to see what's happening all around you.

Some of the scandals mentioned above -
1. Benghazi
2. Fast and Furious
3. IRS giving out information for political reasons
4. DOJ infiltrating the AP and seizing journalists' records
5. GSA spending out of control
6. The Oval Office leaks that have never been found
7. Secret Service prostitutes
8, New Black Panther Party cover-up
9. Bugging of the congressional cloak room[1]
10. IRS, targeting of conservative groups, while showing favoritism to liberal groups
11. Abuse by EPA (Ulsterman report) favorable treatment to liberal groups to the detriment of conservative groups [2]
12. Attacks on Christians (freedom of religion, religious expression and practice) in the Military, by the military[3]
13. DOJ overreach in investigating individual reporters and their parents
14. HHS illegally raising private funds to promote its agenda – extortion
15. IRS targeting of individual GOP donors.
16. The EPA Illegal targeting and confiscation of materials of Gibson Guitar Co., which the CEO says were caused by contributions to conservative groups
17. Attorney general secretly granted government ability to develop and store dossiers on innocent Americans (shades of J. Edgar Hoover).
 18. Dept. of Labor determined Fort Hood shootings were workplace violence - changed to terrorism in April of 2015
19. EPA showing favoritism to liberal groups, in charging fees or not charging for Freedom of information materials
20. NSA demanding phone records for 121 million Verizon customers
AND mining information from top internet companies, and mass surveillance [4][5]
21. IRS, employee misuse of government credit cards, for internet porn, gifts, baby clothes, etc.
22. The ‘community action division’ of the DOJ travels the country stirring up racial problems (Ex. Setting up racial demonstrations against George Zimmerman and the Ferguson, MO fiasco).
23. U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) officials ordered subordinates not to talk to congressional investigators about their investigation into illicit hiring practices and related whistleblower retaliation allegations [6]
24. Hillary Clintons E-mail scandal
25. Ransom payment for Iranian hostages
26. Bergdahl for terrorists swap
27. Clinton "Pay for Play", selling of influence  for donations to the Clinton Fund
28. Obama gave away control of the internet to ICAM.

        Praise the Lord, He saved us from a Clinton administration, that would have been a continuation of the Obama years. Instead, He gave us an imperfect man who is dedicated to restoring the country, for the good of the people. There are some people that despise President Trump, but they need to realize that God can use anyone. God used an ass to keep Ballam alive. It is, without doubt, God's hand that got Trump elected. It's about time we started honoring Gods move.




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