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What has happened since the 1950’s?


       I was born in 1943, and my wife in 1942, so we have seen the insidious alterations in American behavior and thought, over the last 79 years.

It was legal and encouraged to teach from the Bible in schools.

The Judeo/Christian values were prevalent, as it was from the beginning of our countries founding.

There was discipline in the classrooms.

Sports were used to teach good sportsmanship rather than win at all costs.

      The United States was founded as a Christian nation, based on a Christian foundation and principles. There can not be any doubt about this fact. It was even verified by the Supreme Court Of The United States, after careful research and study, that it is actually a Christian nation. That is why Satan hates it, leftists hate it and those who have not yet bowed their knee and declared Jesus to be Lord, hate it. The truth is God, and the truths of actual history never change, regardless of what our children are being taught. 

      ‘American’ is a state of mind. If you are not American in your heart I don’t know how to describe what you are. During our revolution, about 30 % of the people living here were Torres; Voted for and helped the British. Today, the same percentage seems to be the leftists, who are doing their best to change our government to their liking. They seem to want a democracy, which is essentially mob rule and just as unsuccessful on the world stage, as socialism.

Text, without context is pretext

      Our children are receiving a demented education. In our Christian nation the context necessary for our history and lifestyle is God. Without instruction with the Bible involved, with class work, is pretext. An education with only pretext is useless.


The re-education of the American people

Political correctness 

Cancel culture 

Revisionist history

Critical Race Theory

Indoctrination in schools

Racial division

Social media

The fake news 

These things are all described in the Bible. Denial of Biblical truth is one of the weapons of the enemy.




Instead of class warfare, racism is being used to attempt to divide and destroy our constitutional republic.  If people would take the time to really study it and those that push it, they would discover that it is just another form of the KLU KLUX KLAN, except now it is geared to demonize white people, depicting them all as being oppressors of others.  It depicts people of color as being perpetual victims who are so weak and unable to succeed in anything without the assistance of the “stronger and more capable” white people.  How Martin Luther King would roll over in his grave if he saw what this theory intends to do in order to destroy his “dream” of a time when a man would be judged by his character, and not by the color of his skin.  Even worse, what an insult to God who has created only ONE race, the Human race, having different colored skin, merely a matter of pigmentation, not superiority or inferiority derived from the color of one’s skin. 

       For anyone interested in studying the evils of CRT, the following is a list of well known authors who are more qualified to speak on the subject: (btw, their skin, just as a matter of birth, happens to be black.)

Black Scholars of truth:

Carol Swain

Candace Owens

Doreen Borelli

Star Parker

Shelby Steele

Thomas Sowell

Robert Woodson[1]


      There is a myth that is being used to silence Americans. This junk about a wall of separation between church and state does not exist. Thomas Jefferson, in a letter to a Baptist group revealed that there was a high and impregnable wall that keeps the government from interfering with religious practices. 


      The progressives (Marxists) have been active since the Wilson administration, but the American people rejected them so strongly that they changed what they called themselves, to liberals. There was the fringe movement of discontent, but they were generally not respected and mostly ignored.


      There was no such thing as killing your child on demand.

Academia, the main stream media, and entertainment industries, were slowly introducing the haves over the have-nots as being in some ways superior, in “polite society”.

     The Fake News wasn’t reported as truth, like it is today. Division and discontent were slowly being encouraged. Generally speaking, our citizens were courteous and respectful to each other. People seemed to be proud of our country and felt blessed to be living in the most blessed and prosperous nation in history.

     Yes, we did have problems like racism, anti-Semitism and other forms of malcontents, but those problems have been being worked on.

       Politicians used to be voted for, for what they would do for their state and bring home what the voters wanted. Today most politicians are ganged up in one mob or the other, in an effort to bring change to our country that most of us don’t want. The Deep State democrats and Rino’s apparently want the same things. Biblical knowledge is the only way to actually know what is moving in the background.

We are a diverse population.

American Percentages

58% white

12% black 

17%. Hispanic

1.3% American Indian and Alaska native

65% claim to be Christian 

33% claim to be Born Again and believe the Bible is inerrant 

2.4% are Hebrew

1.1% are Islamic

22.8% are unaffiliated with any religion - 

3.1 % are atheists 

4% are agnostic

1% transgender 

3% gay or lesbian

5% Vegan / Vegetarian

1% have Family income over $500,000

23.25% family income of $25,000 to $50,000

28.22% family income less than $25,000

11% are left handed. 



     In today’s world of political correctness, the practice of blaming others for doing what you yourself are doing is most prevalent within the Democrat Party, more correctly known as the American Marxist Party. In fact, it is a tool that the party uses most to gain power.  Sadly, it seems to be practiced in a more general manner in society as a whole, because morals have been replaced with the idea of “the ends justify the means.  So ethics no longer matter, but only that you “win,” or get your way.  No one has to accept the responsibility for their actions, and everyone becomes a “victim”, and no one has to suffer the consequences of their actions.  This condition has led to a situation where a person can “make a living” by being a shoplifter, as long as they keep what they have “collected” in the way of “involuntary donations” from the contributing store to $1,000 or less.  The “gatherer” is described as a victim who is just getting paid back reparations that are most likely due him, if his skin is the right color for the “job”.  Of course, if he is white, that’s another story, for no matter how poor he is, he’s one of those evil white privileged supremacist.  Ah yes, and if you are the owner of the store who happens to be black, you too have become a black faced member of the white supremacists, who have been nominated to be designated as racists, fascist, oppressors, and Terrorists.  In fact, you are downright criminals, and “criminals” are now just your unfortunate victims.

Have you made the trade yet? Jesus will trade your sin for His righteousness.[2]


     President Biden seems to be the designated Antichrist figurehead in the United States. President Biden has now come out for a LIBERAL NEW WORLD ORDER. Pres Herbert W Bush one was the first to say New World Order in public.

Why do you think he has been doing his best to destroy the United States? Read your Bible to understand what he is doing.  


Democrats have become the party of lies; bait and switch, misrepresentation and a plethora of other illegal activities and are now fighting with each other over control of the messes they have made.


In 1928 the US president was promising a chicken in every pot and two cars in every garage. Two electric cars would be about $150,000.00 and God only knows how much a whole chicken would cost these days, yet our president is doing his level best to grossly limit the amount of money we have available. 


Jesus Christ, PERSONAL Lord and Savior

      Unfortunately, growing up in a home und[3]er parents who are born again Christians, does not guarantee that the child will also receive Jesus as Savior.  Being a Believer is a personal decision and choice.  Each individual must seek to know the Lord from his own gift of free will.  God desires that each person will choose to love and obey Him, but He never forces anyone to believe.  CHRIST offers salvation to all, but He knows that some will choose to reject Him, and go their own way without Him.  The thing that separates humans from animals is that we are given a soul and made in the image of God.  That means each individual will live on into eternity, which will be lived out either in Heaven or Hell.  God provided the one and only path of salvation through Christ.  Man, not being a robot, is the one who is responsible for accepting the gift of salvation, or rejecting the ONLY path to Heaven.  

     Only God knows the heart of man. As long as there is breath, there is an opportunity to accept Jesus.  However, none of us is guaranteed a tomorrow.  That’s why God has told us that “Today is the day of salvation.”  Don’t put off making your choice, because tomorrow may never come for you.  Don’t gamble with your opportunity to spend eternity in Heaven in the presence of the Lord.  Pray to the Lord and ask Him to forgive your sins.  Ask Him to come into your heart. He will send His Holy Spirit to live within you.  He will lead and guide you into all truth.  As you learn to listen to Him, He will help you to obey Him and protect you from the evil one.  Being changed more and more into His image is a daily process. 

“Being confident of this very thing, that the One having begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of [the return of] Christ Jesus.”[4]

(Phil 1: 6) 

     Be a Child of God as well as an American

Imagine yourself as a cog in the machinery of freedom.

Show up at school board meetings, political meetings (party doesn’t matter), neighbor hood meetings and anywhere your fellow Americans gather.

      WE have come to the point in our country where we can no longer define what a man or woman is.  In stead, we are now to believe that gender is no longer based upon science, but rather upon one’s feelings. Therefore,  there is no longer any absolute truth of God, or even truth based upon facts, because truth is now merely relative to feelings and opinions, which may change at any given moment. 

    Nothing can be trusted as truth, for as long as man is in control of determining what truth is, it will be changed to support what man thinks is right in his own eyes; truth that is meant to make himself comfortable in his own state of sinfulness and immorality, or lack of morals altogether. 

    Is there any wonder that our world is becoming more and more perverted?  Without God’s absolute standards for truth, man is given over to a reprobate mind, where evil is good, and good is evil.  We will live in a world of lawlessness where anything goes.  Everything that is, except the truth and word of Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord.[5]


    There may be times that you and I disagree on some things, but please don’t confuse disagreement with hate. I am under strict orders, from God, to love you as God loves you.

      God gave you free will, regardless of what your will is. That means that you are free to disagree with me and anyone else. Free will and free speech are also part of the American law and dream. Suppression of free speech is against God’s law and American law

Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;

1 Timothy 4:1


Rick Rahn

4th. Day of July, in the year of our Lord Christ, 2022 



          As with all of my writings, everything must be compared to the Bible, for verification.  Unless otherwise noted, all Bible references are from the King James Version.  Sometimes I change the King James wording for clarification or closer adherence to the original languages.


[1] Ginger Fason Rahn

[2] Ginger Fason Rahn


[4] Ginger Fason Rahn

[5] Ginger Fason Rahn


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