Saturday, March 12, 2011

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        I have resolved, in my elder years that in the complexities and perplexities surrounding us, to attempt in my writings to present, in an easily understandable way, my regard for my fellow man, in the light of the Lord of the universe. Through study, contemplation, experience, and observation, I am determined not to judge others but to present what I believe to be the truth.

        The basic vulgarity of man, left to his own devices, has been demonstrated throughout history. Without the biblical basis of existence we are prone to assess ourselves as paramount in thought and deed. Without the constraints, lovingly given us by the Lord of the universe, we are subject to the will and whims of self esteem. Knowing this, and all else that matters; the Lord has given us the power of self determination through a free will. Only infrequently has the Lord overridden this gift. The Egyptian Pharaoh in Exodus is one example. He hardened Pharaoh’s heart instead of allowing his free will towards the Hebrews. Each time He was so inclined, it was to reign in the thought processes of man and demonstrate the extent of His power and wisdom.

         It is my observation that since Genesis to the present day (albeit thousands or millions of years) the basic outlook of man has not essentially changed. From the ‘knock them in the head’ mentality of ancient times to the present day political excesses we now experience, man is in constant strife and conflict with one another, unless founded in and constrained by the principles contained in the Bible.

        So peaceful an existence, as I have come to embrace, satisfies me. With the love of my life at my side, I see no obstacle or injury which cannot be overcome. That we, as has been suggested, have become of such like mind is truly gratifying. This relationship, of well over 50 years, is the highlight of my existence. I can only pray that you also could find such a glorious relationship and companionship. My children have been of great comfort to me and my grandchildren a delight. Although each of my children has distinct personality differences, it is my pleasure and honor to have been a part of each of their lives. As I reflect on each of my children, my heart nearly explodes with pride.

       Through the three most important relationships in my life; the early loving guidance of my grandfather, the continued loving relationship with my wife and my loving relationship with the Lord through Christ, I truly feel that I am the richest and most fortunate man on earth.


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