Thursday, April 16, 2020

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          For those who don’t know, LGBTQ stands for: Lesbian, Gay, Transsexual, Bisexual and Queer. These are self imposed names for each of the five categories, which are each different things. This is a follow up to my paper on LGBT, back in 2015.

          Most people do not know the relationship between Christianity, the Bible and those who do not believe in the Bible or the deity of the Christ. I pray that I can suspend some of the misconceptions, misnomers and misunderstandings.

          Christians are to love one another, and all of mankind. God created us all, and He wants us all to function as His children. If God didn’t intend to love you, He would never have arranged for you to be born. That includes every one who ever was, is, and ever will be.

          Let it be known, that Jesus sacrifice, His death and His resurrection covered every sin of mankind, past present and future. No one is going to Hell because of sin. The thing that cannot be forgiven is the rejection of the Christ, who set up the only path to Heaven, through Himself. Accept the free Salvation that Jesus has provided and get on the elevator up. Reject Him and the only path to Heaven, and you are subjected the down elevator.

          There are those who go through the homosexual areas, with their Bibles raised high, proclaiming that the homosexuals are going to Hell because of their lifestyle. That is a lie of the worst order (a lie of Satan, the father of lies). That kind of assault goes against everything God stands for. All have sinned and come short of the Glory of God. That includes you as well as me. Our job is to present Jesus in a way that will bring people to Christ, not run them off. The salvation of The Christ is good news. Anyone who rejects it is welcome to do so; after all, the Lord did give us the right of free will. No one goes into Heaven through coercion. 

          Only those who have humbled themselves, repented (repenting means to change your mind) of their sins, confessed that they want Jesus to be their Lord and Savior and dedicated their lives to Him are Christians. When you become a Born again Christian, your sins are cast away, as far as the East is from the West. There is no other way to become a Christian. There is no such thing as someone who has been born into a Christian family and therefore a Christian. Being a Christian is a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus. Being a member of a “Christian” church does not make you a Christian; any more than standing in a garage makes you a car. Being a Christian requires a personal relationship with God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Submitting to Jesus, in you Born Again experience, makes you part of the family. Baptism would be the outward sign, that this has been completed, but it is not mandatory. There are times when it is not freezable, but would be good to do.

          There are two judgments; one for the Christian where the deeds they did accomplished something the Lord liked and the judgment (called The Great White Throne Judgment) of the ones who rejected Jesus. Their deeds  are written in a book kept in Heaven. The second book that is kept in Heaven is called the Lambs Book Of Life, where it is recorded that you asked Jesus to forgive you and asked Him to be your Lord. The Talmud says, that at the judgment, the sinner will admit to the Lord that their fate is their own fault.

          You have probably heard the expression that “God is Love” and He is. God is also the God of Justice. Since He is the Lord Almighty and the creator of the universe, His love and justice are inseparable. If you study the Bible (to show yourself approved), the Holy Spirit will lead you into all truth.

          Christians, and by implication the Jews, are not allowed, by God, to judge others. Judging is Gods job; and His job only! We are, however, supposed to evaluate what people do and say, as those things relate to what the Bible (the indisputable word of God) instructs. The Lord does not instruct us to stay away from certain things because they are fun, but because they are harmful. There is intelligence in the universe. The Lord God, creator of the universe, is that intelligence.

          The Bible tells us that in the end time there will be great deceit, delusion and deception; even if possible to the point of deceiving the elect.  What is the "lie" the Bible is talking about.  The most heinous lie, and the most damaging to mankind, is that there is more than one way to Heaven.  Regardless of what garbage is slung around in the world, there is only one salvation; and that is through Jesus.”[1]

          We, and God, do not hate the sinner. We hate the sin! Sin is what separates us from the love of God. If you went to your earthly father and told him that you took sandpaper to the windows of the family car what are your chances of him forgiving you? Well, this actually happened. I and My friend, David Sonnin, decided to polish my dad’s car (a 1938 Buick) while he was at work. It was a labor of love. We worked for hours, knowing what a great thing we were doing. I would have been a good thing if we had used auto polish, however, being second or third graders we thought that sand paper would be good to use. We sanded every bit of the paint and even ‘Polished’ the windows. We were so proud. When dad got home, he didn’t loose it, curse, or even holler. He saw that we thought we had done a good thing. He did, gently, explain that he appreciated the effort, but to ask before doing anything like that in the future. He replaced the glass, painted the car with a paint that you put on with a power puff. When he was finished, the car looked as good new. He forgave our sin and we learned our lesson. Plus he still loved me. It’s the same with God, if we repent and ask forgiveness, He will forgive us and Love us.

          There is no sin that is more sinful than any other. Some LGBTQ people think that they are not welcome to a relationship with God and that is often the result of judgmental Christians.. Regardless of what the sin is, there is not even one, except the rejection of the Christ, that can’t be forgiven. Repentance is the secret to renewal. Why not take the chance, before it’s too late, to seek forgiveness and everlasting life. As long as there is life, salvation is available.


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