Friday, March 11, 2011

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The Way Things Should Be

          The progressives don’t have to make you politically active or even convert you.  All they have to do is make you a bystander.  Then when your rights and freedoms are gone you can say – what happened?  If you come out against the progressives you are attacked personally and vehemently.  Their strategy of personal destruction has been refined to an art in the same manner as that of Joseph Goebbels in the Nazi administration (the National Socialist Party).  Look at what the Nazi’s did to the Jews even before they tried to exterminate them.  They demoralized, isolated and silenced their voice completely.  They created an atmosphere in which were looked on as lower than the low.  In other words they nullified their humanity.  What the German’s did to the Jews is being attempted against the Christians, the conservatives and other American patriots that disagree with the progressive mindset.  If you see the left going after someone in this way, find out why.  They can’t stand the truth because it sheds too much light on their real and many times hidden agendas. 

          We all know that Glenn Beck lies, right?  At least this is what we hear all the time from the left.  It’s funny how he presents his facts using their quotes and film of what they say and do, and still they say he lies.  If you tell a lie (such as Fox News lies) often enough and long enough many people will come to believe the lie.  That is what the Nazis did.  It does take some effort to discern the truth, especially with the amount and frequency of the lies coming from the progressives today.  The case has been made (by the progressives) that conservatives are nothing more than Bible thumping, gun toting, bigoted extremists.  If you think about it, all of the founding fathers would fall into those categories (that includes the non traditional Christians like Thomas Jefferson).  Glenn Beck even had a phone line installed for the exclusive use of the White House so they could call and confront or correct him if he were to make a mistake or tell an untruth.  Since it never rang (and we know they were watching his shows), we have to come to the conclusion that what he said was the truth.  Like Fox says, “we report, you decide”.    I have to admit that I made a mistake in one of my writings.  I quoted the Declaration and said it was from the Constitution.  As soon as it was pointed out, I published a correction. 

          Some of the responses I get to my writings are truly amazing.  Perhaps some day I will publish them.  Some are complimentary and some are less than complimentary.  I really do enjoy both.  Mostly the uncomplimentary ones are attempts to refute facts with feelings or misguided beliefs.  Feelings are not facts; simply opinion.  Opinions are fine but are better if based on facts.  It has even been suggested that I use someone with opposing opinions as my editor instead of my wife because her views are too close to mine.  She doesn’t change what I write; she checks the spelling, punctuation and grammar.  As a career teacher, I am truly blessed to have her input.  She has, on occasion, suggested that I expound on a point, change the wording or the way I said something so that I won’t be misunderstood or offend someone unintentionally.  Admittedly, there are some people that I would like to offend. 

          It is my considered opinion that the country breaks down into three categories:  25% believe that America needs to be changed, 25% true patriot Americans who believe in our foundations and 50% bystanders.  This is approximately the same breakdown as during our fight for independence from England.  That is 25% patriot, 25% Tories (wanted to stay English) and 50% bystanders.  Bystanders used to be called the ‘silent majority’[1].  The silent majority is awakening to the present situation and it is driving the far left crazy.  You can tell by the lack of respect they show them and the vitriol they express toward them.  The Tea Parties are just one example of this movement. 

          The peaceful Tea Party folks are not racist bigots as the far left portrays them.  They are a good example of the bystanders who have been pushed too far.  The union thugs (as we have seen on film) are not peaceful demonstrators and are diametrically opposed to the average American.  The violence and abusive language in their demonstrations highlight the differences between them and the average American.  That is why their memberships have dropped so dramatically.  Today only about 12% of the workforce is unionized and a large portion of them are government employees.  In some states it is mandatory to join the union to work, such as teachers and policemen.  I should point out that it is mostly the union leaders and misguided underlings, regardless of the wishes of the rank and file members that act as thugs.

          I have at different times been a member of both the Teamsters and the AFLCIO.  When I drove a milk truck in the 60’s, I joined the Teamsters and the AFLCIO when I was a telephone company lineman.  When I first reported for work (first day on the job after training) to drive the milk truck, I put my hand on the truck in preparation to get in when a guy who had come up behind me said, “You’d better not get on that truck unless you join the Teamsters first”.  I got the message!  When I quit the milk company to go to the telephone company I was given a real hassle when trying to get back the money from the bond I had posted.  The union was no help at all.  I collected it in person with a couple of buddies who were also linemen.  I guess the four of us were somewhat imposing as the three were as large as or larger than me and we were in our work clothes.  I was drafted into the army while I was working with the phone company.  When I returned from active duty, I reported back for work and the HR manager told me that the union contract was up for re-negotiation soon and that the result would be a percentage pay increase and the company would take over more of the payment for the health insurance.  After a two week strike the pay raise was less than the company was prepared to give and the health insurance payment didn’t change.  The union thugs did some pretty rotten things such as destroying company property and cutting sections of live phone cable during the strike.  As far as I can determine, my union experiences only gained me one thing; the ability to pay dues. 

          The left uses divide and conquer tactics whereas we, the loyal opposition, use bonding and inclusiveness as our tactics.

          The current crop of politicians; republicans as well as democrats, look down on the average working class person.  I realize that this is a generalization and that there are some good politicians on both sides.  They want to lead us like sheep and are annoyed when we form groups like the tea parties.  It used to be that the democrats were for the working man while the republicans were for industry (at least that is what I understood).  The political class (especially the progressives), in both parties want to control every aspect of our lives, as much as possible.  The unions have joined with the progressives in a conspiracy against the average American.  Power and control seem to be the only thing that matters to these people. “The individual is subordinated to the greater collective…..collective         salvation - individuality is suppressed.”[2]  Where do we turn to find justice?  My suggestion is the same as our founding fathers, the Bible and Judeo/Christian principles.  “Know the truth and the truth shall set you free.”[3]  “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty.”[4]

[1] Pat Buchanan coined the phrase
[2] Andrew McCarthy
[3] John 8:32
[4] 2 Corinthians 3:17


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