Tuesday, July 19, 2022

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Whatever goes around comes around



         God will not be mocked. There have always been consequences to sin.

The world got so full of sin that God ended it and started over with the use of a flood.

Sexual sins (immorality) caused the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Adultery cost king David his child.

Fornication cost Sampson his hair.

We recently failed to be the victors in several wars because we were abusing the blessings we were given by God.


         The putrefaction of the democrat party and the lack of interest of the republication party are the causes and it took about a hundred years. It looks like both parties were working in unison to bring down the greatest country in the history of the world. The Second World War brought about a temporary rejuvenation of the “American Spirit”, but that faded in the 60’s and 70’s.


         The USA today has barbarians at the gate, in the form of China, Russia, Iran, Afghanistan and several smaller players, like Korea.

The USA is farther away from God today than it ever has been.  We teach our children a perverted version of our history while instilling a hatred for what it stands for. Disrespect for our well established laws and disrespect for their Judo Christian foundations has caused confusion in the minds of the people.


       Because you didn’t believe it could happen, you can’t believe that it is happening. Control of water, food, energy and fuel controls you. As in the days of Noah, the American people have lost track of decency toward each other and the Lord.


        Facebooks Zuckerberg has been extremely fortunate. with his success in business. The American people have been instrumental in making him one of the richest men in the world. I have no doubt that he has worked very hard in building the business. The mistake I have seen is that he has lost track of his responsibility to his customers. It was the people of the United States, the foundations of the United States and the laws of the United States that are the foundation that allowed him to prosper.
Hopefully, people like Elon Musk (apparently a democrat, that believes in truth. justice and the American way), getting into the business as a competitor, will shake him into reality. Perhaps honesty, truth and respect will return to Social Media.

        Money power is transient power. It also often robs the soul. The impression that your money makes you something special is in actuality a delusion. The truth is that our government is of the people, not of the elitists, nor of the financially blessed. Perhaps those who think that their prosperity and associated power are not transient should consider those that fell from grace, because of their delusion of superiority. All people are created equal, by God and our founding documents. Each of the Constitutional amendments is there to limit the power of those who wish to limit the freedoms we are guaranteed in our founding documents. Wars have been fought for the continuation of those freedoms.  Zuckerberg is just an example of the money obsessed elite.

        Perhaps we should consider that the janitor is no less important than the CEO. Neither can truly function and prosper without the other.
What does it gain a man, to conquer the world while loosing his soul?


        I do try my best to be a good Christian, but I have a bad problem in controlling my anger when discussing what is being done to my country and the disrespect being hoisted in my religious beliefs. American exceptionalism is being undermined by the democrat party and a few Rino’s. It is being done purposely. The real insurrection is the Biden administration. Compare the results of January sixth to the results of the Biden catastrophe. 


       The toughest job we are facing for the future is to turn democrats and other leftists into Americans. Treason seems to be the clarion call of the leftists, who would destroy the United States. Patriot is not a cuss word. Those are the ones who made this country the best and greatest in the world. The Judo Christian values need to stomp out the demonic values that are growing in our nation. Moderate republicans are thorns in the side of Americans. They are wolves in sheep clothing. They have proven that they can’t be trusted. Conservative democrats, on the other hand are a boon to society and their fellow man. (Man meaning the human race, both male and female.)  


Are you ready?

        It’s about to hit the fan and it will effect all of us. In essence Biden has requested destruction on us by God. He indicated that East Jerusalem is Palestinian and he has set up a consulate in East Jerusalem, which is Israeli territory. He also indicated his support for the two state solution, which nobody wants. Biden represents us in the eyes of God.  

Biden made a fool of himself, and us, in his joining with a terrorist nation, in speeches, and promised 316 million dollars, of our money, in aid to those terrorists. I bloviate, you decide. Read two books that will verify what I have said!  Eye To Eye, by William Koenig. The Bible, by God.


Some little science facts-

Gender is determined by DNA, not wishful thinking.

The Fentanyl that is killing our children is coming from China.

The COVID pandemic came from China.

For every action, there is a reaction. Defunding police increases criminal activity. 


        Since we are constantly being told to “follow the science”, I thought it apropos to list these Ladies and Gentlemen.


        Below is a list of scientists, who believed in God and the Bible (both the plan of salvation and the description of creation).


 Sir Isaac Newton is known as the father of modern science.


[A poll of scientists concluded that Sir Isaac Newton was the greatest scientist that ever lived.]


Francis Bacon was the inventor of the scientific method. 


Joseph Lister – Antiseptic Surgery


Louis Pasteur = bacteriology


Sir Isaac Newton – Calculus


Johann Kepler – Celestial Mechanics


Robert Boyle – Chemistry


Georges Cuvier – Comparative Anatomy


Charles Babbahe – Computer Science


Lord Rayleigh – Dimensional Analysis


Sir Isaac Newton – Dynamics


James Clark Maxwell – Electrodynamics


Michael Faraday – Electromagnetics


Ambrose Fleming – Electronics


Lord Kelvin – Energetics


Henri Fabre – Entomology of Living Insects


Michael Faraday – Field Theory


George Stokes – Fluid Mechanics


William Herschel – Galactic Astronomy


Robert Boyle – Gas Dynamics


Gregor Mendel – Genetics


Louis Agassiz – Glacial Geology


James Simpson – Gynecology


Leonardo Da Vinci – Hydrolics


Matthew Maury – Hydrography


Blaise Pascal –Hydrostatics


Louis Adassiz – Ichthyologl


William Ramsay – Isotropic Chemistry


Lord Rayleigh – Model Analysis


John Ray – Natural History


Bernhard Riemann – Non-Euclidean Geometry


Matthew Maury – Oceanography


David Brewster – Optical Mineralogy


John Woodward – Paleontology


Rudolph Vichow – Pathology


Johann Kepler – Physical Astronomy


James Joule = Reversible Thermodynamics


James Clark Maxwell – Statistical Thermodynamics


Nicholas Steno – Stratigraphy


Carolus Linnaeus – Systematic Biology


Lord Kelvin – Thermodynamics


Humphrey Davy – Thermokinetics


Georges Cuvier – Vertebrate Paleontology


       I would be willing to bet that any one of these could give an accurate definition of a woman. Plus, if there were any chance a man could get pregnant.




Rick Rahn19th. Day of July, in the year of our Lord Christ, 2022




          As with all of my writings, everything must be compared to the Bible, for verification.  Unless otherwise noted, all Bible references are from the King James Version.  Sometimes I change the King James wording for clarification or closer adherence to the original languages.


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