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Ancient Written Language

          It is said that anything that happened before written language is simply legend or myth, and not counted as history. Using this theory, it is easy for Bible detractors to nullify much of the Old Testament.  It is my opinion, based on research, that there has been written language since the beginning of man.  Although there is conjecture over the age of the earth, we know that mankind is approximately 6,000 years old. There was no time, as we know it, before God created Adam.  Pardon me, there were five days before Adam was created.

          Enoch wrote the books God told him to in 2660BC.  The Minoan civilization, which flourished about 5000 years ago had a written language which would have been 3,000BC.  Comparing these to the evolutionist theory in timeline, this would be about the same time the cave men were knocking their girlfriends in the head with a club and dragging them back to their cave by the hair.  Since we can surmise that written language didn't just pop into existence, we must assume that there were some precursors to these writings. Of course, someone may have just Googled it and shared it with the world.

          "The Adamic language is, according to Jews (as recorded in the midrashim) and some Christians, the language spoken by Adam (and possibly Eve) in the Garden of Eden. It is variously interpreted as either the language used by God to address Adam (the divine language), or the language invented by Adam with which he named all things (including Eve), as in Genesis 2:19."[1]

          "Our ability to speak in words came from God.  Adam and Eve (and all human beings since) were created in God's image (Genesis 1:26-27).  Among other things, that means we were created to speak by means of language. Animals were not created in God's image.  They cannot speak like people can speak.":[2] The whole world spoke the same language until God diversified the languages.

"The Minoan Civilization flourished 5000 years ago ... They were the first in Europe to use a written language, referred to as Linear A,  Mycenaean Linear B is a syllabic script that was used for writing Mycenaean Greek, ancient Greek.  The history of the Greek alphabet starts with the adoption of Phoenician letter forms and continues to the present day."[3]  We know that the Egyptians had a written language in 3,400BC.  We know that Moses received the Ten Commandments in 1446 BC.  Using the Bible, as well as other well-documented historical events, we find that the Flood began approximately 4,359 years ago in the year 2348 BC.  The disappearance of the Minoan civilization, since it apparently was before the flood, could account for the emergence of the Mycenaean civilization.  " The Minoan civilization was an Aegean Bronze Age civilization that arose on the island of Crete and flourished from approximately the 27th century BC to the 15th century BC."[4]  Could it be that the Minoan writings were also with Noah in the Ark, and Noah's sons descendents found the Minoan cities usable and also resurrected their language?  Perhaps this could have happened after the Tower of Babel incident and the Minoan language was one of the diverse languages.  Since the majority of the worlds calendars conflict with each other, it is hard to establish exact dates. 

          It is extremely difficult to research the derivation and continuation, of written languages without a basis in faith.  The divergence of civilizations before and after the flood leave us with a divergence of agendas by those civilizations.  The following is an excellent example of the different theories: "The early inhabitants of Crete settled as early as 128,000 BC, during the Middle Paleolithic age. It was not until 5000 BC that the first signs of advanced agriculture appeared, marking the beginning of civilization. The Minoan culture was established by the 27th century BC."[5] We can see here that since we know there can be no human history before there were humans, and there were no humans before 4,000 BC, the addition of between 1,000 and 124,000 years doesn't make sense.  Modern science and investigation is allowed to change day by day.  God, on the other hand, is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.  Since God can't change and can't lie, it behooves us to trust Him over all others.

          Since we are told that God will supply all our needs (not necessarily all our wants), wouldn't God have supplied Adam with written language?  Either that or God supplied Adam with a mental capacity the size of the library of congress.  There were at least 2 to 50,000,000 species on earth[6], which Adam named.  He was either able to remember all those names or he would have written them down.  I have read that written language was handed down from Adam, to the flood, carried on the Ark and passed down to us.  Granted, a lot of these writings have been lost through time, however, the accuracy of the Bible testifies (at least to me), God's ability to give us the information He wants us to have. Archeology has revealed many ancient writings, and continues to do so. Only God knows what will be revealed in the future.  Since the Bible's information starts before the beginning of time, I would surmise that it is the oldest text available anywhere. 

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