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       At first glance, upon reading the above poster, some may ask, “What’s wrong with that?”  To answer that question, it would take a book.  However, for the sake of brevity, I will endeavor to at least present a brief overview.  Like most Woke ACTIVISM, they insist that everyone must believe, think, and speak in agreement and compliance with then.  With them, there is no such thing as free speech, but only compelled speech. The intent is first to tell people “what” to think, instead of using critical thinking and analysis to learn “HOW” to think.         

      First of all, as usual, they, the radical progressives, expect the reader to be ignorant of the difference between compassion and false sympathy.  False sympathy is that which says there is no benefit in our traditional beliefs and values.  All behavior and lifestyles must be accepted and equally valued so that each person may feel comfortable in their lifestyle, regardless of how it may go against traditional thought and values. 

       They leave key words out, thinking that you will never notice it. Let us consider another possible perception of each of the given statements.


       WOKE activists will often leave key words out to make their lie appear to be true.  Just like Satan, deception is the poison used.  Americans are NOT against immigrants. The problem is the invasion of IL
LEGAL immigration, which overwhelms our welfare system, health care system, and education system, just to name a few problems that lead eventually to the ruin of any nation or culture.  Not only that, why is it that these woke people try to ignore that America has a very compassionate and generous LEGAL immigration system that is being undermined by the open borders “false sympathy”. Supporting of the CRIMINAL behavior is like entering our country by breaking the law.   What is their mindset, and willingness to break other laws within our country?  Those who ignore the difference between legal and illegal immigration are either naive or purposely and knowingly aiding and abetting criminal behavior which is a threat to the safety and security of every citizen of our nation.  Where there is lack of safety, there is an ever increasing state of chaos and less freedom and liberty. These are only a few of the problems that are ignored in the first statement of this post.  Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

    Boy is that loaded with the poison of “false sympathy”, falling far, far short of true compassion.  It ignores the problems stemming from drug trafficking, sex trafficking, and sexual abuse predators who are allowed to enter our country to prey on more of our daughters, because the people flooding over our boarders are NOT completely vetted.  Are you going to be deceived by false sympathy for all the illegal immigrants that are invading our country?  Are you going to be tricked into believing that all of them are good people just looking for a chance to make a better living for them and their families? Instead of being WOKE,
WAKE UP to reality. True compassion for your daughter, or anyone else, would demand that all immigrants should be carefully and completely vetted; otherwise, we are being complicit in setting up more of our own daughters for sexual assault and worse.  Think people, think!  Oh, I forgot, that’s the last thing these “woke” people want you to do.  We have enough criminals in our own country.  Do we really want to take in criminals and terrorists from other countries?  I’m not saying all illegals are criminals.  What I am saying is that our legal immigration system is there for the purpose of making sure that persons have met certain criteria and qualifications before they are permitted to enter or country.  A country that does not enforce those laws will not be a sovereign nation much longer.  Safety and security for its citizenry will become less and less.


    Oh, I totally agree with that, but not for the reasons they would assert.  I’m assuming that they are referring to gun violence, for one thing.  They are trapped in their own box of tunnel vision, seeing the gun as the problem, instead of focusing on the personal responsibility of the person holding the gun.  They also want us to focus of the gun, instead of finding solutions for helping the mentally ill and acting to prevent violent behavior when red flags had been dropped everywhere, previous to the ultimate violent behavior.  Making our schools a gun free zone sets them up as an easy and soft target for every crazy whack-o out there.  Having “the good guy” on the grounds, trained with the gun to protect kids and adults, could provide immediate possible help right there on the grounds, and just might act as a partial deterrent, giving cause for the criminal mind to think twice before attacking in that area.  Think not?  Why do you THINK celebrities, politicians, etc. hire their own private armed security agents?  Oh, once again, there’s that word “think” that they don’t want you to do.  That’s only part of unsafe school environment.

       A book could be written, oh wait, books have been written, about the awful things that are now being taught to our youngest of children.  Things that are so awful that, when a parent attempted to read a small portion of a book being taught to kids, the school board muted the parent’s mic, on the grounds that the language was too explicit to be read aloud.  Can you believe that?  They thought it was inappropriate for adults to hear it, but it was fine to use to teach little kids.  Believe me, I didn’t just hear it, I saw and heard it with my own eyes and ears.  This is only the tip of the iceberg. Like I said, books have been written, and our children are loosing their innocence because of our schools.


     I don’t pretend to be knowledgeable about the economics of real estate.  Let me take a moment to make a stab at it, even in my uneducated state.  What about supply and demand as just one part of the puzzle.  If you flood an area with low income, or no income persons, just what effect do you think that may have on the housing prices, and even the availability of housing in the area?  I can think of one possibility.  Do you think home builders are going to be inspired to invest in building in an area where there are few that may be able to pay enough for them to make any profit?  Yeah, it’s a vicious circle.  Oh, you think Govt. Housing is the answer?  Just look at what generally happens in the “project” areas.  When people have little stake in the game, they tend not to take much interest in investing their time an effort in the upkeep of it.  Even those who do are thwarted and undermined on every side by those who could care less.  Can you imagine being trapped in such a situation?  Maybe, just maybe, making sure that immigrants entering your country do have definite means for supporting themselves might help prevent, or at least alleviate some of the negative effects on the problem of affordable housing.  The taxes and cost of your house may raise more and more so the Govt. can build more of the “affordable housing” projects for those who have no or low skills to earn a living.  Such housing projects are often at least partially subsidized by our tax dollars.  Nobody wins. It’s a lose/lose situation for all. 

       There are valid reasons for having laws that protect
LEGAL immigration.  If those laws are not enforced, there will always be negative consequences for both the immigrants and citizens.  Very soon, there may be little or no advantage to being a citizen.  Just look at what’s happening already.  In some cases, illegal immigrants are offered “free” benefits, while the citizens have to pay for that same benefit.  Actually, the citizen has to pay twice - once for themselves and additional funds to cover the cost of the person that is receiving the service, or benefit for “free.” Americans are a generous people, but there’s got to be a balance, or soon there may be no nation and no one willing to fight for keeping that nation free, safe, or sovereign.


    Putting it as nicely as I can, that’s nothing but pure POOP.  It is reverse racism, similar to the way of thinking that fostered the development and rise of the Klu Klux Klan.  It is the same Marxist tactic that was used to divide and pit people against one another.  Previously, class was used. They know that won’t work in
America, so now they use race to divide and pit us against one another.  If allowed to continue, they will succeed in destroying America, for we will no longer remember the blessings of being “one nation under God”, but will decay into tribes or worse yet, be under the control of a dictator. 

        For one thing, this whole race thing is a lie of the devil, and is the biggest insult to people of color that has ever existed.  First of all, there is only ONE race, the HUMAN
RACE! These “WOKE” people would have you forget our true history, of not being a perfect country, but of being a country in perseverance of becoming more perfected.  They would have you believe, because we once had the practice of slavery, that nothing has changed.  They would have you think that we never fought a civil war where many men, of all colors, fought and died, in part, to end slavery.  They would have you forget the era of struggles for civil rights, in which, once again, people of all colors joined to bring about that needed change for equal rights for all.  Martin Luther King coined that most significant phrase to define the goal; that we might succeed in coming to the point when “a man would be judged by his character, and not by the color of his skin.” Yet, today that radical Critical Race Theory, born out of Marxism, is especially insulting to non-white skinned persons.  It asserts that white people are all, by being born white skinned, automatically oppressors, and people of color are all, again from birth, automatically oppressed or victims.  Do you realize the pure evil that this kind of group think is promoting and supporting?  In effect, it is saying that people of color are weak, inferior, and perpetually victims of oppression, unable to escape without the help of those “privileged” and thus superior white people (regardless of the economic status of that white person).

       Let us put on our “thinking caps” for just a moment or two.  According to science:
“Skin color is determined mainly by the amount and distribution of melanin, a pigmented polymer produced by melanocytes. Hyperpigmentation is almost always the result of either production of too much melanin or abnormal distribution of pigment, although heavy metals or drug metabolites can change skin color.” 
Did you see that? It’s the amount of melanin that determines pigmentation.  I don’t see the word race, guilt, privilege, oppressed, oppressor, victim, superior, or inferior anywhere written or inferred in the explanation for cause of someone’s skin color.  But if you want to fall for that kind of arrogant and ignorant kind of horse poopy, feel free to do so.

        I for one refuse to be compelled to think or talk in such a stupid manner.  Full disclosure, I am a white person.  So, for purposes of dispelling the idea that I can’t possibly know what I’m talking about, because I’m white, I’m adding, at the end of this paper, a list of very wise and intelligent people who have written and spoken on many subjects, including CRT.  Oh yes, they have enough melanin to be defined as “people of color”.  However, for all true believers in CRT, these wise people would probably be viewed as “black faces of white supremacy.”  Sorry if I sound irate!  On second thought, no, I’m not sorry.  I am sick and tired of all this anti American, anti God, and anti Human race rhetoric.  It is an insult to everything that is good and right and true. 

America, if a person works hard to learn and apply their knowledge, skills, and talents, you have the opportunity to move forward and advance in life.  Morgan Freeman said that he, and the black TV host he was speaking to, was proof that America is not systemically racist, proved by their own status in life.  Look at Dr. Carson, brought up in a single parent home in poverty, yet he rose up to become one of the most prominent and foremost surgeons in America.  That story of rising up is repeated time and again when people persevere to become all that they can be.  Not all have the same intellect, talent, and skills, but all have equal freedom to persevere to become all they can become with what they have been given. 


    I assume this is referring what happened to the tribal Indian nations.  I won’t try to defend the indefensible.  There were horrific atrocities committed on both sides.  However, as I understand from history, ownership of the land was not a concept held by their culture.  They often warred against one another, capturing and killing one another, as well as white people.  Right or wrong, the root or basic cause of warfare between Indians and white people was the difference and clash of two cultures and values that could not continue to co-exist.  Ultimately, only one of the cultures could rise to the top and be sustained.  Only one could win in the end.  Neither side was completely innocent or righteous in the way the outcome was attained.         

         Looking at things from this point of history, we became a culture/nation that we have become partially as a willingness to assimilate [Assimilation is a much contested notion whereby on entering a new country immigrant groups are encouraged, through social and cultural practices and/or political machinations, to adopt the culture, values, and social behaviors of the host nation in order to benefit from full citizenship status.]. Though we came together from all corners of the earth (including the Indians), once here, the main desire, that most took pride in, was to become an “American”, not an Italian American, French American, Spanish American, etc.”, but an American!

My husband wrote a paper on early Americans that you might find interesting.

        The W
OKE mentality is a Marxist/socialist attempt to divide, tear down, destroy the values and traditions that have attracted and drawn people to our country over the years.  Yes, there was, and is, much good and beautiful about Indians as people.  They can and should be proud of their Indian background.  However, as an American, I am proud and grateful that we became one nation. 
    If you prefer tribalism over what we now have, perhaps you would prefer living in some place like
Afghanistan, where you belong to one of many tribes which are never unified, but are always warring against one another.  That’s exactly what the Marxist/Socialists want to do to us by dividing and pitting us against one another. “A house divided can not stand..”


    Full disclosure, I am a Christian.  In my extended family, we have and do experience the difficulties problems related to both of these types of relationships.  However, I would never turn my back on God by voting in a way that says to those who suffer and want out of such relationships and situations.  That would be saying that God can not and will not help them, if they want it.  W
OKE activist had done all they can to assist and even convince some that, in order to be happy, they must act on their feelings and follow through to manifest the end results of being trans or gay.  Yet, at the same time, they have blocked  those, who desire help to resist and turn from such lifestyles, from getting the kind of counseling and help to return to what God’s plan for their lives to be.  In order to get that help, the ones who want it are forced to do it clandestinely. 

        The problem with all the “woke” attitudes is that they truly believe that you can’t possibly love the person without agreeing with, accepting, approving and even celebrating their lifestyle, to validate as equal to the traditionally accepted lifestyle.  Anyone who doesn’t agree with them can not possibly love the person who deviates from the norm.    That kind of compelled thinking demands that every Christian must deny Christ.  The “Woke” culture purpose is to rid the world of the biblical One True God who teaches us to love the person, but hate the sin, whether it is of a heterosexual or homosexual nature, makes no difference. We, as Christians, are taught not to “practice” to do that which is sin in God’s sight.  The practice of sin can only bring hurt and harm to those who refuse to repent, and seek God’s forgiveness, and His help to change us to set us free. 

         Of course, those who do want out of the lifestyles such as this, if they are of consenting adult age, are free to do so.  God grants the free will to everyone to choose to believe and trust in Him, or choose to go their own way without him.  Since God has granted that right, once the offer for help through Jesus has been offered, but refused, no man has the right to prevent an adult from making his own decision. 

       That said, we are commanded to love everyone as He has loved us first. 
 If, as Christians, we were to approve of the practice, or purposeful continual sinful behavior, as if it is equally valid and right regardless of what God has said about it, we would then be denying the truth of the word of God.  We would be, in effect, calling God a liar.   

        Unfortunately, this “Woke” generation can not see that, without God, the family, the basic unit and foundation of our culture, is in danger of being completely destroyed, as we walk farther and farther away from God.  Wanting to rid the world of God, so that man can become his own god, is a good thing in their view.    There are none so blind as those who will not see. In their delusional way of thinking, they will say they whole hearted agree that we should love one another.  At the same time, they want to forget and eliminate the first part: to love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, and strength.  Without the first (loving God) the second (to love one another) is greatly restricted and undermined.

      Whether you believe it or not, whether mankind deems sin to be considered as legal, sin is still sin in God’s sight.  Mankind can not change God or His standards.  Whether a person believes in God or not, sin always has consequences. When a Believer sins, he can be forgiven, but that does not remove the consequences that result of having committed the sin. Pastor Tony Evans wrapped it up so concisely, as he always does. “No amount of ignoring the truth is going to set people free from the bondage of lies. We are called to speak the truth in love.  We are not called to support a lie in love.”


      What a laugh that is.  Why, according to there way of thinking the concept of “woman” can no longer even be defined.  Now, since a man “feels” like he’s a woman (and visa versa), regardless of
DNA differences between male and female, he is allowed to compete against females (that is, those persons who are determined to be female by facts of science (not by feelings).  Thus, females no longer have the chance to win in an environment of fair competition.  I understand, their main issue in saying “vote as if you are a woman”.  In reality, the Woke agenda is the virtually to erase the use of race and gender as identity factors for nearly everything.  In this incident, they really want you to focus on the issue of abortion, as if being allowed to kill a baby in the womb on demand was the greatest concern of every woman.  Again, they want to compel every person, male or female, to agree with and think like they do.  This is not surprising in this “me, myself, and I” generation.  “My body, my choice” is a deception, if not an outright lie.  When pregnant, there are two bodies that should be considered, not just one.  But of course, to many of them, a baby is seen as something akin to a parasite, to rid yourself of, at any point, whether that be at one month, 9 months, or even beyond.  Yes, some babies have actually lived through the attempted abortion, and some of those were set aside to die, as if it was so much garbage to be thrown out with the rest of the trash.  I could go on and on as to the harm and destruction this “woke” generation is continuing to do against humanity.  They continue their efforts to corrupt the meaning and value of being a human, much less a woman. 

        Let’s do vote as women who have godly wisdom, not as a bunch of silly women, who have nothing between their ears but space.  The following is no joke.  It actually happened: A college female professor was asked if she could define the term “woman.”  She responded that, because she was not a biologist, she could not define the term woman.  Due to their own narrative now, one must seriously ask, does woman even exist?  Oh what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive. 

      I agree with that whole heartedly.  For if this Woke propaganda is allowed to continue and take root, your life, as you now know it to be, may soon no longer exist.  Who knows, maybe you’re not a he or she, maybe you’re not even human, and maybe you are so “fluid” you’ve just morphed into being an IT! After all, if we are only ITS then there is no need for a commitment to God, family, others, or country.  Does it seem that this is attempting to ready us to accept and receive the mark of the beast upon the forehead or the hand?  Think about it!

        Before it’s too late, learn HOW TO
THINK, or you’ll fall for anything they tell you about “WHAT TO THINK”, letting them program you like a robot, and no longer like a free thinking human being.

ALERT: More “W
This is no joke; it is real!  It was announced on the news today.  They now want to stop anthropologists from using race and gender to identify the remains of the dead.  Why? 
Because we don’t know how that human identified himself/herself, when they were alive. 
Again, this is no joke.  You simply can not make these things up!

       For those who are interested in further study on their own, I have added this list of well known men and women of wisdom. (Yes, the color of their skin is NOT white.) 
Scholars of truth:
Carol Swain
Candace Owens
Doreen Borelli
Star Parker
Shelby Steele
Thomas Sowell
Robert Woodson
Jason Whitlock
       (There are many others, but these are well known and trustworthy scholars of today.)
IF you are interested in the truth, and not just the Marxist/ Socialist propaganda, look up Shelby Steele, and research what he has to say about BLM. He is a very wise man.  All lives matter, because there is but one race-the human race, having several shades of skin pigmentation. 
    I am trying to present an opportunity for study to learn How to think, instead of WHAT to think.
    You may also be interested in researching the founders/leaders of BLM as an organization:
(Patrisse Cullors: co-founder of Black Lives Matter; has declared:
"We are trained Marxists. We are super versed on Marxist ideological theory."
    Also, look up the term Intersectionality, which is from the Marxist critical theory and is applied to a host of “categories” which are used to determine one's standing on the scale of  “victim hood”.  The scale starts at the top with white people, who are designated to be oppressors, being guilty from birth, of everyone else. 
Start your research that you might choose to become informed rather than indoctrinated.

Ginger Fason Rahn

20th. Day of July, in the year of our Lord Christ, 2022 


          As with all of my writings, everything must be compared to the Bible, for verification.  Unless otherwise noted, all Bible references are from the King James Version.  Sometimes I change the King James wording for clarification or closer adherence to the original languages.


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